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Top 5 Best Helicopter Treks and Tours in Nepal
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Top 5 Best Helicopter Treks and Tours in Nepal

Helicopter trekking in Nepal is an alternate for trekking. Helicopter trekking offers you the chance to trek and also watch the aerial views from a helicopter.

Helicopter trekking in Nepal is one of the most famous and beautiful activity to engage in. It is ideal for those with a limited amount of time but wants to experience trekking in the world-famous Himalayas.

Heli trek gives you an aerial view on the world’s highest peaks and stunning mountain towns. Helicopter trek is also best for older individuals who cannot trek to the Himalayas but wants to enjoy its beauty.

Similarly, the range of destinations for helicopter tour in Nepal is ideal for those who want to share something exciting and unforgettable moments with their friends and families. Here are the 5 of the best Helicopter Treks and Tours that Nepal offers for you to have a great time.

1. Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

Source: TourRadar

The first one on our list is the Everest Base Camp. What do you need when you can see the world’s summit within just a few days? Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek offers you the chance to trek in the Everest region without the trek getting strenuous.

The treks mostly include trekking from Lukla to Namche Bazaar then to the Everest View Hotel, where you will get to witness breathtaking panoramic views of the Everest and nearby peaks.

Furthermore, you will get some fantastic view of the Mt. Everest over Khumbu Valley and Glacier and the Everest Base Camp on your way back from Gorakshep to Kathmandu.

For most people, the Everest Helicopter Trek is much better than the difficult day strolls to the Everest. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek is the perfect package where you get to experience the thrill of trekking with a stunning view of Everest from a Helicopter ride.

Many trekking lovers can’t get to go for Everest Base Camp Trek due to the time restrictions or weakness. For those people, the Everest Base Camp, Helicopter Trek is the best option to get a close view of the majestic Mt. Everest.

2. Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lake Heli Trek

Source: Aspiration Adventures

This trek takes you to the lap of the world’s summit- Everest Base Camp and the flawless shorelines of the most ascended freshwater lake- Gokyo Lakes (4,700–5,000 m).

This trek is the perfect combination of world-famous Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Valley. You will be stunned by the beauty of Mt. Everest and thrilled crossing the Cho La Pass and Gokyo lakes on Helicopter. Getting the chance to experience the highest mountain and one of the most beautiful lakes in the comfort of a Helicopter is the chance to die for.

The perfect combination of cultural and natural beauty gives Khumbu its well-earned prominence as one of the most astounding trekking destinations in the entire world.

This exhilarating trek will take you over outstanding snowcapped timberlands and towns with the most welcoming and pleasant personalities.

The trek will start from Dzongla, Thangnak, via Cho La Pass, which is one of Everest’s challenging passes. Moreover, you’ll ride a Helicopter from Gokyo straight to Lukla, presenting picturesque sights of the Everest region. Or, you can also choose for a direct Helicopter ride from Gokyo to Kathmandu.

With this trek, you will not only get to experience the thrill of trekking adventure but also witness the enchanting aerial views of the Everest and Gokyo Lakes.

3. Langtang Valley Heli Trek

Source: Nepali Hiking Team

Langtang valley consists of one of the most prominent national parks of Nepal- Langtang National Park. The valley offers the most beautiful mountain trekking and landscape not very far from the capital- Kathmandu.

The Langtang Valley Helicopter Trek incredibly combines the two favorite parts of Langtang, i.e., hiking and helicopter ride, which presents the fabulous views of the mountains and the valleys.

You will make an unforgettable memory when you trek along with the beautiful scenery and experience various ethnic towns of the area and many little religious communities and Gumbas in the Langtang region.

While the trekking destinations like Everest and Annapurna captures the attention of visitors all around the world and becomes crowded, the districts like Langtang that offers incredible trekking experience and bewitching view of majestic mountains have fewer people making it one of those “best-kept secret” locations that only a few get to experience.

The valley itself is a typical “glaciated valley” from the era of the last ice-age. The Mani-stones, prayer flags, and the mesmerizing monasteries along the trail will give you the cultural vibe. Similarly, the temples, Gompas, and monasteries give you the perspectives of the cultural abundance of the area.

At last, the Langtang Valley Helicopter Trek takes you back to Kathmandu, offering you the chance to get the mesmerizing aerial view of the beauty that Langtang is.

4. Annapurna Base Camp Heli Trek

Source: Himalayan Glacier

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Trek is ideal for those wanting to make some fantastic memories within a limited time. ABC Helicopter trek is the perfect blend of the trekking venture and astounding helicopter ride over the pleasant scene of the Annapurna region.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Trek provides you the best trekking experience of the Annapurna Region. The tenth highest mountain peak in the world elevated to the height of 8,091 meters gives you stunning views.

Similarly, you will get to witness striking lush and green forests of Rhododendron, oak, and pine through the renowned Gurung villages like Ghorepani and also the vantage point for tempting sunrise- Poon Hill, from where you can see the sunrise over a panorama of whole Annapurna mountain range.

Relish the natural allure of cool massive mountain peaks making an appearance while trekking on the trail to Annapurna Base Camp and be the very center of the serene environment full of scenic sights and heavenly beauty.

The tour gets even more thrilling in the final hours of the daytime at the base camp. As the dusk stars to fill, surrounding mountain peaks contrast itself to the inclusion with its shiny elegance of dignity.

5. Upper Mustang Heli Trek

Source: Above the Himalaya Trekking

The Upper Mustang Helicopter Trek is a beautiful mix of trekking to Lo Manthang and returning to Pokhara on the helicopter. The Upper Mustang is rich in Buddhist culture and traditions. Upper Mustang is famous for the eroded slopes and exciting rock formations that are unique from other trekking regions of Nepal.

Trekking in Upper Mustang gives you the ancient vibes with its landscapes and architecture. In this trek, you will be going to lovely settlements such as Kagbeni, Samar, Ghami, Tsarang, Lo Manthang Kagbeni, and many others.

The Upper Mustang Heli Trek is a superb journey prompting the finest of both worlds, i.e., the remoteness of the area and the exquisite Helicopter ride to embrace Mustang’s unearthly magnificence.

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