The 14 Awesome Things to Do in Koh Samui – A Complete Travel Guide

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The 14 Awesome Things to Do in Koh Samui – A Complete Travel Guide
16 March, 2020 0 Comments

"The 14 Awesome Things to Do in Koh Samui – A Complete Travel Guide

Koh Samui, the best of all the islands in Thailand, is a gorgeous island famed for its magnificent palm tree edged beaches and crystal clear waters. Due to the broad appeal, all types of travelers ranging from the budget backpacker to the mega-wealthy Hollywood celebrities, visit the island. The island offers something for everyone, and you can’t fit everything if you are only visiting for a couple of days.

How to Get to Koh Samui Thailand


To reach Koh Samui, there are two major transportations. Most continent and the fastest is to take a flight from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or another major city in Thailand. Another option is cheaper, but it takes more time; another option is to go to Surat Thani and then take a ferry to Koh Samui.

Regarding transportation in Koh Samui, you can use taxis which aren’t that cheap. For example, a transfer from the airport to Chaweng costs about 400 baths (13USD). Or, you can rent a scooter which is very cheaper compared to a taxi.

Where to Stay in Koh Samui

Koh Samui island is massive, so it is essential to choose the location of your location according to your plans and convenience. You will have to choose the Chaweng beach if you want to stay in the central area with a lively atmosphere. For those seeking a peaceful place to stay, Lamai Beach will be better for you. However, if you like to chill and hippie atmosphere, you may opt for Bophut Beach.

Here is the list of recommended hotels in each area.

Chaweng Beach – Banana Fan Sea

Located in the southern region of Chaweng, the Banana Fan Sea hotel offers quiet area while still being close to significant highlights of the region. It is a seaside hotel, so you can swim in the sea as well as in the beautiful pool of the hotel.

Lamai Beach – Beluga Boutique Hotel

Beluga Boutique Hotel lies in the south of Lamai Beach and offers everything you will require for a relaxing stay.

Bophut Beach – Peace Resort

Bophut Beach has a gorgeous Peace Resort that offers great bungalows. Considering the luxurious accommodation, it might not be that expensive.

14 Things to Do in Koh Samui

Visit Koh Samui’s Famous Big Buddha


Big Buddha Temple is the most popular landmark on the island of Koh Samui. Set just off the corner of Koh Samui on a small island is a Buddha statue of the height of 12meter in a seated position. The name of this temple is Wat Phra Yai and is connected to the main island by a causeway. The statue sits in the Mara positions showing a time when Buddha was rejecting all temptations forced upon him. Due to the prominent location of the statue, it will be the first thing you will see when you fly into Koh Samui. Around the temple, there are few foods and amulet stalls, which are also worth looking at.

See the Interesting Sights At Hin Ta And Hin Yai


You will see lots of things in Thailand that will shock and surprise you, but you won’t see anything like this. These rocks discovered by locals many years ago are naturally shaped to look like male and female genitalia. So, the rocks have been tenderly named Ta (Grandpa) and Yai (Grandma). Over the year, these rocks’ story has become part of folklore which you can see the story on a sign as you get near to the rocks. The story goes like this, “an old couple called Ta Kreng and Yai Riem was traveling to a neighboring province to see a man called Ta Monglai to ask that his daughter marry their son, on the way the boat ran into a storm and they died at sea. The couple then turned into rocks as a symbol of their intentions.”.

See Awesome Scenery at Namuang Waterfall


Situated in the forest, there lies a couple of stunning waterfalls that are must visit in Koh Samui, known as Na Muang 1 and Na Muang 2. The first waterfall flows into a tiny pond where you can swim, and the second waterfall is a bit uphill and is as gorgeous as the first one. You can enter the park that contains this waterfall free of charge, and you will also see lots of stunning spots along the way. There are also many small food stalls and souvenir shops along the way.

Go on a 4WD Jeep Safari Tour

Source: eOasia

Enjoy the major attractions of Koh Samui on a Jeep Safari Tour. You will see some of the gorgeous places, including Mummified Monk, Namuang Waterfall, and Buddha’s Magic Garden.

Meet The Ladyboys at Chaweng Beach

Source: Koh Samui

In the area near Chaweng Beach, there are many ladyboys shows on offer. The show usually is performers wearing beautiful costumes and makeup lip-syncing the popular songs.

Hide Away at The Secret Buddha Garden


The Secret Buddha Garden is a tranquil place with a stream and waterfall in it. From the top of the garden, you will get panoramic views of the island and enjoy all the beauty of the island.

Take a trip to Angthong Marine Park


You can take a big tour boat and head to Angthong Marine Park on a full-day tour. Kayak on the gorgeous coastline, hike to the peak of Mae Koh from where you will get views of the Emerald Lagoon, and snorkel at Wua Talap Island.

Wat Plai Laem


This relatively new temple features an 18 arm statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Surrounded by a lake on all sides, this is one of the most stunning temples in the island.



The waters around Koh Samui is great for diving. Dive into the tranquil sea and experience the stunning underwater world that seems like a paradise.

Oktoberfest Thai Style

Source: AHK Thailand  

Organized by the local Rotary Club, this event is great to attend. The profits from this event are donated and used buying much-needed equipment for local schools and other good causes.

Chaweng Beach


Chaweng Beach is about three kilometers long and offers almost everything you can imagine on a beach. The beach is great for parties, and even if you want some quiet drinks while enjoying the beach view, you will get even that.

The Laidback Life at Lamai Beach


Lamai Beach is much quieter than Chaweng beach, and it is great if you want to have some serene time.

Try The Thai Experience

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Go to The Thai Experience, where you will have dinner like no other. The staff greets you with a cocktail; then, every guest sits in a large communal table to enjoy authentic dinner.

The Backpackers Life at Maenam Beach

Source: Cush Travel Blog

If you are looking for a cheaper location to stay at Koh Samui, and also enjoy the beach, Maenam Beach will be a perfect choice.


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