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Best over 8000m High Mountain Peaks in Nepal
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"Best over 8000m High Mountain Peaks in Nepal

Home to 8 out of the total 14 mountains higher than 8000m in the world, Nepal is the best for mountain climbers. It also provides access to a massive part of Himalayas, making it even more suitable. Mountain climbing in Nepal is both thrilling and daring activity at the same time. Every step is to be taken very carefully. And, the difficulty only ends once the feet touch the peak of the mountain.

When the difficulty and stress are gone, the feeling left in every climber's heart is glory and pride. And, more importantly, every mountaineer is sure to remember every step they took to reach the summit and conqueror the mountain. If you are ready to take on one of the beasts higher than 8000m, we have prepared the list for you.

1. Mt. Annapurna I

Source: Nepal Guide Trek and Expedition

With the mortality rate of one every three climbers, Annapurna is the most dangerous climbing mountain and the tenth highest peak in the world. Standing at the surprising elevation of 8091m, it was first ascended by the French expedition on June 3, 1950.

It also lies in the east of the gorge made by the Kali Gandaki River. Moreover, it has taken over 60 lives and 221 summits and successful in the mountain.

Besides its astonishing height, it is nestled among the other 13 peaks over 7000 meters and 16 peaks over 600m. Set in the western part of Nepal, it also offers marvelous trekking trails and is close to the beautiful Pokhara Valley.

The entire Annapurna region lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area, which protects its natural heritage. The name ‘Annapurna’ means ‘Goddess of the harvest’ and which also translates to ‘the mother who feeds.’ 

2. Mt. Makalu

Source: Seven Summit Treks

Mt. Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world rising above the clouds and set at the height of 8463m above the sea level. It is a marvelous natural wonder of the Khumbu region besides Mount Everest, which is only 22.5 km away.

Furthermore, the massive mountain with four sharp ridges offers double peaks. The secondary peak is called Chomolonzo, which is detached from the primary summit.

Situated in the border between Nepal and Tibet, the steep path of the mountain is difficult for seasoned mountaineers. The giant mountain was conquered in 1954, shortly after the Everest was climbed. Thirty people have become victim to the mountain with 376 successful attempts.

3. Mt. Dhaulagiri

Source: Alpine Sherpa Guide

Set at the impressive height of 8157m, Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest peak in the world. The word ‘Dhaulagiri’ translates to ‘dazzling mountain.’

And, it has been true to its name. With its breathtaking beauty and majestic view of other mountains nestled together, it will surely melt any climbers’ heart. Furthermore, adding to its beauty is its gigantic size and pyramid-shaped peak formations beside icefalls and glaciers.

Besides its staggering height and beauty, its slopes are as deadly as it is beautiful. It is also one of the most dangerous climbing mountains in the world. Taking over 70 lives, it has the highest mortality rates than other mountains in the Himalayan. 

4. Mt. Lhotse

Source: Wikipedia

Just like Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse is also a close neighbor of Everest, which stands at the astonishing height of 8516m and taking its position as the fourth highest peak in the world.

The word ‘Lhotse’ means ‘South Peak’ in the Tibetan Language. And, it is also connected to Everest by the South Col. and surrounded by high altitude terrain.

The most common route to climb mount Lhotse is from the northwest side as the southern face is almost vertical steep. It might be the steepest mountain slope among over 8000-meter peaks.

Besides the main summit, climbers can also ascend to Lhotse Middle (East) at 8414m and Lhotse Shar at 8383m. It has taken the lives of more than 20 people with the number of successful attempts amounting to 479. 

5. Mount Manaslu

Source: Expedition  Himalaya

Also known as the ‘mountain of the spirit,’ Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world, standing at the height of 8156m. Located in the Lamjung District, it is near to the majestic Annapurna Range. To conserve flora and fauna, the Manaslu Mountain is surrounded by Manaslu Conservation Area.

Besides that, it also offers eye-pleasing beauty with its glaciers, long ridges, and a marvelous view from the top. Furthermore, it is a popular destination for mountaineers and trekkers.

Despite its beautiful outlook, it is a dangerous mountain that has taken over 65 lives and offering total successful attempts of 844. The Japanese expedition in 1956 ascended it.

6. Mt. Everest

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

In the case of mountains, Mount Everest is the beast among the beasts with its staggering height of 8848m above the sea level. And you know that it’s the highest peak in the world. So, it’s no surprise that it’s the most climbed mountain in the world. To get to the tip of the mountain, you need to trek to the base camp first.

Also known as ‘Chomolungma’ in the Tibetan language, it was called Peak XV before Englishman Sir George named it Mount Everest. It presents jaw-dropping views and the most glorious moments for every mountaineer, but its challenges shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Over 200 people have lost their lives, and many bodies are still in there, buried in ice as recovering is insanely problematic. It is so deadly that it has taken the lives of more than 200 climbers along with the successful attempts of 3844 people.

7. Mt. Kanchanjunga

Source: NEST Adventures

Mt. Kanchanjunga is the third highest mountain in the world with its soaring height of 8586m, but once it was believed to be the highest mountain.

Located between the border of Nepal and Sikkim, it offers one of the best views from above. Furthermore, the mesmerizing view of the glaciers and neighboring peaks adds to the beauty of the mountain even more.

Besides these, the mountain is considered holy by the people of both Nepal and Sikkim. So, to honor the local belief, the standard stop has a few feet below the actual summit. The mountain was first tried to ascend on 1905, but a successful attempt was made in 1955.

8. Mt. Cho Oyo

Source: Alpine Ascents

Standing at the neck-breaking height of 8201m, Mount Cho Oyo is the sixth tallest mountain in the world and also an easy to climb among over 8000m peaks. It is also called ‘Goddess of Turquoise’ as its shadow appears of this color on sunset when viewed from Tibet.

Furthermore, it offers two climbing routes, one from the south side (Nepal side) and another one from the north, which is the usual route. The mountain offers a splendid view of ice cliffs, a rock band, and several crevasses. Besides these, you will also enjoy the mesmerizing view of Everest from above.

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