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Should you Buy Trekking Equipment at Home or in Nepal
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Should you Buy Trekking Equipment at Home or in Nepal

Planned for your trek but still confused about the place to buy the equipment you gotta need; then, this article is just for you As we will be guiding you in the right direction.

Since there are many articles or videos up on the internet that tell you the list of the equipment, you might need during trekking, so this article is just gonna cover up the topic that says where you should be buying that equipment off on your list. Just take 5 min of your time and go through this to know where you should be buying your equipment; Nepal or home?

Source: Himalayan Social Journey

You know trekking kinda requires equipment that has nothing to do with its price but certainly needs to be durable and should protect you during the hard times.

This trekking equipment you carry with yourself must let you stay safe and complete your trekking in a very comfortable way, like bringing the clothes and gear.

So in case of thinking about a place to buy stuff for your trek, you can either be buying it from Nepal or somewhere else, but to be honest, equipment in Nepal can be way cheaper than any other country.

Also, many branded shops sell your equipment at a very reasonable price that is both comfortable and longlasting. However, if you choose to buy your trek equipment somewhere else than Nepal, then you might end up paying more money.

The only good thing about buying things for trek outer than in Nepal is that you gotta select and can have a wide variety of choices in case of design, but this will ultimately leave you to stay more confused for which one actually to buy.

The country, Nepal, is best for buying trekking equipment because for specific reasons like;

  • It’s the most visited trek destination all over the world visited by most of the tourists each year that require trek equipment
  • This place has thousands of trekking  equipment suppliers that will provide you the most qualitative material that will fit your image and preference
  • Also, this country, Nepal, is sandwiched between China and India, both being the most manufacturing country in the world, including the trekking equipment as well.


Source: Mountain Mart Treks

However, you should never forget to bargain as much as you can and always check for the materials of the equipment you are buying. There is a wide range of trek equipment selling the store in Kathmandu, Pokhara, or many other places in Nepal where you can go and get a preety good deal for the branded stuff.

But one thing you should always be aware of is the fake brands that use the name of the branded companies and sell them at higher prices, leaving you with the worst quality ever.

So while you go shopping for your trekking equipment, you gotta be smart enough, must check the original brand stores, or, if possible, take someone who knows the best brands in Nepal like the North Face and mountain headwear in Tridevi marg, Kathmandu.

Along with that, another famous brand of Nepal is sherpa adventure gear that lies in Tridevi marg selling you the best Nepali brands that can beat the equipment you buy from home.

Quite a few other stores have popped up that either sell real things or sell locally made good quality trekking gears. Everest Hardwear, Hi Himal, Black Yak, etc. are other recommendations.

However, if you are planning a short trek or just say just for one time experience with no thought of doing it again, hiring trekking equipment like down jackets, sleeping bags, etc. will be a better choice.

It will cost you even cheaper than buying them actually and never using them. Shona's Alpine rental store in Thamel is one of them that lets you hire things you require. and there are many more you can check on the internet or google maps to get the exact location. Moreover, You can rent gears for about $1 more or less per day easily in Nepal.

One thing you must know is that if you have no knowledge about the stores of Nepal and wanna stay safe from cheating, then buy prime necessities in your home. However, many of the products can be 2/3 times cheaper and of good quality, if you buy them in Nepal.

About Equipment you should Look For

If you wanna buy raincoats, you can buy them in Nepal, but they lack most designs like in your home. So it is just a 50/50 choice wherever you buy, but you won't regret the quality even if you buy that in Nepal.

Talking about the hiking boots, if you know the difference or can distinguish easily, you can be able to buy in Nepal; however, if you are scared enough for getting cheated, you gotta take that from your homeland.

Equipment can be bought from anywhere as in Nepal or your homeland however if you don’t worry about the money, then you should buy everything at your home, but that will get way expensive, difficult to carry out until you reach to the location you start your trekking from, you may end up buying unnecessary stuff without knowing what you need.

So the choice leaves you with buying most of your equipment in Nepal where you can save up your money, get good brands, that can be comfortable, or you can hire anything you like as per your choice.

But again, make sure you bring stuff like good thermals, hiking boots, sunglasses, water bottle, etc. while leaving home because that can be you all time needs and other things like hiring equipment for one-time use, lotions, moisturizers, woolen caps, sweaters, down jackets, trekking map, etc. cant be a wrong choice if you buy in Nepal.

In case of a trekking pole, you gotta be choosy because if you are thinking for long term use, make sure you buy them at home; however, for one time need, you can get a preety good deal here in Nepal as well.

Source: Travel Triangle

Finally, to sum up, buy anything technical at home, but Nepal is way cheaper as compared to any other country you come from. However, you should be able to distinguish betwwen the excellent and fake brands, and while you are in Nepal for the trek, your guide will tell you what exactly you will need that will save you up from spending extra money on unnecessary things.

Overall these all things depend on how much you can spend, how much you will be using in the future, and, most importantly, in what way you are using all the equipment. And it can never be a wrong choice if you have decided to buy your required equipment here in Nepal, which is a trekker's paradise.

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