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Incheon, Charming Seaside City Near Seoul
3 May, 2020 0 Comments

"Incheon, Charming Seaside City Near Seoul

Incheon, the third-largest city of South Korea and the second largest port of the country, is quite renowned for its attractiveness. Many people think it’s just a layover stop to hop to another country, but it is totally worth spending a few days exploring. There are beautiful parks, historic buildings, unique nooks, and crannies that you can explore on your trip. The city also offers some of the most delicious foods in South Korea. As the city is close to the ocean, it has a good variety of local dishes that you must try at least once.

Best Time to Visit

Spring and Fall season are the best time to visit Incheon. If you can handle cold, then winter months are also doable. Before planning a trip during the winter season, remember that the temperature in this part can get very cold (up to -20degree F). So, make sure you can handle clothes and carry some thick winter coats. The summer months are very humid, while the temperature is not very high. The humidity, though, gets over 80%.

How to Get to Incheon

If you have taken a flight to the airport, then you can easily take the subway or get a cab to your destination.

Subway is one of the popular ways to get around Incheon. They are quite reliable, and there are also enough subways that you can easily get around. The signs in subways are also written in English. But, make sure to download the subway app before arriving in South Korea.

Buses are also very common all over South Korea. These are also one of the cheapest forms of transportation in the country. However, it can be the worst means if you are traveling during heavy traffic times.

Taxis are a bit expensive than other forms of transportation, but it is one of the most convenient ways to get around Incheon. Even though it is relatively expensive, it is very affordable and is a great way to travel around if you don’t mind spending a bit more on transportation. You can use the Kakao Taxi app to get around as it is like the uber of South Korea.

Things to Do and See

Bupyeong Underground Market

Source: Korea Bizwire

Bupyeong Underground Market has products ranging from clothes to skincare products, among many others. Here, you can find almost everything, and also can bargain a lot. Underground Markets are popular in South Korea, and this market is one of the most popular ones. Here, you can easily spend hours buying souvenirs. There are lots of stalls that sell the products that you see Korean celebrities rave on about. The prices here are also quite lower compared to shops above ground, so if you like cosmetics, this is the place to go.

Wolmido and Wolmi Theme Park

Source: Korea Bizwire

The boardwalk of Incheon, Wolmido, or Wolmi Theme park offers the experience of the boardwalks from the US. Here, you can enjoy classic wooden roller coasters, Ferris wheel, and carnival games. You can also walk to the lighthouse, enjoy different street foods, or simply wander around the boardwalk. There are also many water activities, like water boats and a water ball playing arena. You can also visit the WOlmi Traditional Park, a beautifully preserved park where you can enjoy luscious vegetation and greenery up-close, with mountains and the ocean in the distance.

Visit Incheon Chinatown and Jajangmyeon Museum

Source: VisitKorea

Chinatown is quite near Wolmido and is one of the most popular destinations in Incheon, mainly because of its food. One of the most popular food is Jajangmyeon a Chinese Korean dish, which is very popular among Koreans, and you will mostly find in a Chinese restaurant only in Korea. It is a noodle dish covered in a black sauce with meat and veggies. Chinatown also has lots of museums, galleries, and green spaces where you can relax. There is also a place with a 150m long stretch of beautiful paintings that displays significant events that occurred during the time of the Three Kingdoms, called the Samgukji Mural Street.

Songwol Dong Fairy Land

Source: OnedayKorea Travel Blog

Songwol Dong Fairy Land lies in the same neighborhood, right next to the Chinatown. It is a beautiful place that contains images from Disney characters, fairytale fiction, and more. This is a great place to get some selfies. It contains a small village area, filled with pink rooftops, orange doors, rainbow murals, and animated characters splashed all around. This place is quite hit among families with kids. Kids can spend hours in this place just running around and exploring the houses and streets.

Picnic and boat ride at Songdo Central Park

Source: Etourism Korea

Song-do is situated in the southernmost part of Incheon. This area got famous because of companies like Samsung, Jansen, etc. due to the large companies and lots of western restaurants, mostly foreigners inhabits this part of the town. Some of the exciting things to do in Song-do is eating and drinking and visiting Son-do’s central park. Central Park is a huge park with a man-made river in the center and walking trails around. Here, you can get a small boat or kayak and cruise down the river and enjoy the serenity it offers in the city full of chaos.

Tri Bowl

Source: Etourism Korea

The Tri Bowl, an art center situated in Songdo Central Park, is a beautiful architectural building built with three bowl type shapes that sit on the water. You can walk on the paved paths below the structure. Sometimes there are events held here that you can enjoy.

 Incheon Grand Park

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

Incheon Grand Park is a large scale park, set between two mountains within Incheon. This park features artificial turf grounds, outdoor theater, skating rink, bicycle trails, lake, botanical garden, sledding hill, children’s zoo, and many more. Here, you can also rent a bike and ride around, exploring this beautiful park.

Incheon Bridge

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

Incheon Bridge is the longest and largest bridge in Korea with a length of a bit over 21km. Locals even refer to this bridge as the Pride of Incheon. Originally built as a transport route connecting Incheon International Airport and the Songdo International Business District, it has now become one of the major tourist destinations where tourists and locals come to see the sunset and sunrise and enjoy the beauty of the sky changing colors over the massive bridge. Even during the night, the bridge looks beautiful with colorful lights, and the sounds of waves crashing can be soothing. 

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