Hang out with the gentle giants in the ChangChill Elephant sanctuary and see a different side of Chiang Mai. You will learn how this organization aids the conservation, protection, and lifestyle of elephants in this region. Observe these jungle giants from a safe distance and see how to spend their daily life, how they graze and socialize with each other. Then, return to Chiang Mai and make offerings to monks, explore Kad Ton Payo flea market, meditate in the tranquil atmosphere or taste some of the regional specialties.

Is this trip right for you?

You will have our local representative guiding you, and your fellow travelers might change during the trip. You can spend an evening by yourself; your guide can help to suggest places to eat, shop, and also for entertainment.

This trip can take place with a minimum of one person, so you might be on your own too.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Accommodation (twin-sharing)
  • Three meals per day
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Ground transport

What's excluded?

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance

Itinerary Show all

Day One:

Chiang Mai

Welcome to Chiang Mai, the most vibrant city in Thailand. This city has many renowned temples and a fascinating old city area. On your arrival at the Chiang Mai airport, our representative will pick you up and transfer you to the hotel. However, if you arrive early and are staying in the hotel, inform us and we will pick you from the hotel. You will surely fall in love with this city; the friendliness of the people, the interesting old town bound by moats, and the many fascinating temples captivates travelers from all around the globe. Tonight, you will have free time. You can visit the night market and bargain hunt. Or, you can taste some delicious traditional northern Thai dishes in the buzzing night markets. We recommended to try the dish called Kao soy, yellow wheat noodles in a curry broth, traditionally served with chicken or beef.

Optional Activities

Night Market visit

The night market of Chiang Mai consists of countless stalls packed along the sidewalks buzzing with people into the street. Here, you can find almost anything you are searching for. Here, you can get items including CDs, DVDs, clothes, shoes, Thai silk, handicrafts, purses, wallets, watches, video games, luggage, home accessories, furniture, statues of aliens made from auto parts, spices, souvenirs, samurai swords, art, jewelry, silver, antiques, and several hundred items that defies categorization. You can get a wide variety of quality on a wide variety of prices. Many stalls look the same but keep a lookout, you will get some unique products. Keep in mind that you have to spend few hours to cover the whole market. During the day, it is a regular street lined with various stores, hotels, and restaurants, but by dusk, you will see a market that is nearly a mile in length. You might also get to taste various kinds of Thai cuisine, as there will be lots of stalls selling Thai street foods.

Day Two:

ChiangChill- Chiang Mai

Spend the day with a visit to the ChianChill. Here, you will have an awesome elephant experience. Hop on a vehicle from Chiang Mai and drive for about 1.5 hours to reach ChiangChill. Here, you will learn how this organization aids the conservation, protection, and lifestyle of elephants in this region. Observe these jungle giants from a safe distance and see how to spend their daily life, how they graze and socialize with each other. The local guides will give you any details on elephants or the sanctuary. You might learn about the elephants, its sustainable tourism practices, and conservation efforts in the area. Then, enjoy some refreshments and lunch alongside the jungle giants. afterward, you will return to Chiang Mai.

Included Activities

ChiangChill Elephant Sanctuary Day trip

ChiangChill Elephant Sanctuary, located in Chiang Mai, started its journey in 2017. This sanctuary is truly a haven for elephants, unlike others. Here, you will learn how this organization aids the conservation, protection, and lifestyle of elephants in this region. Observe these jungle giants from a safe distance and see how to spend their daily life, how they graze and socialize with each other. Also, you can learn about the elephants themselves.

Day Three:

Chiang Mai

We will start the day early and hop on a songthaew for a picturesque ride to Kad Ton Payom flea market. Here, you can purchase the offerings from the market and then offer them to monks. This region is quite famous for its unique dishes; you will have a traditional breakfast of local specialties such as rice soup, fried rice, and grilled pork. Then, we head towards Wat U-mong, a six-century old temple famous for its huge painted pagoda and underground tunnel. Enjoy the tranquil vibe of the area and talk with the abbot and learn about Buddhism and Dharma. Next, we move to Wat Suan Dok, where you can interact with monks and learn about their way of life, get some basic tips on meditation, and also make an offering to the Sangha. The adventure ends in the afternoon; you can leave the hotel at any time. If you are heading to the airport, we can drive you there. Or, you can explore the city further with us.

Included Activities

Kad Ton Payom Market Visit

Ton Payom is a small local market in Chiang Mai. The market sells a wide variety of foods with amazing scents and wondrous tastes. Visiting the market is itself an adventure; you might not know what gems you will stumble upon. The market is truly a haven for fruit-lovers. You will get a wide variety of fruits that you might not have even heard or known of existence. You will also find plenty of delicious fresh vegetables in the market. Whatever you want to taste, this market provides it all, whether it be vegetables, fruits, spices, meats, the market has it all. Any foodies will love this market.

Wat U-mong 

Wat U-mong is the unique temple among hundreds of Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai due to its location in the forest and its system of tunnels. This 13th-century forest temple has a serene atmosphere and provides a welcome change from the much-visited sites in Chiang Mai. The temple’s full name is Wat Umong Suan Phutthatham, which translates to “Temple of the tunnels and Buddha Dhamma garden.” The large temple grounds are mostly full of monks’ chanting sounds. The place is also an excellent spot for meditation with a forested area and a natural lake. The center also hosts meditation classes and Dhamma talks. King Mengrai, the first King of the Lanna Kingdom and founder Chiang Mai founded the temple at the end of the 13th century. According to the legend, the monks found it difficult to meditate due to the city being crowded, so he ordered several tunnels dugout in an artificial mound outside the city, in a forested area bordering Doi Suthep mountain. Thus, the tunnel for meditation formed. There is also a copy of the Ashoka pillar in the temple ground that dates back to the 13th century. 

Wat Suan Dok

Wat Suan Dok, the temple built in the late 14th century, houses several structures of historical importance. Among them, the major one is the pagoda that preserves the Buddha’s ruins, a garden of whitewashed tombs housing the ashes of late Chiang Mai rulers, and a large open-air wiharn. The temple lies outside the old city wall, about 1km east of Suan Dok Gate on Suthep Road. This temple was originally built to serve as a retreat for a revered monk from Sukothai. The major highlight of the temple includes the mausoleum garden containing whitewashed pagodas built in exquisite Lanna style, the gilded principal pagoda built in Lankan style, the assembly hall, and the principal Buddha image sitting at 4.7 meters inside the ordination hall.


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