A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek with Cost

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A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek with Cost
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek with Cost

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the best achievements for many trekkers all around the world. Offering breathtaking beauty in each step of its path, various stunning Sherpa villages, and majestic view of the Mount Everest, it is a great trekking destination.

Not only that, but it also provides a view of sparkling glaciers and other mountain ranges along the way. Once you reach the Base Camp, you will get a chance to experience the jaw-dropping view from Kala Patthar in the morning as the first ray of sun kisses the snow-capped mountain.

If you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp, you will need some help. So, we have listed the information about the cost and complete guidelines.

Option for hiking to the Everest Base Camp

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There are three ways for hiking to Everest Base Camp. You can go for a package tour through an agency, take a porter or a guide with you or go alone by yourself.

If you are alone, it is better to choose the package tour, but it’s expensive.  Hiking alone is not too hard, but you need to arrange and find tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla and teahouses along the way by yourself. 

Trekking alone to the Everest Base Camp through the fight to and from Kathmandu to Lukla costs about 800$, and jeep ride instead of a flight to Lukla costs about 600$. Besides that, the package tours cost anything from $1000 to $2000.

Organizing Everest Base Camp Trek

Source: Nepal Trekking Company

Going for the package tour if you are alone is the safe option for any trekkers. Besides safety, the agencies also offer options like:

  • Porters to help in carrying your bags
  • English-speaking local guide
  • Accommodations which includes two nights in a hotels/guesthouses and 12 nights in a teahouse lodges
  • Internal flights

The hiking starts and ends in Kathmandu. The company manages all the expenses along the way except for your medical emergencies. You will be divided into small groups with a guide. Some agencies offer 12-day trek while some provide a 15-day trek or 19 days trek.

Solo Base Camp Trek

Source: Nepal Hiking Trek

If you are traveling alone, you must manage all your expenses all by yourself. So, 35$ per day might be enough for you for food, water, snacks, accommodation, and tea in the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Most of the trekkers fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and start trekking to Everest Base Camp. You will need 12 days to finish the trek after taking the flight and about 400$ for daily expenses. But, to decrease your expense, you can choose to roadway rather than the airway.

Daily Expenses on Everest Base Camp Trek


On the trek, you will need about 25$ per day for three tasty meals, costing about 8$ per meal. The tea houses offer excellent foods that aren’t expensive. Meat might be useful in higher places.

Besides that, breakfast and other dishes are enjoyable. Typical breakfast is provided along with special Masala tea. Furthermore, some other exotic dishes served in the trek are Sherpa Stew (Syakpa), Tibetan Bread, Spring rolls, Mars Roll, Pizza, and Momos.


As the altitude increases, the price of everything also hikes up. Water starts from NPR 100 for 1.5 ltr and reaches about 400 NPR at Gorakshep. 

You could save about 50$ on the trek if you carry water purifying tablets. The water can be filtered with pills, Lifestraw, or Steri Pen UV water sterilizing devices, which will not have the chlorine taste. You can just fill your bottle with tap water to filter it.

Tea Houses

Accommodations on the route to the Everest Base Camp are much cheaper than you can imagine. The tea houses charge only about $1-$2 in low seasons and about $2-$5.

Some teahouses don’t even charge you for accommodation if you eat three meals there. Once you reach Lobuche, the tea houses offer a fixed price of $7 on the condition that you eat there.

Now that you know how cheap the accommodations are, they make almost nothing from it. So, the only way they make some money is you eat there. Therefore, it would be very uncool if you brought your cereal and other food.

Besides all these, you need to be ready for cold even inside the rooms. And, you need to sleep with all your clothes on and multiple blankets. Likewise, besides some lodges, you need to use the squat toilets.

Miscellaneous Items

Shower on EBC Trek

As discussed before, everything gets more and more expensive as you ascend to a higher altitude, especially water and hot showers. It is difficult to heat water in cold temperatures.

Electric/solar shower is not very hot but expensive, and there is a chance that you will be sick. By spending about $4-$6, you can get a relaxing gas shower. It’s better to take some wet wipes and hand sanitizers.


You will have light in your room, but there won’t be any plug. You need to pay per hour for charging your device. Besides these, you will only find ATM on Lukla and Namche Bazaar. That means there aren’t any ATMs as you start your trek from Namche Bazaar.

Flight to Lukla

Source: Mark Horrell

The most popular way to start the trek is with the flight to Lukla, the starting point of the trek. It costs about $166 for one way to $330 for two-way.

As you will be traveling on a small plane, the weight limit of the luggage is 10 kg. It is recommended to take your flight before 7 am as late flights almost gets canceled due to the wind and clouds. Due to that, some people consider Tenzing-Norway Airport as the most dangerous runway in the world.

Hiking to EBC

Source: Deam Heaven Adventures

As discussed before, the flight to Lukla is most popular among trekkers. But, it is also considered to be the most dangerous runway by some people. So, another alternative, which is both safer and cheaper, is the roadway.

You can take a jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri, costing about $17 and 8 hours’ drive. Besides that, you can also hop on a bus that costs about $1100. Then, take 2-3 days' walk until you reach Lukla.

Trekking Permits

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To reach Everest Base Camp, you need two permits; a TIMS and a Park permit. You can get the local permit in Lukla, which costs about $20. And Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit is available in Monjo or Kathmandu, which costs about $30 and 13% Gov. Tax.

Best Time to Visit Everest Base Camp

Source: Kimkim

To get the best experience while walking along the path of Everest Base Camp, the ideal months to visit Everest Base Camp are the pre-monsoon season from March, April, and Mayor post-monsoon, including late September, October, November.

While monsoon is usually dry, which makes it great for trekking with its spectacular views, but the weather is freezing. Post monsoon offers unobstructed views with fewer clouds. Besides that, it’s a great time to hike despite its cold weather.

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