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25 awesome Places to Visit in 2020
30 March, 2020 0 Comments

"25 awesome Places to Visit in 2020


Source: The Independent

With Golden beaches, wildlife-rich jungles, rolling tea plantations, and mist-shrouded mountains, Sri Lanka are undoubtedly one of the best countries to visit in Asia. Get the mesmerizing view from the top of Adam’s Peak, swim with the world’s largest mammal, blue whale, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer.


Source: CoinDesk

Germany is great for world travelers, thanks to its top hiking spots, beautiful coastlines, and picture-perfect villages. The country is packed with numerous quirky attractions, like the onion museum in Weimar, the dumping ground/open-air museum in Berlin, and the gnome museum in Thuringian Forest, to name a few. 


Source: Wikipedia

Zimbabwe is one of the most underrated countries in South Africa. The country has lots of hidden gems to explore. It is also home to four World Heritage Sites; Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Parks, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, and the Kama Ruins. 


Source: Lonely Planet

Panama is one of the best countries you can visit in 2020. It is a small country with lots of coffee farms, rainforests, beaches, and a great tropical escapade. The country is also a paradise for the wildlife enthusiast. You can encounter exotic animals such as colorful quetzals, keel-billed toucans, ospreys, white-faced capuchins, and tamarins.


Source: KimKim

One of the most underrated countries, Egypt, contains immense, well-preserved history and a unique culture that one can only discover in the corner of North America. The country contains thousands of ancient Egyptian artifacts that are like nothing you have seen before.


Source: Eurasianet

Pronounced as Keer-Giz-stan, this country is the land of untainted natural beauty, celestial mountains, crystal clear lakes, and rolling pastures. With its widely dotted shepherds inhabit the country, the natural world is brought to life.


Source: World Finance

Jordan is great for a solo backpacker to explore and get many new experiences. Visit Mt. Nebo, Float in the Dead Sea, and go for epic adventures and explore lost cities. You can also take a tour of the dunes and pyramids from the back of a camel. 


Source: Bettervest

Rwanda is the ideal destination for those looking for a destination that will take you out of your comfort zone and right into nature. The major highlight of the country is Gorilla. Here, you will find many luxury lodges waiting for you to please and pamper in between gorilla treks.


Source: Times Higher Education

Brazil, the most biologically diverse country in the world, is great for nature lovers. It is also the largest country of South America and contains the first World Capital of Architecture for 2020.


Source: The Urban List

When it comes to Indonesia, people mostly think about Bali. However, the largest archipelago has a lot to offer. Indonesia is home to more than 20% of the world’s coral reefs, so it offers world-class snorkeling spots, diving spots and is also great for nature lovers.


Source: ETF - European Training Foundation - European Union

Belarus has recently boomed as one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe. The country has an impressive ensemble of cafes and a rocking nightlife. The country also has spectacular natural attractions and abundant wildlife.

Nikko, Japan

Source: Points and Travel

Japan is not only about its’ capital, Tokyo. Outside the capital, an easy escape is Nikko, where you will get a broad swath of history as well as a beautiful natural setting. This city is also famous for its hot springs where you can relax and take all the stress out.

United Arab Emirates

Source: World Atlas

It is the destination where luxury meets the future. Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, as well as the largest artificial island, Palm Islands. The capital, Abu Dhabi, contains one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


Source: Royal Caribbean

If you think you cannot get any better place to visit, visit Belize that opened up a world of Central American jungles, water adventures, and Mayan culture. Belize is ideal for those looking for an offbeat adventure. This country houses many pristine beaches and the world-renowned Blue Hole.


Source: TravelTriangle

India is renowned for its varied and exotic experiences and has more to offer than one can experience in a lifetime. The country has everything from snow-capped hills to golden beaches, forested wildlife reserves to crystal clear lakes, mighty volcanoes to barren deserts, ancient heritage architecture to glitzy skyscrapers, farm-striped villages to noisy urban centers.


Source: Gulf News

If you want to travel through golden dunes, climb stimulating mountain ranges, watch panoramas of start-strewn skies, and dive into the seas teeming with dolphins and turtles, then Omanis the place for you!

New Zealand

Source: Nations Online Project

New Zealand is the country where some of the best movies of the world have been shot. The country has gigantic national parks, the ever-dynamic and colorful Māori culture, bizarre flora and fauna, and the best sites for surfing and skiing in the whole world.


Source: Royal Caribbean

Croatia allows you to spend your days on clear sapphire waters and walk through ancient walled towns with Mediterranean houses. From white pebbly beaches, island-dotted coastlines, a rich cultural legacy, mighty palaces telling tales of kingdoms and empires, river canyons and waterfalls, jagged peaks and cavers, and picture-perfect lakes with the clearest of water, this heavenly country has it all.


Source: Forbes

Known as the happiest country on the planet, this country is renowned for its natural and cultural heritage.


Source: National Geographic

Mexico is an architectural wonder with steaming jungles, dramatic volcanoes, stunning wildlife, and Hispanic culture with some of the world’s greatest archaeological monuments.


Source: KimKim

Nepal, the country of the world’s summit Mt. Everest and the birthplace of the Buddha, has lots of natural wonders and cultural heritage. The country contains many peaks with more than 8000m height, many trekking routes, day hike routes, and also lots of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is one of the must-visit countries. 


Source: Euromoney

The precious archaeological sites and ancient culture makes Ethiopia one of the best countries to visit in the world. Ethiopia will make one hell of a trip with its numerous nature’s bounties, outdoor adventures, and historical wonders.


Source: Rough Guides

From breathtaking landscapes to downtown Lima, Peru is an amazing place for all those who like to live on the edge.


Source: Insider

Whether it is the artistic heritage, 17th-century legacies, beautiful canals, or contemporary music, there is something about this country that attracts travelers.

Costa Rica

Source: US News Travel - US News & World Report

This beautiful country in Central America has diverse flora and fauns. The rugged landscapes and idyllic beaches make it instantly famous among tourists and travelers.

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