What's a better way to spend the vacation than going for a sailing trip enjoying sublime seascapes of sparkling turquoise water, white beaches, and craggy limestone peaks. Sail around the gorgeous Andaman sea and get the chance to experience the region while feeling the wind, sun, and salt on your skin. And, with enough time to swim, snorkel, explore or just chill out on the deck. 

Weather in Phuket

Generally, the weather in Phuket is tropical and always warm. But, it has just a couple of climates during the year, two different monsoon seasons. There is a general misconception that monsoon means rain, but it rather describes from which direction the wind is blowing.

North-East Monsoon

Northeast monsoon runs mostly from the beginning of November and lasts up to mid or end of May. In this time, the wind brings clear skies and mostly fine weather. But as it is the exposed tropical island, some rainstorms can always occur. There will be good weather in this part while the other parts of the world are cold and nasty, so this is a high season in Phuket. It is the most preferred time to visit Phuket.

South-East Monsoon

The south-east monsoon usually occurs from mid-May to the end of October. This season brings strong winds, rain, and thunderstorms. Even though storms occur, Phuket islands do not have typhoons or tropical cyclones as the surrounding mainland of Thailand protects it.

Most visitors call this a low or wet season; however, it is a fabulous time to visit Phuket for many reasons. During this season, the price for flights and hotels are down, the island will have very less crowd and everything is much more relaxed. There might be some rainy days, or you might encounter some thunderstorm, but there is still plenty of things to do indoor or even outdoor in Phuket, Thailand.

A good choice would be to charter a yacht or rent a boat and sail around the beautiful islands of Phuket. The cruising is very safe as we will only do coastal cruising. You can still visit the islands around Phuket. You can also do water sports like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking from the floating hotel.

It can be very risky to go swimming from a beach. Big waves cause strong surf, which makes it very tough to enter the water safely. So, always follow the instructions of the lifeguard.

Is this trip right for you?

  • The majority of this journey takes place on a sailing boat. So, you will need to feel comfortable with moving about the vessel, including the use of stairs. Even if you felt fine before, some might naturally feel seasick, but not so much for others. However, you don't need to worry; your friendly crew will help you in case of seasickness if needed.
  • We will use a zodiac to transport passengers from the boat to the mainland. The landing can take place at piers as well as on beaches. Zodiacs might sometimes be awkward to climb, but a can-do attitude and a sense of humor will take you there.
  • This adventure takes place on board a real yacht. So, you might have to share living spaces, cabins, bathrooms, and showers with other passengers. Sleeping quarters are very compact, but the majority of the time, you will be spending time above board in the open air.
  • As we will be sailing on an open sea, we will be exposed to a considerable amount of sun. So, do not forget to pack sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 
  • Note that smooth sailing depends on the weather. If the weather unexpectedly worsens, then there might be last-minute itinerary changes. If any changes are made, trust in the knowledge of your highly professional skipper to choose a different route or activity.
  • The size of yachts might carry sound easily from one side to the other and can wake the fellow travelers. So, if you are planning to have a late-night, please remember this. 

Essential tips

All tourists need to be in excellent physical condition to partake fully on this trip. Before selecting the trip, please read the itinerary thoroughly and judge your ability to cope with the itinerary. Please note that if the group leader or local guide determines that any traveler is unable to complete the itinerary without undue risk to themselves or the rest of the group, we reserve the right to exclude them all or part of a trip without refund. 

You must consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information or any necessary vaccinations before departure. We recommend you to carry any necessary medications as they might not be obtainable at the locations on this trip. 

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is particularly common during the rainy season (November-March in Koh Samui and the south-east of the Thai peninsula and May-October in the rest of Thailand, including Phuket), cresting in July and August. 


Malaria is very prone throughout the year in rural areas, especially near the borders with Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. If you are concerned about malaria, speak to your doctor about preventive medication. 


There is also a high risk of other mosquito-borne illnesses such as Japanese encephalitis. 

Always take preventive measures to protect yourself against mosquitoes by wearing long clothing, using repellent, and being indoors, especially around dusk and dawn.


Space is very limited onboard the vessel. For your comfort and safety, we recommend you to carry absolute minimum luggage. It is advisable to use a backpack or duffle bags to bring aboard. We highly recommend to not travel with a hard suitcase. If you are traveling with larger bags or suitcases, leave it at your hotel or our base. Do not leave important documents, cash, credit cards, passports, or any precious belongings at the hotel. 

Smaller backpack to carry on a day trip

Comfortable clothing for hot weather [shorts, t-shirts, light long-sleeved tops and pants]

 A warm jacket for early mornings or evenings

A light raincoat or waterproof clothing

Comfortable shoes 




 Swimming suits

 Rash vest [for sun protection while snorkeling and swimming]

 Bio-degradable shampoo, conditioner, and soap

 Dry bag

 Beach Towel



 Adaptor/electrical plug



 Batteries [if you do not have rechargeable camera batteries]

Please ensure that you have all the necessary medicines, pain killers, and toiletries you may require while on this trip. We will be traveling to a remote destination, so there won't be immediate access to pharmacies, and even they might not have the medicine you require.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner
  • Airport Transfer
  • Train Tickets

What's excluded?

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance

Itinerary Show all

Day One:


Welcome to Phuket, Thailand's best-known island and surely its largest. Phuket is an island of modern glamour that varied with sunshine exotica. You will meet your sailing crew and fellow members in the afternoon. We begin the journey across the Andaman Sea with a cruise towards Ko Rang Yai island. Here, the boat will stop in front of the private beach. It is the perfect place to begin this exquisite trip. Enjoy a swim in the turquoise blue water, dinner on board, and a beautiful sunset. 

Note: The space on the yacht is limited, so it is advisable to bring a small backpack. For those traveling with a larger bag or suitcase, you can leave your luggage at our base and take a small backpack on-board. 

The most exciting part of sailing is that each day brings a unique experience with a new destination to reach. We are flexible on the day's itinerary of the weather changes, or the group agrees on someplace they fancy. The itinerary might change depending on weather conditions. Your skipper will make the final call to ensure your safety throughout the trip.

Day Two to Six:

Phang Nga Bay

Begin the exploration by sailing into the renowned Phang Nga Bay, the spectacular background to many movies, and one of Thailand's most beautiful gem. A landscape of pure limestone karsts juts dramatically out of the green water. Discover the remote islands scattered throughout the sea and relish delicious lunch in Koh Roi. Then we head towards Koh Phanak and take a kayak to paddle past the bays and canyons, exploring inlets, caves, hidden lagoons, and the local wildlife. Then we head out to xiscove4 underwater world, snorkeling off the beach at Koh Pak Bia. Afterward, cruising through to an isolated spot in the bay's north-east between Koh Klui and Koh Chang. Spend the evening amidst the turquoise blue water and enjoy the view as the sun descends beneath the waves. Moving between the island of Koh Yao Noi and Krabi, we reach Koh Hong, a true desert island destination uninhabited except for gibbons, birds, and lizards, where two powdery white sand beaches line twin bays. The name of the island means Room referring to the serene lagoon hidden inside the island. Here, we grab a kayak or a dinghy to explore the sea caves then halt on the quintessential sight of a tropical beach for swimming and snorkeling. Wear a mask and enjoy mingling with abundant underwater life, or just chill out on a deck with a bowl of fresh fruit. The day ends beachside in Railay, a heavenly destination with limestone cliffs around the beach. Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset, then enjoy dinner ashore amidst the horde of bustling restaurants and bars. 

Early morning, spend the time at Railay Beach, then cruise through the Chicken islands connected by a great arc of pure white sand stunning limestone mountains and extremely attractive water. Island's colorful marine life, shops, bars, restaurants, and fire spectacles on the beach invites a huge number of tourists. 

Have a mouth-watering breakfast prepared by your on-board chef. Then begin the sail north to enjoy some snorkeling in the glittering waters of Nui Beach. Strap om the mask and enjoy the company of brightly colored fish scattered everywhere within inches from your face. After enjoying the colorful marine life, we sail towards northwest to the remote, untapped island of Koh Yao Yai. Here, we can see superb beaches bounded by mangroves. Around the lovely bays, there's 3excellent snorkeling, gorgeous forest trails, and sea kayaking to opt to. It's a perfect way to move away from crowded tourist trails and enjoy natural marvels while enjoying the glimpses of traditional island culture. Later in the evening, we move out to the beach to create another memorable day with a BBQ; we may grill up some fresh fish from the sea. Then, spend the night beside a fire pit and watch as the sun dip below the waves. 

The voyage across the picturesque landscape of shining turquoise blue waters and island bays southwest to Koh Racha. These islands are renowned for clear water and an excellent destination for snorkeling, with home mainly to farmers and fishers. Relax the day away while adoring these fine powder white sandy beaches. Move your body with activities like kayaking or paddleboarding, or move ashore to stroll across the island, passing coconut groves and sometimes water buffalo grazing, and feast eyes on some striking views. Afterward, dine at a local restaurant and enjoy Thai delicacies accompanied by cold local brew before returning to the yacht. Then spend the final evening of this marine adventure sleeping beneath the stars out on the deck.

Day Seven:


An adventurous sail will take you to your final destination, Phuket islands, in the afternoon. Stop and enjoy your last chance to paddle, swim, and snorkel in the waters of Andaman Sea, while encountering schools of lovely fishes off the coast before anchoring down in Phuket. Phuket contains some perfect beaches and a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, bars, and markets. So, take some couple days extra to check it all out. After the Andaman marine adventure ends, enjoy exploring Phuket or continue further journey onwards.


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