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Top Tips for Visiting Komodo Island
12 March, 2020 0 Comments

"Top Tips for Visiting Komodo Island

Komodo Island is a little island in East Nusa Tenggara, within the lesser Sunda Islands, and is famous as the home to Komodo Dragons and also several other fantastic wildlife species both, land and water. This island falls within the Pacific Ring of Fire, and so is of volcanic origins.

How to get there

Source: Komodo Top Tour and Travel

Traveling around Komodo Island is easy, however, to reach the island, you have to first trip to Bali, and then to Labuan Bajo, and then finally to Komodo Island.

By Air

You can get a flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo. Then from Labuan Bajo, you can get to Komodo Island by boat.

By Water

Budget travelers might love the idea of taking a ferry from Bali to Labuan Bajo, but before getting too excited, remember that this journey may take up to 36hours, and it can be quite strenuous. You will be traveling through shallow and rocky waters, even though it is much cheaper than flying and can be part of an adventure.

From Labuan Bajo

If you can’t afford a helicopter, the only way to reach Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo is by boat. The boat ride generally takes around two hours. You can also charter a boat in Labuan Banjo and enjoy your private cruise around Komodo Island. This is a best way to see exactly what you want around the island. If you are a certified diver, you can also go for a dive and travel around Komodo.


Komodo’s climate is tropical. The rainy season in this island falls between December and March, and you will see between 79-100cm of rainfall. The rest of the year is mostly dry and arid. Through the dry months, the temperatures range from 15-34degree Celsius, while during the rainy season, it ranges from 24-31degree Celsius.

Best Time to Visit

Komodo island has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, wet and dry. The rainy season is from December to march, so if you are planning a trip during these months, it will be best to check if boat/ferries companies are operating as many companies tend to close during these months.

The rainy season ends around April to May, and the island comes alive with green color. If you want to drive around the island with whale sharks, this is the month to visit. The peak tourist season is from July to August, so the island will be full of tourists, and the weather will be stifling hot. Usually, it is best to visit the island between September and November as the weather will be nice, and the island sees few tourists.

Places to Visit/ Things to do

Pink Beach

It is one of the seven pink-sand beaches in the world. If you are traveling to Komodo Island, make sure you don’t miss this, one of the natural wonders of the world. The sand gets pink color due to the red coral that mixes with sands, giving the name to the beach.

Komodo National Park

Most of the tourists visit Komodo Island to visit Komodo National park. This national park contains the only living dragon in the world; actually, it is a giant lizard called the Komodo dragon. In 19991, UNESCO declared this site as a World Heritage Site, to protect the marine life and many incredible local creatures.


There are two mountains on Komodo Island that any avid hikers will love; All Satalibo and Regata Hill, both of which offers amazing hiking opportunity and an incredible viewpoint to look out over the island. These mountains also has excellent photo opportunities.

Wellness and Yoga

If you want to combine yoga, wellness for your mind, body, and soul, as well as adventure, then you must go for a yoga retreat to Komodo Island. They even offer tailored retreats to suit your every need.

Where to stay


Most of the travelers that visit Komodo Island tend to stay in Labuan Bajo, Flores. This area offers a variety of accommodation ranging from hostels, hotels to luxury resorts.

Here is the list of few accommodations you can stay in.

Dragon Dive Komodo Hostel 

The hostel offers both dorm beds and private rooms and is an excellent choice for budget travelers, and you will also get the chance to meet some fellow travelers. This hostel is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and even has a bar, swimming pool, and restaurant on site. Most importantly, it is not far from the airport.

Green Hill Boutique Hotel 

 this hotel is great for those who don’t want to stay in a hostel but don’t want to have a resort feel either. This minimalist hotel has nine rooms, each offering sea views. 

Blue Marlin Komodo

For the resort fans, this 5star accommodation resort is perfect for you. You can reach The Blue Marlin Komodo within just 7minutes from the airport and features a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, a shop, and laundry facilities. The hotel also offers many watersports, including diving lessons.

Angel Island Resort

For those seeking for ultimate luxury, choose Angel’s Island, an eco-friendly resort made up of 10 villas among hibiscus gardens and white sandy beaches. This resort is a private island that borders the National Park, and its’ each villa contains an air-condition, patio, open-air bathrooms, and a TV. You can also enjoy various watersports, massages, diving lessons, and trips to the nearby islands from the resort.  

Where to eat

Source: Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo might not be the best spot for foodies; however, the prices are great. There are many restaurants due to its rising as a tourist destination, and you will get many fresh products. Here are some of the top restaurants.

Café In Hit

This café offers the best coffee in town. If you are a coffee lover, be sure to visit this shop.

Bajo Taco

This restaurant is the one where you will get great Mexican fare in Labuan Bajo. You will not only get great food here; you will get to enjoy some great views of the sunset from the beach.

Bajo Bakery

Bajo Bakery offers the best cakes in town and is great for a little trip on your way to Komodo.


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