Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Bali
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"Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in Bali, has some of the best beaches in the world. Many people come to Bali for its variety of reasons, but one thing is sure, they want to see these stunning beaches. Tourist comes to Bali for its wide white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, strong waves for surfing, and black volcanic sands for sunbathing.

Here is the list of top ten beautiful beaches in Bali.

Nusa Dua Beach


Nusa Dua Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, has many luxury hotels built around it. Here, you will also get to see a variety of flowers and plants growing around the beach. Tall palm trees, wild mangroves, trees and orchids along the clear blue ocean, and rolling golden sand, this place must be the closest one to the heaven. The beach also offers excellent swimming as the currents and waves are low. It is also great for snorkeling as the water on this beach is crystal clear. For surfers, you will get high waves in the north or south ends.

Kuta Beach

Source: Bali Tourismo

Further down from the city, Kuta is the Kuta beach. The beach is perfect for surfers as the waves are higher, and the currents are also strong; however, this means it’s not suitable for swimming. This beach is very famous, so it is always crowded with locals and tourists who visit the place for the energy and vibe circling here. This beach also offers excellent nightlife for party lovers as there will be lots of beach clubs. The local Hard Rock Cafe Bali also lies here where you can eat, drink, and party throughout the day and night.

Sanur Beach

Source: TripAdvisor 

Sanur Beach, located on the coast of the village of Sanur, south of Bali, is also one of the most brilliant beaches in Bali. This beach stretches several kilometers long with golden sand and small corals. This beach is ideal for avid shell collectors as you will find a variety of shells. The waves are also milder and great for swimming. Snorkeling is also celebrated around the beach as the waters are crystal clear, and you can even spot sea creatures like starfish along the beach.  

Balangan Beach

Source: Lolapan Travels

Located across from the greens of Uluwatu, Balangan Beach is undoubtedly the top ten beach in Bali. To reach the beach, you will be passing through many local villages where you will see cattle grazing the fields and locals living their daily rituals. Balangan Beach is small and quite peaceful, so it is excellent for those looking to escape from the crowds of Bali. The place is not suitable for swimming, but it is excellent for professional surfers as the currents are strong and the waves are high. When the tide is low, it becomes great for strolling around enjoying the sun while the waves crash on your feet.

Geger Beach

Source: TripAdvisor

Geger Beach is a gorgeous white sand beach, located from the highway heading to Nusa Dua. In contrast to Kuta or Balangan beach, the sea is calmer here, although it sometimes gets rougher in the evening. Occasionally, local seaweed farmers work here, so you may even see them and get a chance to interact with them. This beach also has many cafes scattered along where you can have meals or grab a drink.

Bias Tugal (Tugel) Beach

Source: Travelust 101

Famous as Pantai Kecil to the locals, this beach is one of the best-hidden gems in Bali. Hidden near Padang Bai and west of the harbor is a bit hidden and only accessible by a trek of half a kilometer down a rocky path. After the strenuous trek, stretches of white sand beaches and sparkling blue sea with swaying coconut trees will welcome you. The currents here can get a bit strong, so it is not suitable for beginner swimmers. However, it is best to spend some quiet time sunbathing.

Padang Padang Beach

Source: Flickr

Padang Padang Beach lies near the Uluwatu Temple and is surrounded by huge rocks and overgrown plants and monkeys. To reach this hidden treasure, you have to pass the slender passage and small steps. The beach contains many huge cliffs and small caves where you can explore around, and it is also great for swimming when the tide is high. Keep in mind that there are many sharp corals and urchins, so swim with care. The beach is getting much crowded after Eat, Pray, Love fame; however, it still has most of its beauty and charm.

Lovina Beach

Source: Bali

Lovina Beach is less famous and lies in the north of Bali. Most of the sand of this beach is volcanic, so you will see black sparkling sands. The water here is calm with low waves making it a swimmer’s paradise. The beach is not much famous, so there will be a meager crowd compared to other beaches in Bali. If you walk a bit down, you will reach a fisherman’s village with friendly people and also has a thermal hot spring from the volcanic water.

Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan

Source: Jonny Melon

Lembongan, a small island about seven kilometers from Bali, contains big rocks and little vegetation with spots of sandy bays. One of these bays is Dream Beach, known for its serene sea lapping and white sand. The island is still mostly undeveloped and is a great way to escape the touristy crowds of other Bali. Most people come here and stay longer to explore the beauty of this island.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Source: Daily Travel Pill

Nyang Nyang beach is another secret beach. You have to go uphill and downhill a winding street and then through a small forest to reach this beach. A long path’s travel is worth it to get to this hidden gem with crystal clear water and white sandy beach. You have to walk through slippery 550 moss-filled steps, and there will be mosquitoes hidden in the greens, which is its downside. As it is the hidden beach, there will be very few people, if there is.


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