As you travel through some of the famous architectures from the 4th-century ruins of My Son to the 10th century Khmer Empire, all the way to the present day, you will feel as if you are traveling through time. This southeast Asian bike tour takes place in two countries; Vietnam and Cambodia, beginning in Hoi An and ends in the Siem Reap. We explore the local culture of Vietnam and Cambodia while surrounded by unforgettable scenery, long coastal roads, and golden sunsets.

Riding along the coastline of Vietnam, we experience a blend of sobering history and some of the astonishing scenery. On this 14day journey, we visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, explore many ancient and colonial historical sites, and of course, make plenty of time to sample local food and some of Vietnam's best coffee!

Crossing the border into Cambodia, we spend time in remote villages, look out for dolphins on the Mekong River, and learn about local Khmer life. The tour concludes in the picturesque town of Siem Reap, which hosts the magnificent temple sites of the Angkor Wat complex.

Trip highlights

What's included?

  • Comfortable twin-sharing accommodation in with daily breakfast
  • A highly experienced, supportive, and friendly English speaking guide
  • Private transportation Entrance fee
  • Three meals per day

What's excluded?

  • Local or International flights
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance

Itinerary Show all

Day One:

Hoi An

We assemble in the gorgeous town of Hoi An, one of Southeast Asia's major trading ports during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a significant point for Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese traders, the architectures in the present Hoi An represents its cosmopolitan past. Hoi An retains the vibe of the past, unlike anywhere in Vietnam. This place is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 844 structures of historical significance. This place is fantastic to spend the day roaming down the narrow streets and interacting with the locals. Before departing on the cycling adventure, we meet for the trip briefing and to prepare for the adventure.

Day Two:

Hoi An/My Son

We begin our riding trip from this day. The trip begins with an easy ride to another World Heritage Site. To avoid busy H1, we drive for a short distance; then, we ride towards My Don, the ancient center of the Cham civilization. We ride through picturesque countryside roads, move past rice paddy fields, through a eucalyptus forest, and pass many scenic villages. Eventually, the road ascends away from the coast, and we get stunning views along the way before turning to the rough road in the more remote region. This fourteen kilometers road moves through a gorge and past the verdant forest alongside the Song Tranh River and then leads us to the My Son. One of the great ancient city, My Son, has a lot of archaeological sites that attract thousands of visitors each year, even though most of the temples were destroyed during the war. Upon arrival, we take a short lunch break. After lunch, we head towards this beautiful World Heritage Site and explore around. In the afternoon, we hop on a bus and head back to Hoi An. We spend the night at a hotel in Hoi An. 

Day Three:

Hoi An/ Quang Ngai/ My Lai

The morning starts with a scenic ride from Hoi An to Tam Thanh, where we stop for lunch beside the beach. After lunch, we head towards My Lai, site of the American/ Vietnam War. This afternoon, we go for a sightseeing tour of the site and museum and learn more about the massacres that took place in this place. Before visiting the museum, we visit an old temple where we have to make a relatively challenging climb. After finishing the tour, we head to the hotel at Quang Ngai.

Day Four:

Quang Ngai/Kong Tum

The day will be more challenging than previous days as we depart from the coast and move towards the central highlands towards Quang Nam and then to Kon Tum. We cycle only for a short time today, along with undulating roads through dense pine forests with lots of stunning photo opportunities. We then drive for a couple of hours to the town of Bato in the mountains and then cycle uphill for 15km to the peak of Violak Pass and the new town of Mangden. We get lots of gorgeous views along the way; then, we descend to the base of the pass. From here, the route surges through many remote villages, tropical forests, over bridges, and along scenic, tranquil roads. Then, we head towards the hotel for the evening.

Note: it is extremely strenuous to ride uphill on a bicycle, so if you think you cannot ride through the pass, make sure to consider the option to transfer for this part of the ride. 

Day Five:

Kon Tum- Pleiku

This morning, we head into the countryside to tour some local villages of the Jarai and Bhanar ethnic minorities. The region is famous for its steep and tall roofed communal houses. Every village in the region takes great pride in these exclusive designs as they define their regional landscape. After lunch, we ride to the Pleiku that harvests the best coffee in Vietnam. Today's day is relatively easy. While passing through many villages, you will notice the change in sceneries through a wide valley surrounded by mountains, punctuated by tea and coffee plantations along the route.

Day Six:

Pleiku - Cambodia Border/ Banlung

After breakfast, we head towards the border of Cambodia on a car. After bidding goodbye to the Vietnamese team, we head towards Cambodia. After fulfilling all the immigration formalities in the Le Thanh border checkpoint, you will meet our Cambodian team with whom you will continue the trip here onwards. We begin the ride from the O Yadao border to Banlung in Ratanakiri. Banlung is the remotest region of the Khmer provincial capitals. We stay overnight in the surroundings of Terres Rouge, a traditional Khmer-style house radiating with old world charm in this remote part of Cambodia.

Day Seven:

Banlung Rest Day

The full-day is free for your leisure activities. If you wake up early, you get to experience the buzzing market where you will see vendors that sell everything that you might search for. Today, you can explore the mysterious crater lake of Boneng Yeak Laom, believed to be the home water demons. This lake is so deep that no one has ever reached its bottom. Or, you can just relax at the lodge and enjoy dinner beneath the starry sky in the evening. 

Day Eight :

Banlung to Stung Treng

After resting for a whole day, it's time to hit the road. This morning, we prepare our bike and begin the ride towards Stung Treng province along a tarmac highway. Along the way, you get to see the true rural side of Cambodia. You will pass through many race paddies, and rubber tree plantations from the raised road as the plain expanse of the landscape meet with the clear blue skies. After riding for a few hours, we stop at Ratanakiri to experience the pleasure of simple rural life. As we get near Stung Treng, we will see the shade of verdant green plantations lining the road as we ride through the setting sun. Tonight, enjoy an authentic local dinner at Le Tonle Tourism Centre. The center trains young locals in hospitality to ensure a better future in Stung Treng. The center offers the most delicious Khmer food with extremely personalized service. The students seem as excited to meet the guest as the guests are to meet them.

Day Nine:

Stung Treng To Kratie

Waking up early, we enjoy a delicious breakfast in town. Today, we will be heading towards Kratie with a long day of riding. Kratie is a small rural capital that lies right on the Mekong River. The place is mostly famous for the rare Irrawaddy dolphins whose largest hordes lives here near Kratie. After driving for a short distance in the morning, we prepare the bikes and start riding through many rural villages. Later, we pack up the bikes and hop on a vehicle for a drive to the junction between the new and old National road 7. Be active while riding the bike in this area as there will be playing kids, chickens, cows, dogs, ducks, and oxen, which might cause an accident. As we get near Kratie, we hop on a boat and cruise on the Mekong river in the afternoon to see the Irrawaddy dolphins. Upon arrival, we head towards the hotel from where we can enjoy gorgeous views of the Mekong River from the rooftop of the hotel.

Day Ten:

Kratie to Kampong Cham

In the morning, we head south through the town of Chhlong and take a ferry towards the western bank of the Mekong river to reach Phnom Han Chey. From here, we begin cycling on serene paths along the river through small rural villages and picturesque countryside. Afterward, we stop for a short lunch break at a small town of Chhlong. This town has many French colonial architectures that are among the best in the country. It is a pleasant ride with passing many Cham communities. Most of the inhabitants of the region are Muslims. You will also see many Buddhist pagodas that form a nice contrast with tine mosques. And, especially friendly locals will welcome you warmly in each village you enter. We ride up to Wat Han Chey, a small hilltop pagoda that contains an 8th-century pre-Angkor temple. From here, you will get a delightful view of the Mekong. We can stop here for a picnic lunch if all the members want. Then, we continue the trip to Kampong Cham, where we stay overnight.

Day Eleven:

Kampong Chap to Kampong Thom

Today, we depart from Kampong Chap and ride over a dirt and tarmac roads along the Mekong. Eventually, we move on towards a serene secondary highway towards Kampong Thom. On the way, we will pass a few rubber plantations, paddy fields, and some Khmer villages. 

Day Twelve:

Kampong Thom to Siem Reap

Departing from Kampong Thom, today we head towards Siem Reap. We pass some of the unpaved roads (eighty-five kilometers) in Siem Reap by traveling on a vehicle that takes around one and a half hours to an ancient bridge at Kampong Kdei. Kampong Kdei is among the very few bridges in Cambodia that is more than 8century old. From here, we continue the trip on a vehicle until we reach the Domdek village, where our team will keep the bikes ready. After selecting the bikes, we begin the challenge to ride for 66km on country roads through the historic highway that connects the province of Kampong Thom and Angkor Wat. Afterward, we stop for a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. After the restaurant, we continue our trip towards Siem Reap, where we will finish the challenging cycling ride. This evening, enjoy a mouthwatering authentic Khmer dinner at a comfortable restaurant while enjoying views around.

Day Thirteen:

Siem Ream to Angkor

Today, we begin the bike ride in the morning. We head towards the entrance of the majestic Angkor temple complex. We enter the complex from its southern gate and traverse up portions of tarmac road and jungle paths until we reach Tah Prohm, our first temple of the day. After visiting the temple, we continue the trip through the forest and towards the eastern gate of Angkor Thom, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire. Nearby the center of this huge complex, we will see the mysterious temple of Bayon. This temple is quite famous for its line of smiling places. In the afternoon, we take a short rest for a lunch break before visiting the grandest temple of the complex, Angkor Wat. If time permits, we will return to Siem Reap to rest for a bit and get shade from the sun before returning to the Angkor complex. This evening, enjoy a beautiful sunset from the Angkor temples. 

Day Fourteen:

Trip concludes

The cycling adventure in this beautiful country ends today. We will transfer you to the airport approximately 3hours before your scheduled flight.


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