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Stay in Hoi An, Vietnam Best Areas for Your Travel Accommodation
25 April, 2020 0 Comments

"Stay in Hoi An, Vietnam Best Areas for Your Travel Accommodation

Many first-time visitors wonder where to stay in Hoi An. There are numerous accommodation options, and it can overwhelm any visitors. So, we have made a guide that will help you while choosing an option for your stay in Hoi An.

Types of Accommodation Available in Hoi An


Source: Agoda

Homestays of Hoi An has a maximum of five guestrooms, and like other homestays, usually, a family lives on the property. Some of the local family manages the homestay, while some are managed by employees. mostly, guest rooms are on different floors of the house from the family’s private living area.


Source: Agoda

Hoi An’s villas have six to twenty rooms. When a homestay adds another room and remodels, it becomes a villa. There might be a family living on the property too. In Hoi An, you will find both budget villas and boutique villas.


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Hotels in Hoi AN have more than twenty rooms. Most of the hotels in Hoi An are managed by the employees. However, there are many local hotels and very few big brand hotels.

Apartments or vacation rentals

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For those planning to stay for a bit longer term, or want to rent a whole house, you can find some apartment or vacation rental options on Airbnb or


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In Hoi An, you can also find hostels for backpackers. One of the most popular ones is Hoi An Love.Ly Hostel. Here, you can find beds at cheap as 10USD per day, including breakfast and/or bicycles.


Source: Agoda

Primarily, resorts are located outside of Hoi An, alongside the beach. However, there are still some high-end ones in town. These are not exactly a resort, but like large hotels with a spa. Most of the best resorts are found along the beach between Hoi An and Da Nang.

Best Areas to Stay in Hoi An

Hoi An Old Town

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The Old Town of Hoi An is the most famous part of the town. The major attraction of the old town is the Japanese Bridge and Cau Chua Pagoda. Here, you will see lots of ancient pagodas, buildings, and beautiful tiny lanes. There are only a few accommodations in this part of the town.

Hoi An Beach

Source: Vietnam Online

Hoi An has some decent beaches, but not that attractive. However, this is the spot you want to be if you want to enjoy the beach and the local culture. This area is popular among families, and you will have access to a pool and a beach and also areas for children.

For Backpackers

For those in budgets, Cam Pho is the optimal choice. It is in the walking distance west of the Old Town and is quite peaceful. Here, you won’t find many restaurants and cafes, but it is the cheapest part of the town.

For Couples

A great romantic option is Cam Chau. Cam Pho is the area between Hoi An town and the beach. The place is quiet and very romantic. It is a countryside of Hoi An, and there are no motor vehicles around, so hire a bike and move around.

For the First Times

An Hoi island is the center of bars, restaurants, and shopping options. It is a great place for first-timers as all the attractions are within walking distance. You can rent a bicycle and explore all the areas and the beach.

For families with small kids

Cam An Beach is a great spot for families with kids as this beach has plenty of sands that will keep the children busy. There are also great restaurants where you can enjoy the meals while looking out the sea.

Accommodation in the Old Town

The major attraction of Hoi An is its yellow-walled Ancient Town. Now, the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts thousands of visitors daily. The place is great for learning about the history of the town, enjoy food, or shopping. This place attracts a huge crowd daily, so you will not have many peaceful times, but you can get outside the tourist zone within walking distance. Most of the accommodation in the Old Town is small, and most of them don’t have a pool. The major attraction of staying in or around the Old Town is that you can see the historical details of the town all around you. At night, you will get to enjoy some of the best Vietnamese cuisines around the Old Town.

Accommodation in the Beach

However, if you prefer a relaxing break, in a nice resort, and far from the noise of the city, then you should opt for the beachside accommodation. It is also a great choice if you have kids. However, the cost of accommodation will be a bit higher on the beach than in the old town. The best beach in Hoi An is the An Bang Beach. The beach is lined with restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious foods and drinks. In the morning, you will mostly see locals coming for exercise. However, after the morning, the beach will be full of tourists looking for some time far from the city. The beach is within walking distance, and you can also get a bike ride from the town.

Accommodation in the rice paddies

Another beautiful part of Hoi An is its rice paddies. These areas are beautiful and serene. After leaving the main roads of Hoi An town, you will instantly get a rural feel as the roads turn narrower, and you will be moving through green fields with fresh air. However, the place is not completely rural; it is a mix of farmland and pockets of neighborhoods. If you want to enjoy some secluded time, then a hotel or a homestay among the rice paddies is the best option. They are usually isolated, but within walking distance to Hoi AN’s main streets. Some hotels has onsite restaurants, but some don’t. So, it will be better to hire a bike as you can head to the town and enjoy meals.

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