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Best Time to Visit Beautiful Thailand
12 March, 2020 0 Comments

"Best Time to Visit Beautiful Thailand

Thailand has three distinct seasons; hot, cool, and rainy. Visiting Thailand mostly depends on what you are planning on your trip. Here, we have listed each month’s weather conditions and a variety of things to choose from if it’s the best month for you to travel.


January is the peak season for tourism in Thailand. During this month, the southern beaches on both coasts see hot sunny days, and the central and northern areas have cooler temperatures perfect for trekking in forests or sightseeing. During this time, the accommodation prices skyrocket, although you will find great deals if you visit less visited areas. You could choose a less visited place rather than in popular places.


February is also popular for tourism as the weather is good in most areas. the whole world might get excited about Valentine’s Day; it isn’t such a big deal in Thailand. Rather, you can head to the Red Lotus Sea for a intimate boat ride. Located off the beaten track, the lake full of pink lotus flowers blooms fully in the cool season. Chinese New Year mostly falls in February, so during this time, if you go to places with a large Chinese population like Bangkok’s Chinatown, you will get to watch lion dances, acrobatic demonstrations, Chinese opera shows, dragon dances, and more.


The temperatures start to rise from March. This month is prime time for diving in the Similan Islands and other places along the Andaman coast. Turtle Release Festival is held on this month in Phang Nga. There is also Chumphon Marine Festival, where you will see any watersports, sand sculptures, and delicious seafood. You may also choose to soar above the skies in a hot air balloon at Thailand International Balloon Festival.


One of the hottest months in Thailand, make sure you stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreens. April is the month when you will get to enjoy one of the biggest Thailand festivals: Songkran, which is famous for its huge nationwide water fights. Songkran is the Thai New Year that occurs all around the country. Some of the best places you can visit during this time in Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. April is also traditionally the time that Thai men temporarily ordain as monks, with large ceremonies to mark the auspicious occasions.


May, another hot month in Thailand is a great time to visit some of Thailand’s more hidden destinations and experience unusual festivals. This is the month when Thais holds The World Durian Fruit Festival, where you will find many competitions and games, sales fairs, parades featuring floats adorned with fruit, and lots of tasting opportunities. Bun Bang Fai Festival also falls on May, and you will see locals launching many rockets into the skies in hopes of receiving rains. The Buddhist holiday of Visakha Bucha Day varies but is usually in May or June.


June experience more rainfall, so it will be best to carry an umbrella. If you are heading north during this month, don’t miss the Phi Ta Khon Festival in Dan Sai district of Loei province. It is a local spiritual festival that features parades with people dressed in ornate ghost costumes, and huge masks. The date of this festival varies each year, but mostly the festival falls on May.


July is mostly wet all around Thailand and often feels humid. This month invites lots of mosquitoes, so always carry repellent. This month can be great to visit national parks as the rains fill up waterfalls, and the landscapes are lush and fertile. Khao Yai National Park and Kanchanaburi’s Erawan National Park are especially beautiful. This month is also the best of diving and snorkeling.


August is generally the wettest month in Thailand. If you are visiting the country this month, aways carry rain ponchos, slip-proof shoes, and umbrellas. Backpackers should make sure they have waterproof covers for their bags. This month is ideal for indoor activities like visiting Bangkok’s temples, art galleries, museums, and malls. The 12th of August is the Queen’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and a national holiday. If you are in Phuket during this month, don’t forget to see Por Tor Hungry Ghost Festival.


The rainfall lessens in September, except for the Andaman coast. The waterfalls around the country flow with abundance, and the rivers are at their fullest. There will usually be long boat races this month. The atmosphere is often electric with shouting crowds, street food galore, carnival-like games, and traditional performance. Phitsanulok, Petchaburi, Singburi, Naan, and Surat Thani are just a few places where you can watch the ancient traditions on the water. If you want to see something unusual, visit Lam Dome Yai in Ubon Ratchathani. The Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music is also held in this month and attracts large crowds.


During this month, central, northern, and northeastern Thailand are mostly dry, and the temperature starts to fall. However, most of the islands are wet. This is the best time to visit anywhere from Bangkok upwards. The popular hangout of Pai is particularly great in October. During this time, visit Mekong River, where you will see mysterious balls of fire erupt from the river, said to be the work of the mythical Naga. Most southern provinces have colorful vegetarian festivals during this month. The most renowned one is Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival.


November brings dry season in most parts of Thailand with moderate temperatures and ample sunshine. This month is best to visit the Andaman coast along with Koh Chang and other islands along the eastern Gulf. However, the western Thai Gulf is still rainy and stormy. In November, you will get to see one of the loveliest festivals of Thailand, Loy Krathong. In this festival, people float krathongs on the rivers to offers gratitude to the water spirits. The north of Thailand celebrates a festival called Yee Pang, which is famous for its beautiful lantern releases. Chiang Mai is the best place to experience this stunning festival.


December is also one of the peak tourism seasons in Thailand. The weather is great throughout the country; temperatures are comfortable without being too hot or cold. There is almost no rainfall and beaches see lots of suns. There are also several national holidays during this month. The fifth is the birthday of the late King Bhumibol and is also when Thai celebrate Father’s day.

We have listed all the months with its own specialty, so plan your trip according to what you want to see and do in the Land of smiles.

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