Top 10 Best Kayaking and River Rafting Tours in Nepal

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Top 10 Best Kayaking and River Rafting Tours in Nepal
7 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Top 10 Best Kayaking and River Rafting Tours in Nepal

The home of 8 out of the 14 highest mountains in the world, Nepal is equally rich in culture and even adventurous rivers. The rivers fall from the highest mountains in the world, which makes them descend faster and further than most of the rivers on the planet, ensuring the presence of thrilling rapids that are perfect for rafting.

The tallest mountains have made Nepal one of the best places for whitewater rafting in the world. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an expert to paddle in Nepal- anyone can do it. You will have plenty of choices, with over six thousand rivers flowing through the country.

So, here are 10 of the most popular rafting and kayaking tours in Nepal.

1. Upper Seti River Rafting Tour 

Source: Rafting Magzine

Unlike the lower Seti, upper Seti rafting is sure to give you an adventure full of adrenaline rush while captivating you through continuous rapids for over forty minutes.

With an only 30-minute drive from Pokhara, you get to enjoy adrenaline-filled class III+/IV rapids with the fantastic view of majestic Annapurna, crystal clear Himalayan whitewater, and a gorgeous ravine decorated with a suspension bridge and prayer flags.

In just half a day, you get to experience the same amounts of rapids in the upper Seti as the Kaligandaki does in three days. This is the best rafting experience you can get in this short amount of time.

The best season to go for Upper Seti Rafting Tour is from September to June.

2. Karnali River Rafting Tour

Source: Mountain Delights Treks

Springing right down from Mt. Kailash in Tibet, 180 km long, Karnali River is one of the most favored rafting destinations by both the guides and rafters.

This rafting tours offer an excellent white water thrilling roller coaster ride. The rafting tour starts from Dhungeshwos, which is around a 24-hour drive from Kathmandu, and the rafting ends at Chisapani, which is 578 kilometers away from Kathmandu.

This river expedition is best for those looking for the more distinct experience of Nepal with striking scenery and great river action. This tour is even better for those who want to visit Bardia National Park.

Karnali rafting is one of the best multi-day rafting destinations due to its gorgeous natural beauty and splendid water canyon.

The best time to go for the Karnali River Rafting Tour is between October to November or April to June.

3. Rafting or Kayaking Trip down the Trishuli River

Source: Lahasso Adventures

To everyone's Knowledge, Kayaking lovers dream of getting the thrill of kayaking in Nepal. Among all the kayaking and rafting rivers, Trishuli is one of the most accessible and most rafted rivers in Nepal. Just a few hours ride away from Kathmandu, it is an ideal year-round river where you can experience the beauty of rafting and kayaking.

The river tour offers the ideal settings for beginner kayakers and rafters. This is best for the first time kayaker wanting to learn a few things about kayaking.

The river goes through the scenic gorges and exciting valleys on its way to the plains. There are also lots of camping sites on riverside beaches where you can meet fellow kayakers or rafters.

Rafting is available year-round in Trishuli River.

4. Sunkoshi River Rafting Tour

Source: Himalaya Journey Treks

Sunkoshi river is formed from the highest peaks of the world and dives into the majesty of the Himalayas before it joins the Ganges on the plains below. Sunkoshi river is rated as one of the top ten river rafting adventures in the world by Nat Geo.

With the 270 kilometers long river, rafters can raft to their heart’s content by the forested canyons and gorges with chattering monkeys around the dense jungle.

Moreover, you get to enjoy exotic beaches, pass local villages, visit remote temples, and dive into the stunning scenery all around.

The best time to raft in Sunkoshi is between September to November and from May to June. 

5. Kayaking Tour of the Lower Seti River

Source: Sisne Rover Trekking

The Lower Seti River is the best spot for beginners to get to know the world of kayaking. The course has been specially made for newbies. The kayaking journey starts from the stunning Phewa Lake in Pokhara and ends close to the Chitwan National Park.

You will also get to witness breathtaking views of the Annapurna Mountains Range and experience countless adventures on the Lower Seti River. This tour takes you through gentle rapids and beautiful forests, offering sights into the region’s rich and varied wildlife.

This tour also includes overnight camping at the remote destination along the beach of Lower Seti with the mouthwatering Nepali and Western dishes over the campfire.

The ideal time to kayak through the Lower Seti River is from September to November and from May to June.

6. Marshyangdi River Rafting Tour

Source: Exciting Nepal

Marshyangdi River Rafting is one of the most stimulating steep rivers for thrilling water rafting in Nepal. The rafting will bring you closer to a raging river, and the stunning ferocious waters will bring out the daredevil in you.

Even though the Marshyangdi River Rafting Tour is recently added to the river rafting tours in Nepal, it has become extremely famous all over the world due to the challenges it brings even to the seasoned rafters.

The captivating scenery, sharp rapids, and enchanting mountain scenery make the rafting one of the most excellent adventure you will ever have.

For the adrenaline junkies, it will be the best experience you will have in your life.

The best season for Marshyangdi River Rafting Tour is from September to November and May to June.

7. Tamura River Rafting Tour

Source: Nepal Trekking Company

The Tamur River is an ideal river for experts to get some hard-core action. This tour combines a Himalayan trek with a whitewater rafting adventure and also offers fabulous views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Makalu.

The major highlight of the tour is the camp at Gufal Pokhari, which is a gorgeous lake with stunning views. The rafting begins with the two largest rapids of the whole river. You will be experiencing Class IV rapids almost all of your journey.

The Tamur flows through the gorge where people rarely visit and also introduces you to several remote villages and entertaining beaches.

The months between October and November and April to May is the ideal season for this tour.

8. Bheri River Rafting Tour

Source: Rustic  Himalayan Adventure 

The Bheri is perfect for families wanting to enjoy the thrills and frills of nature together. Because of its location in far west Nepal, it is comparatively uncharted and has refreshing camo sites in a serene environment surrounded with lush green vegetation and stunning scenery.

This river is considered to be the easier one for rafting as the rapids of class III and IV are not as violent as other rafting rivers.

The river offers magnificent landscapes, blue water, and attractive villages. Also, you can have a jungle tour in the Bardiya National park, the place you end. Moreover, you can camp under starry skies and pass remote villages.

The Bheri River is accessible all-round the year.

9. Bhote Koshi River Rafting Tour


Source: Mountain Delight Treks

The Bhote Koshi river is formed by glacial waters from the Shisa Panama in Tibet. Bhote Koshi is considered to be the wildest river in Nepal. Only with a mere three-hour drive, you can experience the most stimulating and wildest experience.

The river is appropriate for all kinds of rafters and kayakers. The upper sections are mostly famous among pro kayakers or expert rafters, while the lowers sections are for all skill levels. In the upper part, you get to experience Class V rapids while on lower sections, you can have some splashing fun with Class III rapids.

Besides, the Bhotekshi also offers excellent views of the nearby jungles and waterfalls, and you can also interact with local villagers as you float past age-old villages.

Bhote Koshi River is also accessible all year round. 

10. Kali Gandaki River Rafting Tour

Source: Exquisite Nepal

The river named after the goddess of destruction-Kali, the river starts its journey in Mustang. It goes through the Himalayas to carve one of the deepest valleys in the world between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

You will get to witness stunning mountain views, nerve-wracking white water journeys, beautiful waterfalls, jungles full of wildlife, fascinating temples, and lovely remote villages.

This tour is considered to be the best all-round adventure in Nepal as you get to combine whitewater adventures with Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes.

Kali Gandaki river is also high on spirituality and culture, as this is one of the sacred rivers in the country, and it is reasonable to see many Hindu rituals taking place on the banks.

September to November and April to June is the ideal time to go for Kali Gandaki Rafting Tour.

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