Best Tibet Tours & Trips

Offering one of the best cultures in the world along with magnificent monasteries, high- altitude walks and jaw-dropping views of the world’s tallest mountain along with other high mountains, Tibet is one of the top destinations in the world. The fact that it is set on the highest plateau on earth makes every view jaw-dropping. Besides these, you will also encounter various sparkling tortoise lakes, and vast plains with yaks add to the beauty of Tibet.

Furthermore, the culture in Tibet is something that is appreciated all over the world. There are various monasteries scattered all over Tibet with colorful prayer flags around. The people of Tibet are also known to be very friendly always ready to welcome you a big smile on their faces. The memory you create with them is going to be on your heart and mind forever. You will be able to enjoy the delicious glass of Lasha Beer with the locals on the guest house or you can also enjoy a nice cup of tea offered by the monk in the monastery. The hospitality in Tibet is something really different.

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