Vietnam is the perfect travel dish. The nightlife spills into the morning, the luscious scenes of lush peaks and rice paddies come out of nowhere, and a deep and spicy stew of temples and traditions spread everything you see. On this adventure, you feast yourself with some of the most significant experiences of Vietnam, get insight into rural Vietnam's local life from as close as possible, and explore the valleys, caves, and vistas that enhance all the Vietnam travel guides. Visit Vietnam and discover one of the most generous countries of Southeast Asia! We spend two weeks exploring Vietnam; we visit Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hạ Long, Hue, Da Lat, Hoi An, Nha Trang. 

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  • Meals
  • Domestic Transport
  • All entry fees for places mentioned in the itinerary

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  • Travel insurance
  • International airfare

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Day One:

Hanoi Arrival

Upon arrival at the airport, our guide will welcome and transfer you to the hotel in Hanoi. Along the way, he will give you a brief explanation on your further trip. after reaching the hotel, check into your room. Then, you can relax or head out to explore the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is a beautiful city that lies on the banks of the Red River with the tranquil 'Sword Lake' at its heart. It is a great opportunity to roam around the streets and find small fascinating shops on the street and down the alleys. But don't forget to carry a map with you; it is easy to get lost in the maze-like streets of Hanoi.

Day Two:

City Tour Hanoi/ Bike to Ceramic Village

Today, you will enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of the city and get insight into the local mythology, traditions, and customs of Vietnam. We tour around the Ho Chi Minh complex, where we will see the "Uncle Ho" mausoleum at the heart of Vietnam. See the house on stilts, and scenic single pillar pagoda, built by wood in the 11th century. Then, visit the first university of Vietnam, Temple of Literature. The temple was first built around 1070 to educate the children of royals and elites. In the afternoon, we begin our cycling tour towards the ceramic village. We ride along the Red River dike then cross the Long Bien Bridge. We keep riding along the dike for few kilometers then join a small biking track that furrows among corn, vegetable, and fruit gardens. After a couple of hours, we reach Bat Trang Village, famous for its high-quality ceramic and pottery products. Then, roam around the village for a while, explore the village's ceramic market, the Bat Trang temple, Bat Trang communal house, and you can also learn the techniques to make pottery. Then, head back to Hanoi by riding for two more hours. You will see lots of small restaurants, cafes, and bars tucked into every single corner and alleyway of Hanoi, we will make sure you find some of the best ones. No matter how much you have visited this bustling city, you will never have a scarcity of places to explore.

Day Three:

Hanoi to Halong Bay

On the second day, we depart from Hanoi and head towards the Halong Bay, where we will enjoy 2 Day and 1-night Oasis Bay Party Cruise. On this tour, you will spend a whole day exploring the incredible Halong Bay and one night on our Oasis Bay Party Cruise 5-star boat. You can also engage in lots of activities like kayaking, water trampoline, swimming, jumping from the boat, floatables, or you can also relax in one of our Jacuzzis. As the sun starts setting on the scenic landscapes, we call every one of a stimulating and hilarious Oasis Bay's infamous Beer Yoga class. This thirty-minute session is for everyone. The session makes drinkers such limber that they might never have felt that way. In the evening, we see an entertaining cooking demonstration for you to enjoy. After dinner, our DJ will play some great beats for you to enjoy the time on the boat.

Day Four:

Halong to Hanoi

After breakfast, you will enjoy another cooking demonstration with many interesting facts and culinary history. You can also get there and try something for yourself. Before we disembark from the boat, you will enjoy a last lunch onboard. After boarding down in Halong Bay, we board on a car and head back to the hotel in Hanoi to freshen up. After freshening up, our bus to Hue will pick us up in the late afternoon. The bus from Hanoi will head towards Hue almost non-stop. So, buckle up.

Day Five:

Bach ma National Park Trekking

After we arrive at Hue, we take a short break. Then, we begin our Bach Ma National Park trekking trip. on the way to Bach Ma, we stop at Cau Hai lagoon, where we can capture some great pictures of the lagoon and learn about the daily life of a local fishing village. We continue the trip to the visitor center that lies near the entrance of the Bach Ma National Park. Here, the guide will give you some information of Bach Ma National Par and its biodiversity potential. You can also learn about the significance and conservation of fauna and flora. Then, we continue the trek by exploring Bach Ma's peak, which is in an elevation of 1450m above the sea level. Here, you can visit Hai Vong Dai. After visiting Hai Vong Dai, we will head towards Five Lakes. Then, we stop at Lake Five for a short break and then enjoy lunch beside the lake while enjoying the surrounding view. You can also dip in the cool water of the lake. After that, we head towards DO Quyen waterfall, a gorgeous impressive waterfall of the national park. In the evening, we head back to the hotel in Hue.

Day Six:

Hue/ Transfer to Hoi An

You can enjoy the morning in Hue by exploring the city. In the late morning, we hop on a bus and leave for Hoi An. We will reach Hoi An in the afternoon; then, we transfer you to the hotel in Hoi An. The rest of the day is free for you to explore this ancient town on your own pace. you can visit major landmarks of the place, relax at the beach or enjoy swimming and tanning at An Bang beach. Hoi An is also home to some of the best foods in Vietnam; here will be many local specialties to indulge in. so, make sure you taste every food you can. 

Day Seven:

Countryside and the ancient town of Hoi An/ Overnight bus to Nha Trang

In the morning, we transfer you to the pier. Then, hop on a wooden boat and sail along Thu Bon. From there, you can see the bustling life beside the river of the stunning ancient town, Hoi An. The boat stops at Thanh Ha Pottery Village. Here, you can experience the rural countryside that houses many clever pottery artisans of the country. From here, our next stop is at Kim Bong Village, the motherland of the most talented woodwork carpenters in central Vietnam. Then, we halt at the harbor from where we walk to the old town. Follow the slender lanes filled with centuries-old homes influenced by Chinese, Japanese, French, and European architectures. There are also many places in the town to visit, like the 400-year old Japanese Covered Bridge, Phuc Kien Assembly Halls, the local fish market. If you still have time after the tour, you can go shopping in the old town. In the evening, your guide will take you back to your hotel. Tonight, we take an overnight bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang.

Day Eight :

Nha Trang/ Jungle Beach

We reach Nha Trang in the early morning. After arriving at Nha Trang, we head to the Jungle Beach hotel. Here, you can take free bicycles, or you can also rent a motorbike and ride along the 12km coastline road that runs behind Jungle Beach. Here, you can get some stunning views and see a scenic tiny fishing village at the end of it, where you can buy great coffee and cold beer! If you ride about 25km on small country roads, you will also see some salt fields.

Day Nine:

Nha Trang/ Jungle Beach

This day is free for your leisure. You can head out and explore the area or relax on the stunning beaches.

Day Ten:

Nha Trang to Dalat

This morning, we can enjoy relaxing at the beach. You can check-out anytime till noon. After lunch, we hop on a bus and head towards Dalat. After arriving at Dalat, we transfer you to the hotel. 

Day Eleven:


We depart from the hotel in Dalat and move along a picturesque road to the south of the city to reach the Datanla waterfall. Then, we stop at the gathering point where you can learn knot tying, harness wearing, and abseiling techniques required to conquer the 10km adventure activities hidden deep in the jungle.

Station 1: Dry cliff at 18m

This is the first activity we do today after we learn the skills to rappel down the cliffs. Test your recently acquired skills and lower yourself down the cliff using only ropes and harness.

Station 2 – Water sliding

Over time, the water has eroded the stones, make a stunningly smooth path for us to water slide down into the whipping water below. Lay back arms crossed, lifejacket and helmet still in place, we'll let you go, and you go slip-sliding down into the pool below.

 Station 3 - "Sky" Falls 

Slick rock is all there that you push off against as you lower yourself down into the water this time.

Station 4 – Superman Jump

Here's your chance to take jumps from 7m and 11m cliffs into a deep lake. Do not hesitate, be strong, nothing can stop you except the water below.

Station 5 – "Washing Machine"

You will rappel down with rock walls on both sides, then all of a sudden, you will notice that there is no wall, and you are sitting in your harness, dangling in midair. Regroup and start to slowly lower yourself down again. The water flies through the air, flung from a cliff next to you. Lower yourself down into the chute of water as it starts blasting your body back and forth, then you will know why they named this the "washing machine." Time for a brave plunge, as you make the final effort to let go of all the ropes, release your harness from the safety of the cables, the water grabs you, and pulls you down into the falls, as you pop up on the other side. This will be an extreme adventure that you might not be expecting.

Day Twelve:

Dalat to Ho Chi Minh

This whole day is free for you to explore the beautiful city of Dalat. One of the major attractions of the place is the Crazy House or 100 Roofs. Also, take a paddleboat around the lake and visit the flower gardens that Dalat is so famous for, or you can also play a round of golf on one of Dalat's many world-class courses. In the evening, we head towards the bus station from where you will take a night bus to Ho Chi Minh City.

Day Thirteen:

Mekong Delta Exploration

We will arrive at Ho Chi Minh City in the early morning. Then, we begin our Mekong Delta exploration tour. The tour lasts for a whole day. The day tour takes you to the Mekong Rustic in Cai Be town. From here, you board on a boat and visit the Cai Be floating market where you can see lots of tropical fruits. You can also meet and interact with many local sellers right from the boat. Likewise, you will get the opportunity to stop at the abundant orchards, observe them doing the gardening, and enjoy the fresh fruits. Then, we will visit some of the major attractions of the tour, such as the local's traditional handicraft villages, the religious building of Cao Dai Temple, Cai Be Cathedral and the ancient house in Cai Be.

Day Fourteen:

Trip Concludes

Today, the adventurous tour in Vietnam comes to an end. You can check-out of the hotel at any time you want. We will transfer you to the airport for your flight. 


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