Join us this guided day trip and get the chance to visit one of the most famous villages of South Korea, Andong, that lies on the Gyeongsang-do province, renowned for its folk village. You will meet your tour guide at your hotel lobby in Seoul, who will pick you up in the morning and take you to Andong. The journey from Seoul to Andong takes about three hours.

Hahoe village is the village famous for the descendants of the Ryu family of Korea, which originated from Hahoe Village and have lived together for more than six centuries. As you walk through the village, you will feel the aura while visiting many lecture halls and dormitories. This trip allows you to explore this beautiful traditional village. Walk through small alleys of the town flanked by short perimeter walls bordering traditional houses. This village is an important place in Korean culture and history due to its many preserved architectural styles of the Joseon period as well as hundreds-year-old traditions. Also, this village is home to a museum made in the memory of Ryu Sungyong, a prime minister during the Japanese Invasion of 1592.

The village is a superb collection of centuries-old homes that are so genuine that you will feel as if you have traveled back time. While walking down the dirt roads, you will pass through small garden plots of squash vines, green chili peppers, corn, all overshadowed by riverbank escarpments, while fields stretch out to the horizon. Many other Korean folk villages are tourist productions; this one contains more than 200residents maintaining old ways, and even the government helps them with the preservation and restoration.

This village is also quite famous for its well-conserved traditional tile-roofed houses and thatched roof. Particularly, this village is famous as the birthplace of Ryu Unryong and Ryu Seongryong, the brothers among which one was a great Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, and the other was Prime Minister during the period of the Japanese Invasion (from1592 to 1598) called Imjinwaeran. The village name comes from the river that surrounds the village, Nakdong River. Ha means a river, and Hoe means turning around. The topology of the village makes it a very good place for humans to reside in, so it has been very famous since the Joseon Dynasty. The village offers a great view of the elegant Nakdong River flowing around the village, endlessly unfolding sandy beaches, the outstanding Buyongdae Cliff, and lush, ancient pine trees. There are many low hills spread to the western part of the village. The highest point of the village is the spot where the 6century old zelkova tree stands. The name of the tree is Samsidang, and there is a belief that the goddess Samsin resides in this tree. This spot's houses strongly contrast to those of other houses in the surrounding area as many houses in Korea are made by facing to the south or the southeast. Hahoe village has preserved a dance performance called Hahoe Byeolsingut Mask Dance Play, generally performed by public and Seonyujulbul Nori-a boat ride and fire play relished by the nobility called Yangban.

Established more than 6centuries ago, the village is like an open-air museum. Since 2010, the village itself has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are still many people inhabiting the village who are very friendly. Here, you can also visit the village church and take a stroll on the shore of the Nakdong River. Also, here, many shops sell handmade products which will make a perfect souvenir for you to take back home. Besides, the village also offers many delectable local delicacies. Try the Heotjesabap (a type of Bibimbap eaten by the nobles), Try the Andong Soju (distilled alcoholic beverage), Andong Guksu (a kind of noodle dish), and Andong Gangodeungeo (salted mackerel).

Nearby attractions include Gosan Seowon (Confucian Academy), Bongjeongsa Temple (built during the Silla Period), Hakgasan Mountain Recreational Forest, Gwiraejeong, Gyemyeongsan Mountain Recreational Forest, and Waryongsan Mountain.

Few Activities to Do in Andong

The Mask Dance Festival

Every year, people in Andong celebrate the mask dance festival that takes place from late September to early October and lasts about ten days. Even if you are not visiting the place during the festival, you should visit this place as you will get to see lots of structures with unique masks.

Woryeonggyo Bridge

Visit the gorgeous 387-meter wooden bridge of Woryeonggyo if you want to enjoy some fresh air during your stay in Andong. The day itself is beautiful here, but if you visit the bridge during the night time, you will see a gorgeous view with gorgeous lights all over. From here, you will also get to enjoy gorgeous mountain views, and the view of the Nakdong River, Korea's largest river.

The Mini Folk Village

After crossing the Woryeonggyo Bridge, you will reach a huge park that looks like a small folk village. Here, you will see houses with thatched roofs, some of them even opened to visitors. The area has other aspects of the traditional Korean lifestyle, including a lovely watermill or a gorgeous stone bridge. 

The Soju museum

Soju is Korean alcohol, originally made from rive. However, now Koreans mostly use wheat or potato starch to produce this alcohol. On your visit to Andong Hahoe village, don't forget to visit this museum to taste some of this delicious alcohol. Here, you can also learn more about this alcohol and also about Korean "table culture."

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • An experienced, professional, supportive English-speaking guide
  • Private vehicle for transfer as per the itinerary, Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Entry fees to Hahoe Folk Village

What's excluded?

  • Meals and drinks
  • Any tips and gratuities
  • Cost not specified in the 'Cost Includes' section


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