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Tourism and Sustainable Development
19 December, 2019 0 Comments

"Tourism and Sustainable Development

The words' sustainability' and Sustainable Tourism seem to be familiar to an average person, but the two words have a different meaning. In short, the concept of sustainability emphasis on avoiding the depletion of the resources, whether it is economical, environmental, or cultural.
And sustainable tourism is where tourism focuses on respecting the culture of the environment and people. Unfortunately, most people do not travel in this way.
Most of the tourists do not implement sustainable tourism. More than the average traveler participates in mass tourism, which offers hotel packages, cruises, beach parties, and others.
Where Sustainable Development provides interaction with the local environment and culture, mass tourism focuses on generating income.
This created income whatsoever does not go to local communities, environments, or residents. It gets transfer to the transitional companies rather than remaining in the country tourist visits.

Why Tourism for Sustainable Development?

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Sustainable development is a broad range of categories that include eco-tourism and both economic and social sustainability for the local people. But in the board concept, it is visiting a place while bringing positive aspects to the environment rather than negative impacts to the community culture, ecosystem, and the economic. Other than this, it should also show respect towards their culture and community.
Tourism will support the local community's income as well as their tourism sectors. Different people all around the world visits try local products; seek accommodations, which eventually help in gaining the financial benefits, and these benefits stay inside the community. This is, in return, minimizes unemployment in that particular community. Such initiatives will aid bring awareness to the people about the sustainability issues that are affecting communities. And also can raise funds to solve some problems.
Sustainable Tourism aids in making a low impact on the local environment and culture. Not only that, it helps in generating incomes and bring employment in the local communities while conserving the local ecosystems. Implementing Sustainable Tourism brings a balance of social, economic, and environmental goals. Not only it helps the local environment, but it also manages the threats resulting from mass tourism.

Why is Sustainable Tourism Important?

The main motive of sustainable tourism is to encourage economic growth for the development of countries and their areas. We all know travelers invest millions to billions into foreign countries, and because of this, tourism can be the only factor for change in economics and unstable environments. While tourists visit the place, there is a high alert of the eradication of ecosystems. With pollution, local crime, and harming the cultural insensitivity, tourists violets different ethnic and cultural aspects.
So sustainable tourism is the most needed here. With the concept of Sustainable Tourism, we can benefit the people and communities and minimizes the negative impacts that we can bring to the environment. By 2030, the number of people traveling is expected to go more than 1.8 billion, so it's crucial for us to looks after the environment and not destroy it.
So that we can enjoy and experience the local culture and environment for even many years. It will create sustainability for other travelers too. As we have discussed earlier, travel and tourism has great potential of making economic benefits to rural places with cultural exchange and understanding.

How can Tourist Aid in Sustainable Development?

While visiting their destination, tourists should treat it as their own home. Just like their home, there is a basis for sustainable tourism etiquette that will aid in causing harm to the environment.
Littering everywhere should be avoided.
Be loyal to people, and don't break any rules.
Try to stay in a locally owned hotel or resort.
Avoid trafficking wildlife or feeding them or activities that exploit their habitat.
Try not to go on safari on elephants; most of them are tortured for your pleasure.
Tourism role in Sustainable development
The much effort of sustainable development is focused on tourist activities. And, these activities must ensure that there will be a positive effect on the local communities. When a tourist visits the new place, then they share culture, experience, and break barriers that have been caused by racism. It also eliminates stereotypes, different religions, and cultures, and that's tourism plays a vital role in sustainable development.
Tourism plays the following position in ins sustainable development. It will educate tourists about the destination before their travel so each tourist can understand norms, values, and culture along with their ecosystem. This will not only help in respecting culture but in enhancing the experience greatly.
Tourism sectors also provide information on avoiding the sale or consumption of endangered species or sold as souvenirs on the different places. The world has already bear the negative impacts of mass tourism, and to minimize these impacts, providing information about effects to tourists is most need. This will further help in making the resources more efficiently for use. Sustainable Tourism not only depletes the impact of mass tourism but also helps in maintaining the resource efficiency environment. It will nourish the resources that have been impacted by tourism. Although it takes time, it is no late for changes.
People who have habits of throwing waste materials all over the place must develop the habit of bringing the reusable bottle. If this were implemented on time, then Mount Everest would not be filled with human waste. So providing guidelines like this can help in conserving the habitats of species living in the area. The tourism industry has to be also very careful when it comes to owing resorts and hotels. More hotels and resorts result in occupancy in the habitat of the wildlife, which directly affects their natural environment.
So, the tourism industry should blend with local people, and these sectors must be handled by local people, which is unlikely to happen. It will help people to incentive and conserve forests while teaching the importance of the substantial development on the tourist. Not only the tourist but the local people can have benefited from its as well.
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