Join us on this tour to enjoy two of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea. Nami Island and Petite France Tour will take you to some of the beautiful sites you will ever see. These sites offer a lot of things to explore, so if you want to explore more of South Korea and want to have a unique experience, then this trip is for you. Enjoy gorgeous natural beauty with the tranquil environment at Nami Island that will surely captivate your heart. Get authentic French experience at Petite France with its many French exhibitions, galleries, and shops.

Nami Island

Nami island lies near Seoul and is also famous as Namiseom. This is a beautiful island and also one of the most popular attractions in South Korea. Nami island offers pretty scenery all year round with its beautiful tree lanes, woodlands, riverside walks, and many more. You will be surprised how this small island has everything to offer. Due to its stunning scenery, this island is also frequently featured in Korean dramas that has made this island even more popular among international tourists. This island not only has its own passport, but also stamp currency, and a telephone card. You can travel throughout Nami Island on foot; however, there are also many other transportation options to choose from.

Best time to visit Nami Island

There are four distinct seasons in Nami island as in every other part of Korea. However, there is no particular best time to visit Nami Island. This island has something to offer in every season.


Spring in Nami Island falls from March to May. Spring in Nami Island is popular for its gorgeous trees and spring flower that blooms during this season. You will also be able to see splendid cherry blossoms, which usually bloom from early April to mid-April. The weather is also delightful, mild, and the air is cool and perfect.


The month between June and August is the summer season in Nami Island. The weather is stifling hot and humid, and there is also a high chance of rainfall. However, this is also the season when the island gets lush greenery, and you get to stroll around the thick stand of pine trees and redwoods.


Autumn falls between September to November, and during this time, you can enjoy spectacular fall foliage across Nami Island. The skies are mostly clear during this season, and the weather is also cool and dry, making it perfect for travel. During this season, you will also get to enjoy reed beds on the riverside that looks stunning.


Winter in Nami Island falls between November to February with cold reaching its peak in January. Renowned as a filming location of the renowned Korean drama called “Winter Sonata (2002),” Nami island is renowned for being a dreamy winter destination. In winter, you will get the otherworldly feel when visiting this place with the snow-covered tree lanes and the tall, white birch trees. Snow falls around late November or early December, so before visiting the island, check the weather forecast.

Must-see places in Nami Island

Nami Island has an abundance of incredible attractions. Here are some of the best spots you can visit in Nami Island.

Ginkgo Tree Lane

A must-visit spot for relishing the brilliance of vivid yellow ginkgo leaves during autumn.

The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane

A picturesque trail lined with dense pine trees leading to the center of the island.

Metasequoia Lane

A trail filled with giant redwood trees, offering magnificent scenery.

Riverside Paths

The wooden trails around the water’s side where you can take in the gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Gongsaengwon Garden (The Winter Sonata Statue)

In this garden, you can see a statue of the chief characters from “Winter Sonata” and a special photo zone for visitors to take souvenir pictures

Nami Island from Seoul

Nami Island is quite close to Seoul; you will reach Nami Island from Seoul within just one and a half hours. However, if you use public transportation, it will take a minimum of two hours, and it will also be quite uncomfortable. So, we will be taking a shuttle bus, which is far better to make this trip.

Petite France 

Located amidst the Gapyeong Mountains, Petite France is perfect for a detour from Nami Island. The area is full of European structure and offers beautiful yet peaceful surroundings that will make you forget about the buzz of the Korean cities. In every corner, you will see small beautiful villages. The area has its own in-house guesthouse with the capacity to accommodate up to 200visitors with thirty-four guest rooms; each can hold four to ten people. each building of the park has a different theme. There is a Orgel House housing, a 200-year-old music box, game room for football, gallery displaying sculptures, a souvenir shop, and other French-influenced rooms to experience French culture.

The other name for this place is Little Prince theme park. Here, you will see images of Little Prince, spread all over. Mostly, the attractions here are related to a top-selling book of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. There is even a memorial hall dedicated to the author. The village is also very famous for its lively cottages and antique galleries, and you can also see street performances like puppet shows and Orgel demonstrations that completes the French atmosphere.

This site is also famous as the shooting location of popular Korean dramas, Secret Garden, Beethoven Virus, and My Love from the Star, and many more. The park contains many galleries and exhibitions that display the French atmosphere. You will also get to see more than 300 exhibited delicate dolls made in different locations in Europe in the early 19th century. 

What's included?

  • Round trip shuttle bus
  • Nami Island entrance & ferry ticket
  • Petite France entrance ticket
  • A highly experienced, knowledgeable, and very supportive English-speaking tour staff

What's excluded?

  • Any meals or drinks
  • Guide commentary
  • Nami Island Zipline


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