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Best Time and Season to Trek Everest Base Camp
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Best Time and Season to Trek Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous treks of Nepal, which starts from the most beautiful scenery of the Khumbu region that wins the heart of every trekker over here. This place encompasses the best and beautiful places; one of them is the Namche bazar, also called as the gateway to Everest.

This trek might be risky but is undoubtedly the best trek that will give you a fantastic experience for a lifetime. Not only because it leads you to the most mesmerizing and the world's highest peak Mt. Everest but also surrounds you with other beauties like the mountain peaks, the Khumbu icefall, Khumbu glacier and many more.

The breathtakingly stunning mountains are something that you have never seen in your life. You will be in awe as the marvelous mount Everest stands behind you.  

Along with that, the view of the green farmlands to the lush forests, colorful floras, and tranquil blue rivers will leave you to feel like in heaven. Also, you will be amazed and confused, seeing around all the beauty of mother nature just close to you, forgetting where you stare your eyes first.

Tourism is the most important economy of our country Nepal, and the weather god has spread its blessing way a lot here. All the seasons, i.e., summer, winter, autumn, and spring, has the most glorious environment that makes it more suitable for the travelers to trek all over the year.

And trekking has become an essential part of travelers' life to witness the beauty of this beautiful small country that has much to offer. Similarly, Everest base camp is a trek that is busy all over the year. You can trek out here in any season you like; however, to know more about the details of the seasons read below thoroughly.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek in the Winter Season (December-February)

Source: Exciting Nepal

This time of the season is tough to deal with because of the extreme cold weather. The temperature continually falls between -10 to -15 degrees Celcius at night.

Even though the temperature is unpredictable, the view of the snow-capped Mount Everest and surrounding peaks are breathtaking. However, the winter season in Everest base camp trek is most dangerous because we cannot predict when the whole sunny weather is going to convert into a snowstorm that might take your life.

Because of this reason, the trekking here in winter is quite low and also because of winter, when the days get short enough you can have only less time to trek per day as compared in summer.

But the best part is if you are prepared and experienced one this is the best time to get the unobstructed beauty of the mountains. You must be choosing the time from the 3rd of December when the crowd is less but most importantly gather much information you can and don’t you dare to come alone .bring a guide with you and don’t forget lots of warm clothes.

2. Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon Season (June -August)

Source: Traveldudes org

If you are a low budget trekker then, monsoon can be the best time to be here. It is an off-season when you can get a lot of discounts and fewer crowds too.

Greater availability of tea houses and other facilities can be seen in this season. The weather gets hot and humid, and because of the monsoon, sometimes the sky gets all covered by the clouds making you a bit uncomfortable.

The temperature might range from 10 to -2 degrees Celsius, with an average rainfall of 500-550mm. But the best thing to trek in monsoon is the greenery all around and the clear mountain view.

However, in monsoon season, the trails get slippery, wet, and muddy, so better quality trek boots should be your top priority. The trekking of Everest base in monsoon season is considered quite hard. Still, if you are totally into it, it can be a lifetime experience witnessing all the greenery and the unique biodiversity of the country.

3. Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn Season (Sep- Nov)

Source: Nepal Hiking Team

This time of the season in Everest base camp trek is the crowdest of all because of the comfortable trekking weather. This is considered the peak season when the charge is high.

The temperature ranges from 15-25 degrees celsius, which is neither too hot nor too cold, but it is the best time for you to trek. After the end of monsoon, there very very little chance of rainfall that makes the sky and the roads more comfortable for the visitors to trek.

And most importantly, you can enjoy the clean, clear, and majestic view of the Everest and the surrounding mountain peaks. The nights and mornings are sweet colder, keeping the days full of warmth, making a long time to trek for you all day.

So if you want to enjoy the best weather and not comfortable because of all the crowds, September- November is your time to come here and enjoy the trekking experience.

4. Everest Base Camp Trek in the Spring Season (March-May)

Source: Nepal Everest Base

2nd most crowded time for Everest base camp trek after autumn is spring season that ranges from the march till May. It is the other best time to enjoy the beauty of this trek when the trails get all covered by the colorful landscapes and the vegetation along with the beautiful views of rhododendrons welcoming you all along your paths.

The temperature here at this time ranges from 15-20 degrees celsius, and the houses of locals are covered with the flowers that will make your heart hop a little bit, seeing all the beauty around yourself.

However, along with the increase in the altitude, the temperature might fall to upto -2 degree celsius. Still, overall, this time of the season is most comfortable to trek after the spring season.

Because the chances of the avalanche and the snowfall are unlikely, several tourists are a bit fewer, making your trek a bit more peaceful. Moreover, this time of the season is quite favorable for the Lukla flights and the helicopter rides, as well.

So if you want to go on this trek, make sure you go on a time that is a bit comfortable for you.  A tourist guide is a must, and comfortable wearing clothes, along with other necessary equipment, should be your priority. You may never regret trekking at any time of the year, but the weather might have different plans. So whenever you go, make sure you are prepared, selecting the most appropriate time.

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