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How to Choose Right Travel Tour Operator in Nepal
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"How to Choose Right Travel Tour Operator in Nepal

Generally, people are likely to hire a travel operator when traveling. Not only this make traveling safe, mainly for first-time travelers, it also makes traveling hassle-free.

Everything concerning yourl  travepackage, from the preparation of hotels and the accommodations and booking of transportation and help to even preparing the travel permits, is managed and coordinated by travel operators.

Thus, it is vital to appoint a decent and dependable travel agency. At present, the market is filled with lots of options. Still, despite the number of availability, it is significant to select a travel operator that is willing to put in the effort to make your travel a better experience.

In modern times, traveling is not just about visiting prominent sites. Nowadays, people want to explore the culture of the places and enjoy the various attributes of the places they visit. So, your travel experience will vastly differ due to travel operators.

Traveling involves a lot of time-consuming activities. However, having a travel operator saves a lot of time, and also the visitors should not worry about small things like permit preparation, hotel bookings, just to name a few. It is vital to your journey to get a good travel operator. So, we will be discussing how you can choose the best ones in Nepal.

Do They have Local Staff and Guides?

Source: World Nomads

First and foremost, when looking for a travel agency in Nepal, you should see if the agency has local staff. There are several benefits to choosing the agency with local tour operators.

Generally, their price will be a lot cheaper than an international travel agency. As they are the locals, they know the country and have the most extensive and first-hand knowledge so they will be able to deliver you the exclusive experience like an insider.

So, how to find these companies? You can simply check the website of the Nepal Tourism Board. Here you will get the lists of travel agencies in Nepal. The local company will have the company’s registration number and its official contact in TAAN.

Do the Porters and Guides Profits through the Agency?

Source: KimKim

While looking for a dependable tour operator in Nepal, you should find out if guides and the porters hired during trekking journeys benefits you. You should also look out if they have rights or not.

It is essential to employ a responsible travel agency who will maintain the rights of the local people involved in heavy-lifting as part of the field-work while in the fields.

Are the Tour Prices Reasonable?

Mostly, the critical question of all the budget travelers is the price and if the journey is worth the price. Thus, while searching for good travel operators, it is essential to research the cost.

A decent travel operator will give you a sensible price that covers an exceptional range of services. However, be aware that the low prices might result in the dwindling of services and the quality which can spoil your travel experience.

That’s why it is essential to research the price and ensure that you are getting a decent deal. Besides, what the travel is worth is just as essential in terms of the services you will be provided, which in turn can be based on the location and what is available.

What about Social causes or Responsible Tourism Practices?

Source: Nepal Lion Tours and Treks

Another tremendous distinguishing characteristics of a kind and reliable tour operator in Nepal is to see if they are dedicated to a social cause and help in the enriching of the local society.

The travel agency needs to encourage responsible tourism practices and eco-friendliness, which helps to preserve the cultural and natural treasures of any sites of travel.

An itinerary with the visits to society’s traditional workshop might determine the resolve of supporting Nepal’s responsible tourism.

As the tour operators are of the major players in the travel field, they need to practice proper procedures and follow responsible social processes while functioning their industry as not to have any damaging effect through tourism.

Do They Provide a Flexible Tour Package?

Source: Creekside Beaver Creek

It is essential to choose the travel operators who can offer you a tailor tour or holiday. The benefit of selecting the flexible tour package is huge.

You will not only get a package that fits your length of holiday or budget but also the operators will put all your tailored interest to the holiday that you anticipate. Besides, they make it occur the way you wish and even beyond, delivering you the best experience.

Check the Customer Policy


It is not sure that if everyone is happy on a certain tour, then you too will be. Different travel sense leads to different schedules and service necessities.

Local companies have various terms and conditions relating to deposit, flexibility, communication during the trip, which you need to be aware of. It might also contain valuable advice for independent travelers.

Generally, in Nepal, the ideal customer policy focus on a twenty percent deposit, Nepali sim card provided during trips, a private tour operator with specific contact to support in case of any problem, emergency call.

If the tour operator offers only local contact, then make sure they give the tour guide contact before the beginning of the trip.

Check if they have any Achievements and also Testimonials

Source: Unsplash

One of the easy ways to choose the travel operator in Nepal is to look at the achievement certificates or rewards the agency has been given or recognized by a dependable source.

As it takes lots of effort and time to get recognized for good work in the field, these achievements ensure that the agency is known for its hard work and quality services.

You can also see the testimonials of the travelers that have traveled before. The testimonials can mostly be found on the agency’s websites. However, if someone you know has hired the travel agency before, you can truly learn how the agency is.

Use Travel Forums


There are many travel forums like TripAdvisor, lonely planet forum, virtual tourist, which area good communities where you can find how people reported their last holiday in Nepal. Sometimes, you might also get the contacts of the companies that are often recommended.

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