Most people visit Flores just to see the Komodo dragons, stay in Labuan Bajo and end the trip, but if you genuinely want to experience Flores most authentically, you will have to tour from west to east inland to learn why it is one of the most exciting destinations in Indonesia. Flores is an incredible island containing stunning wildlife, diverse nature, and amiable people. This island is an excellent destination after visiting Bali as you can easily reach the island via Denpasar. Flores is also famous for its proximity to Komodo Islands, only place in the earth where you will see the living dragon.

This trip takes you through the best of Komodo and Flores. Search for the incredible Komodo dragons, snorkel through colorful coral reefs, and stroll across the beaches of black, pink, and white sands. Indonesia’s “flower island” is the best place to make some fond memories with its vibrant energy, charisma, and lots of shimmering sunlight.

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Day One:

Labuan Bajo

Welcome to Flores. Your adventure begins in Labuan Bajo, a peaceful fishing town that is popular as the entrance to Komodo Island, home of the renowned Komodo dragons. Meet your travel group and guides at your hotel. There are no plans except the meeting today, so you can arrive in Labuan Bajo at any time in the day. In the evening, you can go with your fellow travelers and enjoy some delicious seafood dinner. Soekarno Hatta contains a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can also begin your first day of the trip by grabbing a drink at a rooftop bar.

Note: you can reach Labuan Bajo on Flores Island with regular flights from Denpasar or Jakarta airports.

Day Two:

Komodo National Park/ Overnight boat

After breakfast, board a boat and head out on a journey of a couple of hours to Padar. Padar is the third-largest island within Komodo National Park. Even though the island no more has any Komodo dragon, it still hosts a fantastic range of wildlife, beautiful rolling hills, and some great short treks. Buckle up your hiking boots and head out for a brisk morning hike to a stunning viewpoint, while looking out for geckos, green turtles, and other reptiles. Keep your camera ready; you can capture some beautiful picture of Padar’s rugged terrain and tri-colored beaches. After relishing the view, we head back to the boat for lunch on board as you move towards the gorgeous Pink Beach. It is one of the handful of beaches in the world containing pink sand, as the name suggests. The color of the sand is pink due to the red coral in its shallow waters. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling among coral reefs beside this gorgeous beach. Then, return to the beach in the mid-afternoon, as we will be moving to Komodo Island. Keep your camera ready as you might spot gigantic Komodo dragons in this 2hour safari. Return to the boat where you will spend the night just off the coast of Kalong Island.

Note: We will not be able to visit Rinca Island due to limited time, so it is not a part of this trip.

Accommodation on the boat is basic but comfortable with bunk beds and shared toilets; you will only get a cold shower. The boat provides bedding and a towel. There will be a curtain next to bunk beds for privacy, but it feels like a dormitory. There are different areas to lounge, sunbathe, and a dining area to enjoy local meals. Also, keep in mind that the space is limited in the boat, so carry a backpack or small baggage.

Day Three:

Komodo National Park/ Labuan Bajo

Today, you will get to enjoy a whole day snorkeling and exploring the underwater paradise of Indonesia. We depart early morning for Taka Makassar, a small jellybean shaped island, which is about the size of a soccer field, which almost seems like a mirage. This small sandbank lies above the clear shallow waters, and the surrounding sea houses many splendid corals, and you might also witness sea turtle floating occasionally. We return to the boat in the late morning and move to Manta Point, where you will have enough time to swim and snorkel. If you are lucky, you might even get to swim alongside manta rays. Also, you will see a wide variety of hard and soft corals, tropical reef fish, and turtles. For lunch, head back to the boat and return to your accommodation in Labuan Bajo with the three-hour trip.

Note: the waters around Komodo National Park might have strong currents, so follow your guide’s direction and wear a life jacket while snorkeling or swimming in the open sea.

Day Four:

Wae Rebo

Today, we make our way to a long enjoyable drive to the ancient tribal village of Wae Rebo. We drive by a private minivan to Dintor, which takes about six hours. Carry your small luggage and leave your large bags in Dintor and enjoy a traditional lunch. Then, we transfer to Denge from where you will embark on a trek to Wae Rebo. The hike is quite steep, although there are few flat trails to break up the trip. On this journey, you will notice the beauty of the lush rainforest, the stunning mountain views along the way, and you will be trekking on some of the most beautiful forests on the island. The journey today is strenuous, but it certainly is worth it. Once you reach Wae Rebo, local villages will welcome you with a welcome ceremony. This evening, enjoy a traditional dinner prepared by your hosts and try some special Wae Rebo coffee. You may also get to see a unique cultural performance if weather permits. Today, you will be staying at a Mbaru Niang, a five-level cone-shaped house, covered in lontar (dried rontal tree leaves) thatch.

Note: Today, we will be driving through some rough roads, and it might get bumpy. So, if you are prone to motion sickness, consider taking medication.

We will be trekking on a rocky trail today, so it is best to wear some comfortable hiking shoes.

Wae Bo contains only seven traditional houses, so you might have to share accommodation with other guests in the village. Every house here can accommodate up to 50 people and features shared bathrooms, squat toilets, and cold-water bucket showers. You will be sleeping on a thin mattress on a floor. It is a traditional village, so they are very conservative; wear clothes covering your shoulders and knees to show respect to the host.

Day Five:


Wake up with the sound of birds and enjoy early breakfast in the village. Later, trek back down through the rainforest and head towards Dintor. Here, you will collect your belongings, freshen up, and enjoy lunch. After lunch, a private minivan will pick you up to transfer you to Ruteng, which takes around four to five hours. on the way, you will visit a fantastic spiraling rice field of Cancar, vast circular rice paddies that spiral inwards just like a spider web. We reach Ruteng around time for dinner, then rest for the night.

Day Six:


After breakfast, we head towards Bajawa. Here, you can take a rejuvenating dip in serene hot springs. From Ruteng, it takes about four and a half hours to reach Bajawa by private minivan. You might also choose to stop by an arak distillery in Aimere beforehand (if your group decides). Arak is a local alcoholic beverage created from the LOntar Palm tree and flavored with different fruits and spices to create liquors like Ouzo and Raki. This town is gaining popularity for its local backyard production of this drink, and you might get to learn the way of its manufacture, and also get a chance to taste. On the way, we stop for a lunch break at a local warung along the coast. As you near Bajawa, you will start noticing the magnificent peak of Mt. Inerie on the horizon. This volcanic mountain is one of the highest peaks on Flores and warms the water that pours into the Mengeruda Hot Springs. Take the time to relax in its soothing pool that has many medicinal properties. Enjoy the bath while being surrounded by waterfalls, and overhanging trees and let the pebbles massage your knots. In the evening, head to a hotel in Bajawa.

Day Seven:


This morning, we travel to Bena, which takes only about 45minutes by a private minivan. Bena is a village famous for its megalithic formations in the Ngada region of Flores. Tall thatched huts and traditional weaving techniques characterize the architecture of this village. You will go for a guided tour of this village and witness some of the fascinating stone formations and cultural shrines. After meeting some locals and getting insight into their customs, we spend around two hours trekking through the surrounding countryside to visit another Ngada village and gain a more in-depth insight of Ngada culture. We have today’s lunch at a family home and enjoy the mouthwatering local cuisine. Roam around their vast vegetable garden and learn about many fruits and vegetables that they grow here. In the late afternoon, we return to Bajawa.

Day Eight :


After breakfast, we set out on a drive to Moni, which takes about four-hour, stopping along the scenic coasts to capture some photos and enjoying the views. Along the way, you will have a chance to stop for a seafood lunch by the beach, local restaurants along this stretch of coastline are no-frills but offer some delicious food. After lunch, you could head to the Wologai Traditional village (if you and your group prefer). Here, you can stroll around one of the few villages where they have well-preserved houses built in the traditional Lionese architecture and learn about the unusual details of the Lio tribe who have many sacred rituals. Afterward, we continue the trip to Moni, a remote scenic town bonded by rice paddies. This town lies at the base of Mt. Kelimutu, which is renowned for its tri-colored volcanic lakes. Today, we will be staying at a eco-lodge in Moni. Then, the rest of the afternoon is free for you to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. You will have to wake up early tomorrow, so we recommend you to call early night today.

Day Nine:

Mt. Kelimutu/ Maumere

We wake up early today for a sunrise trek to Mt. Kelimutu. From the peak, you will get a reward as a stunning view of the bright green-blue, and red crater lakes. The trip begins with a half an hour drive to the mountain; then, we will be walking for about forty minutes to the viewpoint of the craters. After admiring the view and taking some photos from the peak, we return to the guesthouse for breakfast. Then, we make our way to Maumere, which takes about four hours in a private van. We will stop for lunch, and also visit the Lepo Lorun Weaving House on the way. Lepo Lorun Weaving House uses traditional processes unique to this region to make some gorgeous products. On your stop, you can see these traditional processes, and also may take some products with you. We will reach Maumere in the afternoon, with plenty of time to chill-out on the beach. Freshen up, then maybe enjoy an Indonesian cuisine with your travel group to celebrate the success of your Flores adventure.

Day Ten:

Maumere Departure

The trip ends today. After breakfast, you can depart from the hotel at any time as there are no activities planned for today. We will take you to the airport approximately three hours before your scheduled flight.


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