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Best Tea Houses on Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Best Tea Houses on Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

A land-locked country, Nepal, is famous for its natural beauty, mountains, high Himalayas, highest peaks in the world, cultural variation, unity in diversity, sightseeing, and many more. And if you are looking forward to trek towards the lap of Himalayas, Everest base camp is the one for you.

A trek to EBC offers you a full package of this country's beauty let you see the higher Himalayas shining bright like diamonds, the sun reflecting over the top of the Himalayas making it look like gold, the famous falls, glaciers, villages, flora and fauna, and the wide cultural beauty.

You get to interact with the people and get prepared to be greeted by namastes all along your way. The humble nature of the people will make you stay here forever, and you can't get enough of this place and this country.

Source: One Seed Expedition

Talking about the tea houses, it's not somewhere you just go to get served by tea but something that provides your small bed and breakfast like the hotels across the trail.

These are one of the most comfortable and famous accommodation as they are cheap enough and lets you view the beautiful atmosphere around there.

Also, the hospitability of the people will increase the warmth of your heart, and their humble nature is something refreshing after the long day trek.

Tea House Trekking’ as it is aptly named, involves trekking most of the day for 5-7 hours, starting and ending in the small, vibrant Sherpa towns along the routes where the several tea houses are located.

Source: Himalayan Wonders

They are easily identifiable by the large signs reading 'tea and coffee' outside their doors. They also have holdings saying 'hot showers here’ and ‘we have electricity.’

The basic needs, while you are on a trek, are a good meal, a comfortable bed, hot showers, and some electricity, and these tea houses along the trek to Everest base camp serves you the same.

Staying in such tea houses is the best thing you can do not only because they are cheap and comfortable but lets you know more about the Nepali culture, helps you socialize and let you know more about the place.

This stay will expose you to the local people, who are very friendly and accommodating in nature. It also shows you a side of Nepal that you may not have explored if you decided to camp on your own as well as providing the opportunity to meet like-minded trekkers.

If you want to get lost in the cultural beauty of our country, Nepal, then I suggest you prefer tea houses. This is also good because of the following reasons.

1. Tea Houses with a Facility of Toilet, Showers and Communal Areas

Source: one seed expedition

All the tea houses will differ from one another in its appearance and costing system nd mostly in facilities as well. However, the common facilities include toilet showers.

This also depends upon the popularity of the trek you are going on and the weather conditions. But one good thing you are about to get some beautiful, small, and clean areas for your stay that will energize you for you following next day trek.

The facility with the altitude decreases, but they still provide you toilets that has a manual flushing system and water in a pot heated by fire for cleaning yourself. Since EBC is one of the famous treks in Nepal, so the teahouses are standard and readily available, you may get a room worth about 4 US$.

The communal room here will be the dining hall, which is great to socialize will fellow trekkers and get to know them more. The central shared room is heated by stove fire that will give you the pleasure of warmth. It is like the rays of the sun in the freezing weather or something like finding water in the desert.

However, if you are trekking through a guide, they will themselves make arrangements for the tea houses from the price of the tour package.

2. Tea Houses with Better Rooms, Electricity, and Wifi System

Source: Himalayan Wonders

The rooms in such teahouses are generally two bedded. They are provided by two single beds placed 1 meter apart with pillows and the sheet covers.

They even provide you with the sleeping bags as the nights get colder in the upper altitude. Some will also provide you with an electricity facility along with charging slots, which you cost you more. 

Some of the tea houses will provide you with internet facility and wifi access, however not all will sure you for this. So, it's better to get a 3G sim across your trekking. The network connection is excellent across all the way and is easily affordable, as well.

3. Tea House Facilities-Hot and Tasty Food

Source: Worldwide trekking

The best thing on staying in such teahouses is the viability of the tasty and great Nepali food. You never have to worry about the food. They will serve the most delicious food, making you forget about the caring of the food.

All tea houses provide a wide range of hot meals, prepared on-site, and made with love! Unfortunately, you have a lesser choice to select from, as the meals tend to be varieties of one another, with a few changed ingredients.

As all ingredients have to be flown into Lukla, which is expensive itself, then carried up the mountain by yaks or porters, meals will tend to be mostly of flour and cereal products.

Bread, porridge, beans, rice, dumplings, and a few more variations are the staples of any meal. These will be served with green vegetables.

Usually, different lentils are served to form what is the national dish of Nepal – Dal Bhat. But make sure you do not consume nonveg, which might be not fresh and can create difficulty on your trek later.

While trekking, it is better to trek with a trekking guide which will book your hotel room at a best tea housing places but if you are not traveling with a guide make sure to book your accommodation before 7 pm so that you can get a place to stay and get food for yourself.

Finally, take extra precautions in the tea houses as they do not world renown for their levels of hygiene! Bring a pillow cover, use your sleeping bag, and keep your hands away from meat to ensure you have a happy trek.

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