5 Best Beaches in Myanmar You shouldn’t Miss

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5 Best Beaches in Myanmar You shouldn’t Miss
4 April, 2020 0 Comments

"5 Best Beaches in Myanmar You shouldn’t Miss

Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, bordered to its west by India and Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand to its east and China to its north and northwest. The country is getting quite a popularity as a beach destination with its two thousand kilometres of coastline. Myanmar is an excellent place for tourists to unwind and enjoy some relaxing moments of the beautiful stretches and get insight into the local culture. The beaches in Myanmar is renowned for its gorgeous pearl sands, crystal clear waters, and budget accommodation options. These beaches will surely come to your refuge if you want a rejuvenating experience. Here is the list of top five beaches you can unwind at.

Ngapali Beach

Source: Kimkim

Named after the Italian city of Naples, Ngapali beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Myanmar. The beach has a pristine beauty and is renowned for its gorgeous pure white sand and palm tree-lined coast that stretches up to seven kilometres with many hotels and resorts, spreading out on the seashore. Hence, the beach is not only best for a rejuvenating experience but is also very convenient for you to choose an enjoyable accommodation for your exciting trip. The beach is also far from Yangon, making it one of the most charming beaches in Myanmar for you to chill-out, and move far from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can reach Ngapali Beach by a 45minutes flight from Yangon. This beach also offers you lots of sea sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and even golf serviced by the resorts. Besides, food lovers will love this place as the beach offers a wide variety of mouthwatering fresh seafood. While you are here, you should visit a fishing village and gorge for delicious seafood. All the charm and delicacies of the beach will surely impress you, and you will not have your fill of this beach with just single visit.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Source: Lonely Planet

This beach is perfect for those wanting to relax after a long journey, or simply wants to escape from the city’s fast life. Located, 48km from the west of Pathein, this beach is ready to welcome visitors. You can reach the beach via a private car or bus, with just a five-hour drive from Yangon. This beach offers you a chance to enjoy the peaceful and rustic life, enjoy sunbathing and swim, interact with the friendly locals, and indulge in a variety of seafood delicacies. What a better way to escape from the crowd that walking on the long white sandy shore and hearing the hum of the sea. One of the major attraction of the beach is the twin pagoda which makes this beach stand out from other beaches in Myanmar. The pagodas stand on top of two huge rocks, located on the southern part of the beach. If you walk towards the southern end of the beach, you will get a panoramic view of the beach. If you want to explore around the beach, you should rent a motorbike and ride around the sandy beaches.

Chaung Tha Beach

Source: TripAdvisor

Located around 40km from Pathein, Chaung Tha Beach is another renowned beach in Myanmar. Tourists all over the world consider this beach as one of the most beautiful in the world, mostly due to its charm and reasonable price for the middle classes. The beauty of this beach might not be as good as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung Beach, but it is very popular, particularly on weekends and on holidays. The beach is also easily accessible from Ngwe Saung, by driving along the coast, and is a great spot to spend your time with family. The golden sands and the clear water of the beach is a secret escape place for locals who visit here on weekends and during holidays. You can also enjoy snorkelling, horse riding, and cycling around the beach. There are also number of restaurants on the main beach, serving fresh seafood, mango and other delicious traditional dishes. The crab dishes are very famous around here. The serenity of the beach also makes it perfect for a romantic date.

Kanthaya Beach

Source: Indochina Voyages

Also famous as “Pleasant Beach”, Kanthaya Beach lies on the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State. The unspoiled and undeveloped part of the beach makes it perfect for an escape from the hustle of the city. However, you won’t get to enjoy any type of watersports. You also won’t be able to book for a room in advance, so after arriving here, search for accommodation. Even though you can’t book accommodation in advance, you can easily find a hotel on your arrival. This beach is different from other beaches in Myanmar, with its yellow sand mixed gravel. This beach will feel like you private beach with, far from the noisy urban. Even though you will miss on water sports, it is not big of a deal considering you will get a tranquil time. It’s the perfect place to get away from the worries of the world and enjoy your much-needed ‘me-time’! You can also visit nearby fisherman villages and gain some unique experiences. This beach will undoubtedly enchant you with its gorgeous natural landscape and local cultural characteristics.  This beach offers great insight into Myanmar’s coastal life, and you can also see lots of tropical birds. There are also many small hills for you to climb. The top of these hills also offers great views of the beach.

Maungmagan Beach

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Maungmagan Beach lies 12km west of Dawei and is said to be one of the most historical beaches in Myanmar. This beach was very famous with English tourists during the colonial era. Surrounded by hills and green rolling mountains, this pristine beach has a majestic setting. You will surely enjoy your time here with its sparkling crystal-clear water and waves crashing onto the beach. As compared to the weekends, this beach is relatively quiet in the weekdays. There are lots of simple restaurants that serve some of the most delicious fresh seafood in this beach. There are also fishing villages nearby, where you can get insight into the lifestyle of the locals, and enjoy fresh seafood delicacies. Maungmagan is not like other tourist-focused beaches that you see on the Bay of Bengal Coast. Here, you will mostly see locals on jeans and shirts, and very few tourists with swimwear. Here, you can enjoy the stunning views of the hills rising from the shoreline and gorgeous sunset views. There are also few hotels around the beach; the best one is the Maung Ma Kan Resort, and the more foreigner-friendly Coconut Guesthouse and Restaurant.

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