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Most Breathtaking Beaches in Lombok
11 March, 2020 0 Comments

"Most Breathtaking Beaches in Lombok

People visit Lombok mostly for the delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, and natural, pristine scenery. The island has numerous beaches to explore, which can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. So, we have listed down ten most breathtaking beaches in Lombok.

Senggigi Beach

Source: Flickr

Senggigi Beach lies on the western part of the island, in the tourist area of Senggigi. Senggigi Harbor is on this beach from where you can take a boat to Bali and the Gili islands. On the stretch of this beach, you will also find several hotels and many places to get some delicious foods, ranging from more high-class restaurants to simple vendors selling satays and fresh coconuts.

Mangsit Beach

Source: TripAdvisor

You can reach Mangsit Beach with just a five-minute drive from Senggigi. Even though there are lots of hotels and restaurants along this beach, the environment surprisingly remains pretty quiet. You will also get to see some sparkling black sand as the sand on this beach is mostly volcanic. This beach is renowned for its laid-back vibe and is also an excellent spot to swim, sunbathe, or sip on drinks while watching the sunset. If you are a beginner surfer, this beach is a great choice as the waves are not too big and you can hire a surfing teacher at the beach.

Nipah Beach

Source: TripAdvisor

Moving a bit north from Mangsit, you will reach even more beaches, among which the best one is Nipah Beach. This beach is hidden from tourists, so you will see only a couple or so tourists here; however, the beach is very famous among locals, so you will see many locals in the afternoon who comes to watch mesmerizing sunset. This spot is also excellent for swimming as the waves are calm, and there is almost no coral. If you are hungry, there are also many bamboo shacks along the sand where you can choose your own fish, which they grill and serve you with assorted side dishes.

Pandanan Beach

Source: Flickr

If you go over the hill from Nipah Beach, you will reach Pandanan Beach. This beach is much quieter than Nipah, and you can find a few places to buy grilled seafood and drinks. From this beach, you will get a gorgeous view all around, with verdant green soaring over coconut fields, and also, you will get a glimpse of the islands of Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno across the water.

Sire Beach


A bit further north along the coast, there is Sire Beach, also referred to as Sira Beach. From the beach, you will get views of the majestic Mt. Rinjani soaring up in the backdrop, which is a must-see view in Lombok. The water on this beach is also warm, making it great from canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, and even fishing. At this beach, you can even enjoy a picnic in its groves of palm trees and grassy fields at the back of the beach.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Source: Wanderers & Warriors

If you are seeking a beach with white sands, turquoise waters, and beautiful palm trees, then the Tanjung Aan is the perfect one for you. There is no doubt that this beach situated on the south coast of the island is one of the most scenic beaches on Lombok island. It is a vast bay with small shacks and fishing boats scattered along the coast. A large hill separates the bay from the next one to it as a headland. The hill is also worth exploring as the views from up the hills are mindblowing.

Pink Beach

Source: The Trip Guru

Located on the south-eastern tip of the island, Pink Beach is one of the most remote beaches on Lombok Island. you can reach this beach with about three hour's drive from the tourist center of Senggigi. The beach's name comes from the coral giving pinkish hue to the sand. The area is also quite renowned for its colorful underwater life, and you can go for a snorkeling trip to enjoy beautiful marine life.

Kuta Beach Lombok

Source: The Passport Memorandum

Kuta is quite popular is Lombok, although it is small and quiet compared to touristy Kuta in Bali. Unlike Bali's Kuta, Kuta in Lombok is a surf town where the number of guesthouses, restaurants, and cafes is increasing. At night, you can enjoy live music in local bars where it seems like the bands play the same charming covers, while travelers knock back a few Bintangs. This town has a relaxed feel, but everybody can see that the town is going to boom soon. There is lots of construction going on near this beach, so it will be no surprise if you found a few new buildings on your visit. The beach surrounding Kuta is isolated and wonderful.

Selong Belanak Beach

Source: Travellingto.Asia

Selong Belanak Beach lies about half an hour's drive from Kuta and has something to offer to everyone. Small warungs and surf schools line a part of this beach. The waves of the beach are calm and are excellent for beginner surfers to practice surfing. Further down the beach, there are a bit fancier restaurants if you want to try some nice meals and past that you will find an isolated white sandy beach. This beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful southern beaches in Lombok, and it is also quite popular, so you will see crowds around the warung. However, if you keep walking further, you will find that the beach gets pretty quiet. On a sunny day, the view of the white sand contrasting with the blue water is really beautiful.

Mawi Beach

Source: Wanderers & Warriors

Right south of the Selong Belanak Beach is Mawi beach, which is a bit laid-back and is stunningly quiet. On a sunny day, this beach is breathtakingly beautiful. The beach is also very isolated, and you will see only a few people around. the road to this beach is quite rough, and it can be strenuous if you are not used to riding a motorbike. It can be much more difficult if there has rained recently. Even the road is strenuous; it is worth the effort as you will find the whole sandy beach to yourself. There are two major parts to Mawi, the closes to Selong Belanak is a long stretch of sand. There might not be warungs or shops, so be sure to carry your own lunch. Walking further along this beach, you will reach a rock formation where the sand ends. If you hike up these rock formations, you will get some stunning view of the beach.

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