The trip of the Volcanoes, Dragons, and Beaches is a guided cruise trip of 12 days that starts in Ubud and ends in Sanur. You will tour through Sanur, Ruteng, Moni, and five other destinations in Indonesia. Volcanoes, Dragons, and Beaches is a small group tour, including accommodation in hotels, transport, meals, and others. Travel through rural Flores and enjoy the lush landscape with dense forests, paddy fields, and dramatic volcanoes. Hike along with the tribal villages and adore views of scenic crater lakes and volcanoes, before ending on the beaches of Bali. Climb Kelimutu volcano from where you will get a mesmerizing view of sunrise and three turquoise crater lakes. Walk past the traditional villages on the untapped island of Flores Komodo National Park. Search for Komodo dragons then spend the night on the boat.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • A highly experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly English speaking guide
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • All domestic transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

What's excluded?

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance

Itinerary Show all

Day One:


Arrive in the cultural hub of Bali, Ubud. Bounded by terraced paddy fields, Ubud was once a small valley, but now it is a buzzing hive of artistic activity with lots of shops that sell locally made bamboo furniture, wood and stone carvings, paintings and many other types of arts and crafts. In the evening, you can enjoy traditional Hindu-Balinese dance performances. Upon arrival, your guide will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. On the way, he/she will give you a brief explanation on your further trip. after reaching the hotel, check-in. there is no plan for this day so you can simply relax at the hotel. Or, head out to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, where you can see the local wildlife before exploring any of the markets for some local trinkets.

Day Two:

Ubud sightseeing tour

In the morning, we make our way to a local project where you will meet the staff who will help us to create offerings for a Balinese temple. the offering is typically made up of mall palm leaf baskets filled with flowers and rice; we will take this to Tirta Empul temple. here, you can get the chance to experience the ritual of entering a temple as a local Balinese do. We wear traditional dress and ask permission to enter the temple by placing offerings at the entrance. You can also buy the holy water here. We recommend you to wear a white blouse or shirt for today's visit; the temple will let you borrow a Balinese sarong for the duration of the visit to the temple. from here, we head north to Gunung Kawi. Here, we walk towards the Pakarisan River and climb down about 100steps to see the gorgeous 11th century Royal Tombs cut into a cliff front. Then, we climb back up the steps to the place where our bus awaits us. We board the bus and return to the local project where you will enjoy lunch. after lunch, we return to Ubud. The rest of the day is free; you can visit many shops and markets during this time, or you can simply relax in the hotel. 

Day Three:

Bali to Flores/ Moni

After breakfast, we fly to Ende on eastern Flores Island. Upon arrival, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport who will take you on a scenic three-hour drive. We move through a scenic landscape of rice fields, coffee plantations, and olive trees as well as small villages. Eventually, we make our way to Moni, from where we make a climb of Kelimutu volcano. Driving alongside a river, we see some beautiful gorge, and as we climb through the mountains, we reach our destination for the day.

Day Four:

Kelimutu volcano

We start the day early as we have to make our way to the base of Kelimutu volcano. Climbing to the summit, we get a mesmerizing sunrise view. We need to walk for about forty minutes over a sequence of steps spread with flatter sections; the final 10-15 minutes covers 127 relatively steep steps. On a clear day, we can get a view of three crater lakes, which are some of the most beautiful in the world, from the summit. These lakes' name translates to Lake of Old People, Lake of Young Men and Maidens, and Bewitched or Enchanted Lake. The other two lakes are close to each other and share a crater wall. However, the best part of these lakes is that these lakes' colors differ depending on the material content of the water at different times. Sometimes, you may see one lake to be turquoise while the other is completely black. There's no surprise that this area of magnificent and rare natural beauty was formerly an important place for spiritual rituals. After enjoying the beauty of this gorgeous place, we head back down off the volcano and return to Moni. We can visit traditional Lionese ethnic minority houses, stone seats, and a sacred cemetery in the village or just head back to the hotel as per your preference.

Day Five:

Drive to Bajawa

Today, we depart from the gorgeous mountains, and we head to the southeast coast back to Ende, from where we drive along the coast, moving past an astonishing green stone beach, followed by a winding road back uphill to Bajawa. Then, we move through the road, surrounded by lush jungles and volcanoes. Bajawa is the spiritual heartland of the Ngada tribal people. Ngada tribal are made up of five tribal groups living in the surrounding area, each with their customs, language, beliefs, and traditional dress.

Day Six:

Bajawa/ Nagada tribal villages

In the morning, we drive to Wolobobo from where you can get stunning views of Ebulobo and Inerie volcanoes. From here, we drive to the base of Inerie from where we begin the trip on foot. We walk through many small traditional Nagada villages accompanied by a local guide. The largest village we visit today is Bena, where you will witness megalithic stones along with offering and meeting places in between rows of stilt houses with steep thatched grass roofs. You feel as if you are walking back in time when walking through these villages. After being essentially forced to convert to Catholicism by Dutch missionaries in the 1920s, the Nagada retain their animist beliefs. So, you will see images of Jesus and Mary feature amidst pig jaws, buffalo horns, and tribal art! We can overlook the village, the volcano, and the blue waters of the Sawu Sea from a viewpoint. later we continue the walk to another traditional village called Luba; then, we return to Bajawa.

Day Seven:

Flores – Ruteng

We spend this day traveling through a fabulous landscape, passing thick jungles, active volcanoes, and the rice fields of central Flores as we make our way west across the island. Finally, we reach our destination of Ruten in the district of Mangarai. This city has mostly Catholics and lies at an altitude of 1170 meters above sea level, surrounded by paddy fields, so this region is relatively cooler. We stay here for the night before our boat expedition into the Komodo archipelago.

Day Eight :

Rinca Island

After breakfast, we head to the harbor and hop on a boat for a cruise to Rinca Island. For this two day cruise, you will have all meals onboard. On your first port of call, you will have the first lunch. then, we sail out on Rinca Island and meet with a few national park rangers who will take us carefully along a trail into Komodo dragon territory to see if we can spot them. Komoda dragons, known locally as 'ora,' are quite dangerous lizards that has a length of more than 3.5 meters and weigh up to 150kilos. Usually, though, they are about 2.5 meters in length. Komoda dragons hide in the undergrowth and wait patiently for their prey, such as deer and water buffalo, that we will see more often in the national park. When the time is right, they attack their victim and bite them, releasing a deadly venom from the glands within their lower jaw, causing a slow death. Today, we will be walking for a couple of hours on relatively flat terrain, covering around five kilometers. You are more likely to see Komodo dragons in greater numbers after the mating season, which falls between May and August. We spend the night on our private boat where we have basic shared accommodation, made up of double and single bunk beds in two mixed-sex cabins. The boat features two toilets and a saltwater shower, with a limited amount of fresh water for bathing. As we anchor for the night, you may also choose to sleep on deck under the stars. 

Note: Recent reports show that Komodo dragons are being smuggled off the island of Komodo, so the local conservation agency is undertaking an impact assessment, which could lead to the closure of Komodo Island in 2020. If this occurs, the itinerary changes to spend more time in Rinca island that offers excellent beaches and world-class diving and also has a good population of Komodo dragons.

Day Nine:

Cruise to Komodo Island

After breakfast, we cruise to the Komodo Island, where we go for another safari walk in the accompany of national park rangers to spot Komodo dragons and learn a little more about these impressive creatures. Later, we make a short cruise to the beautiful Pink Beach. This beach's name comes from its' pink sand created from red coral. The beach is small, but it is quite scenic and very less crowded. After you get tired of swimming in the shallow ocean water, you can chill out in the pockets of shade under some trees. Today, you will also go for a snorkeling trip on the spectacularly colorful coral reef, which is only a short swim from the beach. You can hire snorkeling equipment in advance from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, includes the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Mota, Nusa Kode, and Padar. This vast marine area contains more than 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of reef-building coral, and also a vast amount of other marine life. After lunch, we head back to Labuan Bajo for the night.

Day Ten:

Free morning, fly to Bali

This morning is free for you to either relax at the hotel or explore the small town and market of Labuan Bajo. In the afternoon, we fly back to Bali and drive to the beach at Sanur, where we can relax for a day before the trip ends.

Day Eleven:

Sanur Beach

This day is free, so you can choose however you want to spend it. You can relax on the golden sand beaches of Sanur, swim on the salty waters, sunbathe, or head out to many souvenir shops, cozy bars, and small restaurants of the village itself. You might also take a boat excursion to the nearby island of Lembongan. Here, you can spend the day snorkeling, going for a tour of the mangroves by canoe, and relaxing on one of the island's many sandy beaches. Another alternative would be to tour East Bali. The journey begins with a cultural Barong dance performance; then, you will visit the bat cave of Goa Lawa, walk through the traditional village of Tengagan and visit the water palace of Tritagangga.

Day Twelve:

Trip Concludes

The trip ends after breakfast. You can depart from the hotel at any time. Our driver will take you to the airport approximately three hours before your scheduled flights. However, if you are planning to stay longer in Indonesia and want to make a further trip or require an accommodation, we will be happy to manage it for you.


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