How to Trek in Nepal, Solo Trekking or Partner Trekking

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How to Trek in Nepal, Solo Trekking or Partner Trekking
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"How to Trek in Nepal, Solo Trekking or Partner Trekking

With untamed natural beauty, marvelous snow-capped mountains, and adventurous trails with lush forests and waterfalls, Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations. Through trekking, you will make yourself fit, witness natural beauty, and get some break from daily life. Besides that, you will create unforgettable memories and gain new experiences.

Nepal offers you the best trekking experiences with several trekking options. To choose the best trekking destination is up to you. But, you must decide whether you want to travel alone or in a group.

Travel alone or in a group both are going to have some pros and cons. To make it easier for you to decide, we have listed down the advantages and disadvantages of solo and partner trekking

Why solo trekking in Nepal?

Source: Aasra Eco Treks, Nepal

Some people are meant for solo trekking. They don’t want to trek along with others and enjoy what nature has to offer without any schedule.

If you are one of those who want to walk alone in their thoughts, take your own time traveling without worrying about the schedule, and like to enjoy the majestic view of the Himalayas of Nepal, solo trekking is possible. It is usually safe, and several tourists go for solo trekking.

Advantages of solo trekking

Source: Girl Hiking Purpose

When you are traveling alone, you have the freedom from the daily schedule. You can extend your days of trekking or shorten it as per your wish. You can take photos or connect with the locals and spend a   night in their teahouses whenever you like.

You will also have the option of walking at your own pace. If you are in a hurry, you can walk a little faster or slower as per your wish. The speed of other trekkers will not bind you.

Your trek will also be cheaper than in partner or group trekking. You don’t need to pay to the guides or porter. You can eat whatever you like or stay wherever you feel like.

On your trek, you will have to face various tough situations like steep paths, harsh weather, and find the correct ways. When you are done with your trek, you will have gained a lot more confidence in yourself.

If you are not much of an outdoor person, you will learn some outdoor skills from your trek. You will need to do all the necessary work yourself from finding hotels, finding the right routes, making decisions, and importantly, asking help from others when needed.

Disadvantages of solo trekking

Source: Nomads of India

If you are alone, you will be lonelier as compared to partner trekking. You won’t have anyone to talk to and share your thoughts. You will have to carry all your loads by yourself when you are traveling alone. Carrying heavy loads might make you tired quickly, and you won’t be able to complete your trek in time.

You will have the risk of getting lost if you are alone, even if you have a map. Getting in the wrong way might lead you to an even more difficult path. If you can complete the trek without any injury, it’s terrific. But if you end up only with minor damage, it will be a dire situation if you are alone. You need to be prepared for that beforehand.

When traveling alone, there is a risk of getting attacked by animals or even people. There is no guarantee of safety if you are going alone. 

If you run out of food or water, then you will be in a lot more trouble. The weather makes you dehydrated as if you don’t have water or a partner, then the situation will not be in your favor.
The most dangerous situation occurs if you start having, and there is no one to take care of you. As trekking in Nepal ends at a higher altitude, you will be in a dangerous situation if you have altitude sickness.

Why partner trekking in Nepal?

Source: World Nomads

Just like some people are made for solo trekking, some trekkers feel comfortable while traveling with a partner. And, that’s for good. A partner is always recommended while trekking.

You don’t know what you might end up in. Regardless of whether you are with a friend or alone, a guide when you are trekking makes it a lot safer and more relaxed if you are one of those trekkers who want to express the feeling and want to talk to others while trekking, Partner trekking is for you.

Advantages of Partner trekking

Source: Discovery World Trekking

You have a lot more fun, and you wouldn’t be lonelier if you are traveling with a friend. You can share your thoughts and enjoy the beauty along the way.

If you are with a porter, you will reduce the burden off your shoulder by a great deal. By sharing the weight, you will not be tired that much, and you can complete your trek in time.

When you are with a guide, you have very little chance of getting lost as the guide knows almost all the paths. Even if you are out of the way, you won’t be alone, which will be a great relief to your mind.

Furthermore, you won’t be in such trouble if you get hurt while trekking with a partner. Someone will have first-aid, and they will be with you when you need rest, or you are unable to walk for some time. But, it’s better to carry the first-aid kit on your own. 

Besides that, they will also be able to share food or water if you run out of it. This definitely would be a lifesaver if you are hungry or thirsty. When you are in a group, you are less likely to be attacked by animals or humans. You will be a lot safer in a group being alone.

If you start having altitude sickness, then you will need others the most. Be it while resting or if you decide to descend. You will have a friend with you. When you are alone, then it’s a nightmare. 

Disadvantages of Partner trekking

Source: Nepal Tourism Board

If you are in a group, you are less likely to have the freedom you want. You might not be able to relax and take a picture or enjoy the view whenever you want. And the daily task will mostly be to complete the trek rather than enjoying the trek.

You will not be able to walk at your own pace. The slowest walker will define the speed of the group, and there is no fun in that. You will only have fun walking and enjoying the view in your own accord.
Your trek will also be more costly as you won’t have the authority to eat and sleep on your own. The agency decides it. And, you will eat and sleep where they have selected.

You will always be following others if you are traveling in a group. This way, you will have less chance of self-confidence and personal growth. Your outdoor skills and conversation skills might not increase.

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