Planning the trip to Thailand can be a challenging task. When to go? What to eat? Things to do and places to see? The list goes on. Now, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. We have created a perfect itinerary that sums up the best places to visit in Thailand, and your trip manager will suggest all the best activities, restaurants, foods, and many more according to your interest.

 The trip begins with a tour of Bangkok, then to northern Thailand, where you can discover various temples, caves, rivers, etc. further, the trip moves to the south to the Thai islands on the west coast and the Gulf Islands. This itinerary allows you to enjoy Northern Thai culture, island hopping, and spend the time while enjoying the bustling Thai capital.

Best time to visit Thailand

It is important to understand the weather patterns of Thailand before planning a trip. Thailand experiences two major seasons, the dry season (December to May) and the rainy season (May to November). The dry season will be comfortable, which is Thailand’s winter. Even if it is winter season, the temperature usually remains around the 80s. The weather in the southern islands of Thailand varies from other parts. The islands on this itinerary (Krabi and Koh Phi Phi) are located in the Andaman Sea, so the perfect time to visit would be during December and January. Phuket and Koh Lanta also lie in this area, so the weather will be the same. 

Medical and Health Information

To participate fully on this trip, all travelers must be in good shape. So, be sure to read the itinerary thoroughly before selecting the trip. You should consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information or any necessary vaccinations before departure. 

Dengue Fever is particularly common in Thailand during the rainy season (November-March in Koh Samui and the south-east of the Thai peninsula and May-October in the rest of Thailand, including Phuket), and peaks in July and August. 

In rural areas, especially near the borders with Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, you can contract malaria all year round.

Always take preventative measures to protect yourself against mosquitoes such as wearing long clothing, using repellent, and being indoors, particularly around dusk and dawn.


You should carry light, airy clothes as the climate is hot and sticky. Carry sandals/bathing suits for the islands, appropriate clothing for temples: Long pants, shoulder covered shirts, shawls.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Accomodation
  • Domestic Airfare
  • Meals
  • Transportation

What's excluded?

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance

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Day One to Three:


You could easily spend 14days of the trip in Bangkok alone. But as you have only two weeks, three days is enough to visit the major highlights of the city. Upon your arrival, our airport representative will pick you and transfer you to the hotel. We have no plan for this day, so you can simply explore the city on your own or relax at the hotel.

Some of the major activities to do and places to visit in Bangkok on your three-day stay includes

Visit the famous Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace

The distance between Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace is only about five minutes on foot. Wat Phra Kae, also famous as the temple of the Emerald Buddha, contains some impressive architecture, and it is one of the major highlights of Bangkok. The palace and temples both are mostly crowded as people gather to see the former residence of the King of Thailand and Buddhist gathers to pay tribute. Even though Wat Phra Kaew is crowded, you will find quiet little corners to explore. It can be quite challenging to get an authentic, spiritual experience in Wat Phra Kaew. The place is home to much magnificent display of architecture, so it is a must-visit. If you want a more peaceful place, you must visit Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, which is just a few minutes away from here.

Wat Pho is very impressive and should not be missed on the trip to Bangkok. Wat Pho is also the place where the Thai massage originated, so you can relax while getting a massage too. The Thai Medical School of Wat Pho is one of the best places to get a Thai massage, although the price can be a bit higher than those at the average Thai massage parlors. The therapist of the schools has great skills and will surely make your body feel relaxed. Located on Sanam Chai Road and Maharaj road next to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho temple houses the largest reclining Buddha of Thailand. Like all other temples in Thailand, you should wear clothes that cover shoulders and knees. They also provide free sarongs for women to cover their knees and shoulders.

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Khao San Road

Khao San Road, the road that never sleeps, is also known as the Backpackers’ Road. The place is undeniable, a travel hub of Bangkok with plenty of food stalls, bars, flickering neon signs, and massage on the armchairs next door. Khao San Road, situated a block away from Chao Phraya River holds some of the cheapest accommodation in Bangkok. The hostels in Khao San Road is best for those with a low budget, or don’t want to spend much on accommodation. However, you might find it difficult to navigate for the first time as there are numerous street food stalls and shops of all kinds everywhere. From everyday clothes, t-shirts, and swimsuits to fake ID’s, this street has it all. Even if you come with an empty backpack, you can instantly fill up your bag here.

Lumpini Park

Most of the travelers tend to miss the Lumpini Park on their visit to Bangkok as it is ‘just a park.’ However, this park is one of the most beautiful places on Thailand. The park is very clean with open-air gyms, playgrounds, picturesque lakes, and huge monitor lizards walking around and chilling in the water. The park has something for everyone; families can rent a boat and paddle around the lake, couples can take a walk along the beautiful alleys.

Day Four to Eight:

Chiang Mai

After visiting Bangkok for three days, we head towards Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the most vibrant city in northern Thailand, where the traditional culture meets modern society. Chiang Mai also offers lots of activities and outdoor adventures. Chiang Mai is very relaxed compared to Bangkok but still is pretty lively.

Hike to Wat Pha Lat

Hiking to Wat Pha Lat can be one of the exciting adventures you can take on Chiang Mai. The Monk’s Trail is the part of the trail from the area near Chiang Mai Zoo up to Wat Pha Lat. The trail is quite famous, so on certain days of the week, the trail gets somewhat crowded. The trail does not demand strenuous climb, but depending on your physical condition, it might take up to 45 minutes from starting point to Wat Pha Lat. Do not forget to carry at least 1.5l bottle of water, and a mosquito repellant. The tranquil Buddhist temple in the forest offers beautiful views of Chiang Mai and the surrounding scenery. 

Chiang Mai Night Market

Like many other cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai also has its night market. This night market is quite popular for selling inexpensive clothes, handicrafts, paintings, and souvenirs. Go for bargain-hunt for anything imaginable in this market. You don’t have to be fluent in the Thai language to negotiate prices. Just keep typing in a calculator and haggle; this will be one of the great experiences of your life. You will also see lots of street food vendors where you can taste a huge variety of authentic Thai cuisine. 

Elephant Sanctuary

Chiang Mai is home to several elephant sanctuaries. Often these jungle giants are abused for the amusement of tourists, carrying wooden chairs attached to their backs, causing ill-effects. Some elephants are even chained to trees with no water or food. However, Chiang Mai’s sanctuary has focused on making the elephant’s paradise while giving entertainment to visitors. The famous one is the ChiangChill Elephant Sanctuary. Here, you can learn about elephants as an individual, learn about the efforts of the sanctuary to protect and conserve the elephant’s peaceful life. 

Rent a scooter and drive north to Pai

Renting a scooter and driving in the countryside area is one of the best experiences in Chiang Mai. You don’t need a license in most places in Thailand. You can simply rent a scooter with your passport and ride to Pai while enjoying the gorgeous scenery. There are cheaper options like buses; however, riding a motorbike will give you the chance to stop at waterfalls and hot springs before reaching Pai. Pai is famous for the quiet retreat expatriates. It might be better to spend a whole day in Pai as the place has a lot to offer to its travelers. 

Day trip to Chiang Rai

Depending on the remaining time after your first four days in Chiang Mai and Pai, you can consider visiting Chiang Rai. The northernmost province of Thailand often overlooked by travelers. However, Chiang Rai is home to indigenous hill tribes and migrants from nearby Myanmar and Laos, resulting in the mixing of different cultures. Mostly, people go on a day trip to Chiang Rai to visit only the White Temple. Chiang Rai has a lot to offer than a traveler can cover in a day or two. Some of the major highlights of the place except the White temple are Wat Rong Khun, the Clock Tower, the Black House, etc. 

Day Nine to Fourteen:

The Southern Thai Islands

After exploring Chiang Mai, head towards Phuket from where your island-hopping adventure will begin. Phuket consists of the country’s many white-sand beaches. Phuket’s bustling Patong beach and Bangla road make it a perfect hub for day trips to the surrounding islands. However, after exploring the outer area and Krabi province, you will see that these islands are, in fact, much more beautiful than Phuket itself. 


Thailand’s most popular tourist hub, Phuket will be swarming with tourists and also lots of attractions. Patong is the center of the development and nightlife. To experience, all Phuket has to offer, rent a bike, and roam around. You can ride up the Nakkerd Hill, where you will see the majestic 45meters high Buddha statue. From here, you can also get a gorgeous panoramic view of Phuket and the ocean. Besides, you can ride to the old Phuket town where you can explore Portuguese-style Thalang and Yaowarat Roads.

Koh Phi Phi

You can take a morning ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi island. With the ferry, you can reach there only in a couple of hours. Koh Phi Phi island is very popular as the islands for partying. However, the island is not for those looking to enjoy some peaceful island vibes. On your stay at the Phi Phi Island, you can hike to the viewpoints, explore small beaches like Ao Tohko, Paknam, Rantee and Lo Bakao, or hit Ko Phi Phi Leh, famous as the island where Leonardo Di Caprio shot a movie. Also, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving on the nearby coral reefs, take a long-tail boat to discover nearby bays. The exchange rate on the island is quite low, so we recommend you to bring local cash and avoid exchanging money on the islands. 

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a small island in Thailand. The island does not attract many tourists, so you will see very little traffic. The island is quite safe and very fun to explore with the motorbike. Aside from the area near Kantiang Bay and the national park, Koh Lanta doesn’t have unpredictable hairpin turns. This fact makes the island a great place to explore on two wheels. Riding a motorcycle and exploring the island itself is an adventure. Almost anything and everyone you meet on the road looks amazing and friendly. 


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