5 Reasons for Why You Should Go on The Langtang Valley Trek

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5 Reasons for Why You Should Go on The Langtang Valley Trek
9 January, 2020 0 Comments

"5 Reasons for Why You Should Go on The Langtang Valley Trek

Trekking is something that is just not done for pleasure but even helps you maintain your physical and mental fitness along with considering your desire to move across the closeup beauty of nature.

Trekking is one of the best ways to explore nature, and if you have planned to go on your next trek, please make sure you mark up to Langtang valley, which is the beautiful and less of a crowded place.

Situated toward the north of Kathmandu, Langtang valley, also called the valley of glaciers, provides you the majestic view of mother nature and the beautiful Langtang mountain.

Not only this, the glaciers, snow-clad mountains, Langtang national park, with the tranquil lake of Gosainkunda make it awesome, making you close towards the species of rare flora and fauna.

Not only this, if you are looking forward to this trek, here are 5 best reasons to choose Langtang valley trek that will help you confirm that you wanted to for sure.

1. Easily Accessible for Everyone and Fewer Crowds of People

Source: Sublime Trails

Langtang valley, situated to 120 m north of Kathmandu, has the most moderate road conditions that make it easy to access from Kathmandu to Langtang. If you feel hard just to walk and trek, you can even hire a bus or ride a car on your own.

If you don’t wanna miss out on the majestic view of Gosainkunda lake, you can make it from Kathmandu via Helambu and Gosainkunda lake, which can get quite difficult but worth it.

Langtang valley trek has fewer crowds compared to other famous treks in Nepal because of the earthquake; however, the number of people accessing it has been increasing with the increase in the facilities and accommodations.

Another best thing about this trek is that whatever you are going to choose to head your way, you never gonna get traffic, and lodges shortage can never gonna be a problem. So if you are a peace lover, Langtang valley trek is just for you.

2. People Living Here and Culture

Source: Classic Outdoor

When it comes to Nepal, you should be prepared to get namastes all over your way or just say they are going to treat you like the most important person.

Even our culture says guests are gods, so make sure you gonna get treated very well wherever you go. And when it comes to Langtang, they treat their guest with full of love and gratefulness when you will step to their lodges or guest houses.

After the 2015 earthquake, most of the tourists made their way away from Langtang, but as time passes, the locals have done a lot of hardwork and rebuilt the tea house and other accommodations for the welcome to the tourists.

Their hospitality will make you fall in love with them. Their hardwork has paid off, and Langtang valley trek is gaining its popularity all over again. So if you wanna know about the culture and the locals of the Langtang, there can never be a wrong time to visit there. 

3. Spectacular Views

Source: Adventures Great Himalaya

Langtang valley is just so beautiful, and it does not even need high mountains to make you love this place.It does not have mountains higher than 8000m but immense beauty that will steal a piece of your heart every time you visit here.

Langtang living is a show stopper dominating the landscape of the Kyanjin gompa Village being the highest in the area. Even though this place has been destroyed on the 2015 earthquake and people can still see the debris.

However, it has risen from all that loss and maintained itself as one of the most beautiful places for trekking in Nepal. Travelers can see the rebirth of this Langtang village, and the number one reason for tourists to be here are the mountain views.

You will be enjoying the snowcapped hills and glaciers very close from the very first day of your trek.  Yala peak(5500m) or Naya Kanga is the mountains you can give a shot if you love climbing and are a experienced mountaineer.

4. Wildlife and Dense Forests

Source: Trekking Encounters

Langtang valley trek is famous for its wildlife and dense forest away from the snow-capped hills. if you are a rhododendron lover, then you are just at a right place.

It is very quiet and peaceful to walk across the forests, enjoying the beautiful greenery of the forests filled up with the oaks, bamboo etc.if you are all about this, then spring is the best time for you.

As you continue to walk, you will come across a national park that projects the rich biodiversity of Nepal. Not just above mentioned flowers and trees, but you may be surprised to see the animals like monkeys, deer, falcons, etc. but if you are lucky enough, you can even get a glimpse of the red panda which is considered endangered nowadays.  

The only trek where you will be entertained by all these beautiful small creatures all along your trek here is Langtang valley trek.

5. Diverse Culture and Landscapes

Source: Nature Lovers Treks and Tours           

Nepal is a country full of cultural biodiversity, and Langtang is no lesser in this. All over your trek to Langtang valley, you will come across a lot of people that has a different culture but will treat you very warmly that you will either wanna stay or go just to come back again.

You are sure to find the combination of newar, sherpa, and Tamang cultures who reside here in Langtang, respecting, and celebrating each other's religion.

Also, the diverse landscapes of this place will make your eyes glaze all over. As you continue to walk across the lower region, you will be viewing the national park with dense forests and wildlife.

You can see see the steep terraces where the people cultivate along with the greenery beneath the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas. As you make your way ahead, waterfalls, yak pastures, glaciers, and locals are there to welcome you.

Langtang valley is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal that wins the heart of people with its simplicity and the most heartwarming hospitality.

Even though ist not widely mentioned, you are unaware of the history of this place, once you are here, you will make excuses just to be there a little longer. There is no wrong time to be at Langtang valley. 

However, If you wanna enough the greenery the spring season, however, autumn is also considered suitable to visit Langtang. Sep to mid-Dec is the best time when the weather is warm is stable.

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