Bungee jumping is an adventure sport for people who love challenges. Bungee jumping is a sport performed by jumping from a tall fixed structure while connected to a long elastic cord. Free-falling and the rebound are the thrills of a Bungee jump. The springy cord extends, and the person flies upwards again as the cord retreats, swaying up and down due to the kinetic energy.

Nepal is a perfect spot for this kind of sport as the country is blessed with many natural Bungee sites. Suspension bridge of Bhote Koshi River near Nepal-Tibet border (The Last Resort) and Himja village nearby Pokhara is the most popular Bungee Jumping places in Nepal. Bungee jumping in Pokhara is the highest Bungee in Nepal for touching the water with an elevation of 75 meters. And Last Resort’s suspension bridge is the second-highest bungee jumping site in the world with a height of 160 meters. All the processes and techniques of the sport are the same in both places with difference only that you dive into a pond, which is 18/20-meter-deep in Pokhara. In contrast, you jump directly to a gorge in Bhotekoshi.

The site for Bungee jumping in Last Resort was chosen and designed by New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants. Some of the most experienced jumpmasters operate this site. The business running groups has put safety first, and it has done everything to prevent any mishap.

A day drive to the bungee jumping site is itself an exciting trip. As you drive through the concrete forest of Kathmandu to the sub-urban countryside, you will experience the difference in lifestyle. The sub-urban countryside exposes you native Nepal, rather than the Kathmandu valley.

The Bungee Jump Tour is not just about the jump of few seconds, but the thrill, the fear, the joy you feel right before the drop, and the feeling of accomplishment you get after you make it. We will ensure your safety. We make sure to provide you all the tips and advice by highly experienced staff to ensure you have nothing to worry about and enjoy the fall. If you want to extend your trip or want to engage in any further activities, you can contact us. Additional adventurous sports like Swing and tandem swing can be done at discounted prices.

Feel the excitement of Bungee jumping in Nepal between the natural beauty with our bungee jumping one-day package. This might be the chance of your lifetime to enjoy one of the highest bungee jumping sites between the lush green hills.

Few things to know before Bungee Jumping

Weight limit: The maximum weight for this sport is 100kg.

Age Restriction: People above 18 years can freely choose to enjoy this sport. However, for those below 18 years, it is a must to consent your parents or guardians who could be on the site while performing bungee jump.

Opening Days: Months- December, January, February, June, July, August/ Days – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday only.

Maximum number of people: Only one person can perform this activity at a time.

Things to buy: Tight and closed shoes, and comfortable clothes.

Clicking video of jump: The bungee sites’ videographers will take clips of you jumping and also provide you if you want to buy it. You can ask for the cost of your photos and videos at the site.

Equipment used in Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping uses an elastic cord to sway up and down. The unique cord consists of many latex strands closed in a durable outer cover. The cover of latex provides a harder and sharper bounce of wire.

Safety and possible injuries During Bungee Jumping

There is very little chance of injury during bungee jumping. The injury occurs only when the safety joint fails, cord length is miscalculated, or the cord is not correctly connected to the jump platform. To establish a bungee jumping site, one needs to pass all the tests to ensure all these safety measures. So, it is sporadic to get injured doing a bungee jump. In spite of safety measures, some injuries can occur, such as the sudden rise of upper body intravascular pressure during withdrawal of bungee cord, and eyesight damage.

Whiplash injuries are another problem that might occur, as the jumper jerks on the bungee cord; in some cases, it might lead to Quadriplegia, secondary to a broken neck. Another serious problem is when the jumper’s neck or body gets entangled in the cord. As there are risks even in everyday life, there is some risk involved in this sport too. However, the thrill that the sport provides is far worth the risk involved for many adventurous individuals.

How to reach the Bungee Site

Bungee Jump site at Pokhara is only twenty minutes far from the Lakeside. You will get some gorgeous views of the Himalayas, hills, and rivers. You can book in advance and go at a scheduled date or go to the site and book for an electrifying jump.

For Bhotekoshi:

You depart from Thamel at 6 am on a comfortable bus with other jumpers and those packed to stay a few nights at the gorgeous resort. The journey takes about four hours, with a couple of short breaks along the way. When we get near the resort, we will see the bridge about 5minutes before arriving. After arriving at the resort, we will meet our bungee staff, who will give you safety instructions, weigh you and give you a time slot. Then, all you need to do is keep mental calmness until your turn. You can also have lunch at the restaurant while waiting for your turn.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal price

Bungee Day Trip: USD 108

Bungee + Overnight: USD 128

Extra Bungee or Swing: USD 55

Bungee only: USD 92

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Bus ride
  • Bungee jump
  • Lunch

What's excluded?

  • Drinks
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu


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