6 Best Mountain Bike Tours and Trips in Nepal you Should Do

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6 Best Mountain Bike Tours and Trips in Nepal you Should Do
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"6 Best Mountain Bike Tours and Trips in Nepal you Should Do

Nepal is one of the most popular travel destinations that have a lot to offer to its visitors, starting from the most beautiful natural scenery, mesmerizing mountains, wonderful lakes and rivers, stupas, ancient villages, the culture, and the most important people here.

If you are just bored by normal hiking walking down the trails all over and someone with wanderlust, then Nepal should be on your list too. And whats better than bike riding to the wonderful places that will leave you to feel like heaven, witnessing all those beauties, a best way to explore. If you love bike tours, then here are a few of the best places you can go for bike riding in Nepal.

1. One-Day Bike Tour in Kathmandu Valley

Source: Lonely Planet

A city known for its Himalayan views, monastery, culture, temples, and historical places, Kathmandu valley, has a lot to offer you. The famous trails you can have here can include Mudkhu to Tolkha, Balaju to Mudkhu to Tolkha to Budhanilkhanta, Jamacho, and Mudhku Single Track trails and Kathmandu to Kakani to Budhanilkhanta.

It will lead you to a meter of 2200 with the most beautiful and sizzling panoramic views. If you are into viewing the national park, witness the natural beauty, excited by the bike rides, explore the ancient villages and their culture, then this one day bike tour is just for you.

Moreover, on the ride, expect to be greeted with numerous “Namastes” from the locals, and hear local children giggling and running alongside or behind you, trying to keep up. There are lots of destinations that you can cover up if you have planned it for days.

2. One-Day Bike Tour to Peace Pagoda in Pokhara

Source: Himalayan Excursion Nepal

This is one of the incredible bike tours in the country. The peace pagoda is a top-rated biking destination that has very much accessible roads and can semiskilled riders can pass through it.

This place is so quiet and makes your mind very relaxed. Apart from this, you can take the pleasure of the villages, rice fields, Himalayan foothills, and the subtropical forests on your way to the peace pagoda.

The peace pagoda is one of the most picture-perfect places in Pokhara. The ride to this peace pagoda is one of the best ways to explore the hidden beauty of Nepal with mountains on both sides sparkling beautifully at you. While you are here, make sure you enjoy the breathtaking architecture before the downhill ride kicks in.

3. One-Day Bike Tour to Sarangkoat (Pokhara)

Source: Nepal Trekking

The Sarangkota viewpoint is the best place to enjoy the nature where the golden sun striking at the Himalayas around welcomes you. Bike tour to this place is the best decision because the view at the end of this tour will be once in a lifetime.

You will be fascinated by the beauty of the mountains, but make sure to stay warm as this place is quite cooler being at an altitude of 1600m. This place is renowned for its panoramic Himalayan views Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu as well as down on the city of Pokhara and Phewa lake.

While you ride towards Sarangkoat with paragliders floating all above you, adding colors to the sky. This bike ride will not be complete until you stop by the Nepali traditional farmland and explore the countryside. However, in Pokhara, there are many other places where you can go for your bike ride to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city.

4. Mountain Bike Ride to Upper Mustang

Source: Alaya Himalaya

Mountain bike riding to the upper mustang is just not a journey to complete but is a way to view the beautiful landforms of Nepal, the beauty that lies within here, and to understand the people and culture there.

This bike ride will make sure you finish with the wonderful memories that no other bike riding can provide. This is one of the most visited sites by the riders who love biking challenges.

To view nature at its best, along with exploring the natural scenery at an altitude of 2800-3900m, this place is a must-visit. A place that is untouched by modernization, upper mustang, shows you the Tibetian culture at its level best.

Moreover,lo-Manthang is the highlight of your adventure that has been visited by very fewer tourists along with the 15th-century town with the Tibetian culture recorded with a history dating back to 700 years ago.

5. Mountain Biking to Annapurna Circuit

Source: Himalayan Single Track

The bike ride to the Annapurna circuit is one of the most famous ones that let you explore the immense beauty of this country, Nepal. In regards to the fantasy of visitors towards the Annapurna circuit, nowadays Jeeptraking has been made possible because of which the bike riders get a better road trip with lesser difficulties.

It has helped to encounter the highest altitude biking trails that can be done nowhere else on the earth. The bike riding highlights the mostly the Annapurna glacier lakes, monasteries, and temples with colorful flying flags, jaw-dropping views, waterfalls, flora and fauna, natural hot springs, and many more.

Most people like to trek to this circuit; however, if you are both a bike rider and a trek lover, then you can take the route where you can hike up to Muktinath along the Marshyangdi River and start mountain biking the Annapurna Circuit. Hike up to Muktinath along the Marshyangdi River and start mountain biking the Annapurna Circuit.

6. Biking Trip to Shivpuri National Park

Source: Lonely Planet

If you are a resident of Kathmandu valley and tired of all the polluted atmosphere, then a bike trip to Shivpuri national park should be a good choice. Also, people from all over the world can enjoy the majestic view of Shivpuri national park enjoying all the nature around them.

The bike trip to Shivpuri national park takes you away from the day to day pollution and stress of Kathmandu valley and makes you fall in love with the alluring view of the park.

One of the excellent road trip, Shivpuri national park, introduce you with the lush green forest far away from the city walls. The best thing about the bike trip to Shivpuri is that it is easily accessible and can be completed easily within a day.

Bike tour across Nepal is just the best thing you can do in your life as it lets you witness the purity of nature, making you feel alive. However, you should be selective of the seasons for this.

Monsoon season should mainly be avoided, and catching sun is something its hard to deal with, so basically, spring season or cool winter days when the sun seems so pleasing are the best time to be making the bike trips across Nepal.

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