Best Hanok Stay, Korea, 9 Traditional Places to Dive into Korean Culture

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Best Hanok Stay, Korea, 9 Traditional Places to Dive into Korean Culture
13 May, 2020 0 Comments

"Best Hanok Stay, Korea, 9 Traditional Places to Dive into Korean Culture

Staying in a Hanok house in Korea is a best way to experience living as a historical Korean. It is almost like staying in a ryokan in Japan. The Hanok in Korea is adorned with bits and pieces reminiscent of life in Korea, and you will feel like going back hundreds of years. You will be staying in a compact, well-equipped room, share traditional toilets, dine simple meals, and live a simple lifestyle while on your time there. It is a great humbling experience exclusive to Korea.

However, keep in mind that it isn't the place if you are looking for a lively party experience. These traditional Korean houses offer serene, calming ambiance where you can relax and nurture your mind to enjoy the vibe and feel the balance in your body with the environment all around you. Staying in Hanok will allow you to learn a different type of appreciation for the Korean culture.

What is Hanok?

If you don't know what Hanok is, it is a traditional Korean house. Hanok's original design and structure dates back to the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty. Due to this, it has unique timber framing and unique curved roofs. Hanok is built with the principle that the structure needs to be in balance with the land and environment, taking into account where the mountains reside, where the lakes sit where the land curves, etc.

Even though most of the Hanoks were destroyed in the 1970s, there are still small clusters in the larger cities of South Korea. If you have seen some Korean dramas, you might have seen in the olden-era series.

Here is the list of some best Hanok stay on your trip to South Korea

Best Hanok Stay in Korea

Sky Guesthouse


Located right on the border of Seoul's Bukchon area, Sky Guesthouse offers you all the glitz and glamour while avoiding the thick crowd. The guesthouse has authentic architecture and is very picturesque. The guesthouse emanates homey feel, with timber flooring and framing throughout. Here, guests can enjoy comfortable bedding on large rooms with private bathrooms. The hosts of this guesthouse are also very warm and friendly and will make you feel comfortable right after you step foot here. Sky Guesthouse is also close to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Jogyesa Temple and has easy access to public transportation if you want to visit surrounding attractions.

Cheong Yeon Jae Hanok Hotel

Source: Agoda

Cheong Yeon Jae Hanok is a perfect choice for those looking for authentic Hanok stay without giving up many comforts. This hotel has traditional Korean bedrooms adorned with Korean paper, Hanji, and fitted with comfortable futon bedding, heated with Ondol, Korean floor heating. Besides, you don't have to worry about using traditional toilets as they have western bathrooms with free toiletries. They also have 24/7 front desk service and offer Korean breakfast in the rooms every morning. The major selling point of this hotel is it's intimate and traditional staying.

Stay256 Guesthouse


Stay256 is one of the most beautiful Hanoks you will ever stay on. This Hanok is true to Hanok's core principal and is built around a small communal courtyard. The architecture looks photogenic, and all the rooms are compact, clean, well-equipped, and intimate so that you will enjoy full authentic Hanok experience without filling too stifling. It is also quite close to many attractions, and they serve continental breakfast every morning. The major point of this guesthouse is its cleanliness. It's very cozy, fully equipped, and if you care about your environment, you will love it.



Bukchonae has a rustic feel and is best for those looking for the place with twinkly fairy lights and floral arrangements. You will have access to free Wi-Fi throughout the property, and there is also free private parking. Another different part of this hotel is that all rooms in this Hanok come with a private bathroom.

Ginkgo Tree Guesthouse


Gingko Tree Guesthouse is very beautiful and sits in a secluded area of the Jeonju Hanok Village. You will love this hotel the moment you see it. The rooms are a bit spacious than typical Hanok, and the layout is completely like one out of a fairy tale. While staying in this Hanok, you will feel as if you have gone back in time with its curved roods and admirable wooden framed windows. The major selling point of this hotel is its price. For the price that you pay, it is extremely well equipped and located.

Samlockhon Guesthouse


Samlockhon Guesthouse is everything you imagine in a Hanok. The wooden structure of the exterior is beautiful, and the intricate detailing of the doors and the purposeful placement of everything in the room makes it even more attractive. This guesthouse is not only visually appealing; it is also situated only about 600m from the Jeonju Hanok Village center. Also, you will have access throughout the grounds, the guest rooms also come with a family room, and you will get to enjoy buffet breakfast every morning. 

Jukheon Traditional House


Jukheon Traditional House is one of the oldest remaining Hanoks on this list and stands out from the rest. This guesthouse offers a thoroughly authentic experience and offers a much better view of trees framing Hanok in the distance with mountains in the backdrop. This Hanok boasts Korean history and culture with everything from cobblestone pathways to the wooden windows, embroidered cushions, traditional tableware, and furniture. It is also located in a secluded area and offers a serene environment in its own little space.



Siwoowadang is located in the middle of Gyeongju's Hanok village, which makes it an excellent location to explore the local area. The Hanok looks very traditional outside and is well-maintained inside. Some addition you will find here than the typical Hanok is free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and private bathroom. They also serve varying continental breakfast every day. Most guests worry about not getting rides to explore the areas if they don't have rental cars. But, you don't have to worry about that as the host family here will help you to organize it.

Yettle Stay


Yettle Stay is a place where traditional Korean architecture meets modernity halfway. It is not only a beautiful Hanok, but it also has a beautiful décor with small touches as the renovated kitchen, western bathroom, sofa lounges, and raised benches, which adds to its inviting part. The Hanok is also very clean, and you will get both common areas to meet others and private areas to enjoy your time alone. However, you might have to pay separately for breakfast as it is not included in the room's price.

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