This is the definitive Thailand tour that combines the finest of the north and south. Tour from the chaos of the capital to the serenity of steamy rainforests, from atmospheric ruins to relaxed sun-drenched islands. Hop temples in Bangkok, bargain-hunt in beautiful Chiang Mai, and then swim snorkel or simply relax on the heavenly beaches of the southern coast. This adventure allows travelers to visit many attractions and gems of the kingdom.

Is this trip right for you?

  • You have to ride an overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. The overnight train offers simple and comfortable accommodation, but you will be sharing compartments with other passengers. 
  • You will be spending a night at a homestay where the facilities are basic, and rooms are on a multi-share basis. You will be sleeping on fold-out mattresses on the floor and also have to share bathrooms.
  • The trip offers lots of free time so that you can enjoy the activities of your interest in this beautiful country.
  • You will get to experience various modes of transport, including minivans, overnight trains, longtail boats, speed boats, and even kayaks.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Three meals per day
  • Overnight train, Private minivan, Taxi, Longtail boat, songthaew, Bicycle, Public bus, Domestic flight
  • Accommodation

What's excluded?

  • International Airfare
  • Medical insurance

Itinerary Show all

Day One:


Thailand’s bustling capital welcomes you. There is no plan until the welcome meeting, so explore this bustling city by yourself. Take a riverboat to explore crowded streets of Chinatown, visit the majestic Grand Palace, roam around the world-famous Khao San Road, or indulge in a Thai massage that will instantly relieve aches from the body. Or, ride the famous tuk-tuk, ride on a Khlong boat. You might also go street food hunting to get the taste of delicious Thai foods. 

Note: This trip does not spend much time in Thailand; we encourage you to take a few extra days to explore the city as this city has so much to offer to all kinds of travelers. 

Do not forget to attend the welcome meeting; we will collect your insurance detail. Due to some reason, if you are late, let your travel agent know. 

Day Two:


Today, depart from Bangkok and head north via train to the ancient capitals of Siam, Sukhothai. The name Sukhothai means ‘Dawn of Happiness.' The ancient capital is now popular for its historic park, recognized as World Heritage that celebrates the Golden Age of Thai civilization. Tonight, head to the interesting night market and try local dishes.

Day Three:


Take a tour of the historical ruins of Old Sukhothai, amidst the superb lakes and gardens. The art and architecture of the Sukhothai era are some of the most classic Thai Styles, and the Sukhothai Historical Parks has the ruins of 21 historical sites, including astonishing Buddha pictures and four large ponds full of a beautiful lotus flower blooming spectacularly. Hire a bicycle at the park and enjoy a leisurely ride around the park and learn about the fascinating history of this gorgeous place. If you have free time, also visit a local ceramic factory.

Day Four:

Village Homestay

Board on a private minivan felon Sukhothai to the lovely, welcoming small Thai village where you will spend the night. Accommodation at the homestay is multi-share with basic facilities. Spending time in a homestay and sleeping on the floor is an ultimate way to understand Thailand’s remote region and its people. In the evening, enjoy traditional northern Thai khantok meal with the company of live music and dancing. 

Day Five:

Village Homestay to Chiang Mai

Hop on a bike and meander around the homestay village. Cycling is a great way to see the daily life of locals and make a few stops along the way to see country industries of the area. Cycle past the rice fields, breathe the fresh breeze of the Thai countryside and enjoy this heavenly experience. Bidding goodbye to the homestay, we head towards Chiang Mai, the most vibrant city in Northern Thailand. The city has lots of renowned temples and interesting old city area. Also famous as the ‘Rose of the North,’ the city is renowned for its splendid beauty and extremely welcoming locals. Tonight, head to the night market and enjoy bargain hunting. 

Day Six:

Chiang Mai

For those wanting to learn new cooking techniques, you can join a cooking class in Chiang Mai. Learn some secrets of world-famous Thai cuisine, about key ingredients and its techniques, alternatives for ingredients, and lot more. Your instructor will also provide you a comprehensive recipe book after class. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring Chiang Mai. Visit Doi Suthep’s temple complex. Rent a bike and ride along a twisting mountain road, feeling the breeze with your skin. Climb 300-step stairway towards a beautiful temple. You will also get a spectacular panoramic view of the city, enjoy the melodic evening chanting of Buddhist monks. Besides, you can go for bargain hunting, meet monks, board a boat and cruise the river, or try street Thai foods. 

Day Seven:

Chiang Mai

Today, we will have a pleasant experience while visiting the ChiangChill Elephant sanctuary. With just a drive of over an hour, you will learn how the organization supports to make an elephant’s life peaceful and also see the daily lifestyle of these jungle giants. Enjoy the view of the giants roaming around the jungle, enjoying their peaceful life, and playing with their friends from a distance. We will have an expert guide who will explain to us the elephants, their lifestyle, habits, and the organization’s conservation effort. Then enjoy lunch in a riverside pavilion alongside the lovely giants. Afterward, return to Chiang Mai and enjoy the test of the time doing any activities of your interest. 

Day Eight :


Today, you fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. After arrival, we will drive you to the hotel in Bangkok. The afternoon will be free, so do whatever you like. You might go for a tuk-tuk ride to explore the bustling capital. Or, head towards Chinatown and experience the food discovery urban adventure. You might also hop around the city from temples to temples. 

Day Nine:


The day starts with a visit to Wat Arun, also famous as Temple of the Dawn. This impressive landmark is named after the Indian God of Dawn, Aruna. The time after this visit is free for leisure activities. This city has so much to offer that you won’t get tired even if you travel around this city for months. Some of the famous landmarks include Grand Palace, a real palace of the past kings of Thailand, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, famous for one of the longest gilded reclining Buddha. Besides, you can always go for a relaxing Thai massage that costs just around 250 Baht. Likewise, maybe cruise the river on a longtail boat, visit many night markets where you will get a huge variety of goods at a very low price. Then, you will board an overnight train to Surat Thani tonight. The overnight trains are clean and comfortable with air-conditioning facilities. You can also order lunch on board. However, you need to share the compartment with other passengers.

Day Ten:

Ao Nang to Krabi

You will arrive at Surat Thani in the morning. From here, catch a bus and head towards the resort town of Ao Nang. Ao Nang's main street is full of open-air restaurants and shops that livens the street. You will also see many bars perfect for getting a drink while chilling out. Also, you can hop on a boat and cruise to places like Railay beach and many other stunning islands nearby. Moreover, you can choose some optional activities like cycling through the backcountry tracks, giving a closer view of the local culture and beautiful waterfalls. Besides, get a massage on the beach, enjoy the pampering while seeing the waves come, and the sunsets beneath the horizon. 

Day Eleven:

Ao Nang to Krabi

This morning, go on a sea kayaking trip to the mangrove forest of Ao Thalane. Along the way, you will see a bay of mangroves. This might be the most beautiful bay you will ever see in Thailand. Move steadily through the bays and canyons surrounded by domineering karst formations and many small offshore islands and discover inlets, caves, and hidden lagoons. Also, you will see lots of wildlife, keep an eye out for the birds and monkeys in the trees. If time permits, go for scuba diving around Ao Nang and explore underwater beauty. Tonight, go with your travel pals to some of the most renowned seafood restaurants in the town. 

Day Twelve:

Ko Yao Yai

Today, we transfer to Ka Yao Yai via vehicle and ferry. Ko Yao, located in the core of Phang Nga Bay is a chilled-out island, perfect for relaxing far from the tourist trail and immersing in its natural marvels. Visit some local Thai villages and meet locals who will show you the techniques to make a famous traditional dessert of the region. Called Mor Khao Mor Kaeng Ling (‘Monkey Pot’), this small packaged dessert made out of Nepenthes is a small pitcher plant stuffed with sweet sticky rice and coconut milk. Interact with locals while enjoying this delicious dish, then walk through a reforestation area where the community has planted fruit trees to preserve their environment.

Note: If the weather turns unfavorable, we might not be able to travel to Ka Yao Yai. In this case, we will make alternative arrangements to stay on Phuket island. 

Day Thirteen:

Ko Yao Yai

Experience the spectacular underwater world surrounding Ko Yao Yai with a boat and snorkeling trip. Filled with the small islands and dramatic limestone rock formations, Phang Nga Bay is full of the iconic images of Thailand. Snorkel in the turquoise water and see several colors of coral and fish, or swim in the beautiful sea. Enjoy lunch on the beach while enjoying the oceanic view and sun.

Day Fourteen:


We leave the serene and isolated nature of Ko Yao Yai towards Phuket, the tourist haven. Phuket is also Thailand’s largest and most visited island. Catch a speedboat to Phuket and travel in style, feeling the oceanic breeze. The island is surely more vibrant than its neighboring islands. After arriving at the island, visit the last untapped rainforest of the island at Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary. Jump in the Bang Pae Waterfall to enjoy a rejuvenating swim, then pay a visit to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre. The region protects captive gibbons and rehabilitates them for reinstatement to the wild. The local NGO operates the project and ensures the continued existence of these furry little animals. You will stay overnight in Patong. The place offers everything from shops to restaurants to nightclubs.

Day Fifteen:


You can get any types of beaches in Phuket with their personalities, from a party vibe to something peaceful and more romantic. If you want to explore other than beaches and curving coasts, Phuket also has a variety of other options to fill your days like Thai boxing exhibitions and cabaret shows. Likewise, you can opt for scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Phuket. Besides, you can visit Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. Here, you can get to see elephants living peacefully and socializing with fellow giants while enjoying their daily life. 

Day Sixteen:


This is the final day of the trip, so we have no activities planned for this day. You can depart from the hotel any time you like. However, if you like to enjoy the time further in Phuket, we will happily organize additional tour/accommodation for you.


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