5 Major Reasons to Choose Manaslu Circuit Trek

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5 Major Reasons to Choose Manaslu Circuit Trek
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"5 Major Reasons to Choose Manaslu Circuit Trek

Wandering in the Himalayas can be both hard and refreshing at the same time. The beautiful serene beauty will leave you astonished. Beautiful Nepal offers you many choices for trekking trails. One of them is Manaslu Circuit Trek, the best remote and isolated trekking trail of Nepal. This trekking is for those travelers who take traveling as an adventure. This trail takes the travelers to the foot of the eighth highest mountain in the world and one of the most challenging passes in the Himalayas. This trail is recently opened for trekking, which starts from Sotikhola, Arughat, and ends at Barpak, Gorkha.
One has to take a bus tour from Kathmandu through newly constructed roads swinging from a side to another, which is quite fun. Manaslu Circuit Trek is Nepal’s off beaten trail rich in natural beauty, climatic vegetation, and culture.  During this trek, visitors can observe a spectacular view of flora and fauna in the Manaslu Conservation Area. Moreover, visitors can also spot some rare animals. Here are some top 5 reasons to choose Manaslu Circuit Trekking for your vacation in Nepal.

1. Best Isolated Off-beaten Path:

Source: BookMundi

Nepal has many famous trekking trails that are visited by many tourists throughout the year. But, Manaslu Circuit Trek is not that popular with the trekkers as it is a newly opened trail for trekking. Manaslu Circuit Trekking is all about reaching the foot of Mount Manaslu, enjoying the natural landscapes, vegetation, and cultures. This trail lies in Gorkha District. Manaslu Circuit Trek’s trail is through the Manaslu Conservation Area, which is home to many species of mammals, butterflies, birds, flowering plants. This region consists of 11 types of forest vegetation. 

Despite being newly opened, this trail provides you everything needed for an excellent refreshing holiday. This trek is the best option for people enthusiastic to trek through the wilderness and natural beauty in private. However, because of the natural beauty, cultural heritage of people living in this region, landscapes, and wildlife, this trail will surely give you a lifetime experience.

2. Remote Villages and Unique Culture:

Source: Life Dream Adventure

Manaslu Circuit Trek trail passes through many rural villages of Nepal. This trail is one of the best options to choose for those travelers who want to experience unique culture and tradition. The people living in this region are very warm-hearted and welcoming. While trekking through this region, you will find yourself several years behind the time. In these remote villages, you can involve yourself in the cultural and traditional practices of several ethnic groups living in this region.
Since the tourists least visit this region, you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the old traditional houses in these remote villages. Along with the breathtaking view of the mountains, you will surely experience unique cultures. As Buddhist people mostly inhabit this region, you will find lots of prayer flags, wheels, Chortens, and Monasteries. However, the lower region of this trail is inhabited by Hindu people. As you go towards the foot of the Himalayas, you will find the lifestyle being affected by the Tibetian culture.

3. Safe and Sound:

Source: Trek Hikes Nepal
This region was repaired after a massively destructive earthquake of 2015, of which the epicenter was itself in Gorkha at the endpoint of this trekking. The local authorities, as well as the locals, played a very important role in the restoration of this trail along with the accommodation for the guests. Moreover, visitors often get altitude sickness by coming at this level of altitude, but this can mostly be prevented by good accommodation and a good meal. Visitors should take a proper rest every day and maintain their hygiene so that they can remain healthy.
Trekking in Nepal can be tiresome but, the trails take you to the most outlying part of the country. For this trek, you must be in a completely healthy state because this trail demands more than any other trekking trails in Nepal. The people of this region are very helpful and loyal that you won’t feel left out at any time of the trek. You will get any kind of help you need while trekking through this region. Above all, you will feel very secured because of the friendly behavior of the people living in this area.

4. Supreme Natural Landscape and vegetation:

Source: Exciting Nepal

While exploring the off-beaten path of the Manaslu Trek, you will surely fall in love with the natural beauty of this region. Every day of trekking, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Manaslu. From Lho, you can observe the marvelous view of the peak while from Samdo, you will be fascinated by the single triangular summit. Moreover, you will surely be fascinated by the breathtaking view from Larkya La Pass, which is situated at the height of the 5160m, which is also the highest point during your trek.
Likewise, visitors can also enjoy the view of majestic Ganesh Himal, and a few sights of the Annapurna Mountain Range. The trail leads you to beautiful lakes and glaciers of the Gorkha District. As you elevate, throughout the trail, you will find diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can also come across the rare animal species like Blue Sheep, Himalayan Thar, Snow Leopard, and many species of birds and butterflies. If you are lucky enough, you can also come across the bird Lophophorous and spiny babbler, a bird found only in Nepal. Although these animals being seen are very rare.

5. Affordable Pricing

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The cost of trekking in Nepal depends upon the season. The cost is relatively high during the season and low in the off-seasons. The trek cost is also determined by the number of days and the group size. However, the food and accommodation are the same at any time of the year. In comparison to other trekking trails, the trekking cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is less expensive and affordable. The accommodation at this trail is mostly teahouse with all the required facilities and limited options on the menu. But, the price of food increases with an increase in elevation as the ingredients need to be carried by humans or donkeys.
Even though the price of food increases, the overall cost is less in comparison to other treks. During the past time, it was one of the best trails for camping and trekking. But now, for the convenience of the visitors, many tea houses are opened. Visitors can enjoy good food and rest warm in the beds of the tea houses.
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