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12 Best Things to Do on Lombok Island
11 March, 2020 0 Comments

"12 Best Things to Do on Lombok Island

Lombok is sometimes referred to as Bali’s little sister or Bali’s quieter siblings; either way, Lombok is a place you should not miss on your trip to Indonesia. Peaceful than Bali, you can easily reach the island and has much to offers to those seeking a more off-the-beaten-track destination. Here are a few activities you can involve in Lombok.

1. Trekking Mt. Rinjani

Source: Jonny Melon

Trekking Mt. Rinjani, one of the most popular activities on Lombok. Trekking to this 3726-meter summit involves challenging a three-day hike, and you may have to walk more than 12hours per day. You can only trek to this mountain between April and January due to the weather conditions. The month between January and April is the rainy season, and the trail is muddy and dangerous. Even the trip is tough; it is worth every effort.

2. Lake Segara Anak

Source: Trip Advisor

If you don’t like to head to Mt. Rinjani, how about going for an overnight trip to the Crater rim? This hike is also quite tough as you may have to walk up to eight hours to reach your campsite, but as a reward, you will get to see magnificent views of Lake Segara Anak, the crater lake. You will be hiking through a gorgeous forest, which is worth the trip itself, but you will also camp on the rim of a volcanic lake.

3. Visit waterfalls

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Lombok houses many waterfalls; however, the most popular and the most impressive are Tiu Kelep and Sindang Gila. Tiu Kelep and Sindang Gila Waterfalls lie in the small village of Senaru at the base of Mt. Rinjani. You can travel to this waterfall with just a one-day trip. The first and easiest waterfall you can reach is Sindang Gila. The path is easy through pristine forest, and you have to walk 215 wide steps to reach the base of the falls. You can easily hear the waterfall before you reach there, and it can look magnificent from the waterfall edge. On a hot day, you can also choose to go for a refreshing dip.

4. Visit Gili Islands

Source: Villa Finder

Gili islands are pretty close to Lombok; you can reach the islands in about twenty minutes by local boat. Gili islands are all sand islands and don’t have motorized transport. You can spend your time here lazing on a white sandy beach, sip a fresh coconut, and chill out on sea swing or part until the sunrise. These are the Gili islands in short.

Gili Air: It is the nearest island to Lombok and the medium-sized island perfect for everyone from solo travelers to families.

Gili Meno: situated between the two islands, Gili Meno is the smallest Gili and also the most peaceful. It is very famous among honeymooners and is also perfect for anyone seeking a retreat.

Gili Trawangan: The most buzzing Gili, Gili T is renowned for its partying vibe, but has much more to offer than just partying. It is the largest of the three and has the best shopping, including boutique stores.

5.    Check out the Secret Gili Islands

Source: Journey Era

Gili Islands are not only three; there are actually 26 Gili Islands around Lombok. Gili means island in the local Sasak language, but some of them are uninhabited. Some secret Gili islands are quite developed while some are still remote, but it can be fascinating to explore as much as of these islands. Visit these islands and find out which one of them is your favorite.

6. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

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The waters around the Gili Islands and Lombok are warm for most of the year and are quite popular for underwater life and many watersports. Also referred to as the turtle capital of the world, here you can see lots of turtles and even visit the sanctuary to learn about them. For adventure seekers, you can dive off the south coast of Lombok, Belongas Bay, where you will get a chance to see hammerhead sharks. However, this site is not for those with a weak heart. You may even encounter strong currents, including up and down currents.

7. Surf

Source: Viator

If you want to surf or learn to surf in a quieter place on your trip to Indonesia, you should choose Lombok. Here, you can not only surf, but also may choose to paraglide, kayak, kite surf, or even paddleboarding. For beginners, you can visit one of the best places to learn surfing in the world, Selong Belanak. For experienced ones, head to Mawi Beach, where you will some of the best surf you will ever witness.

8. Search for white and pink sand beaches

Source: Reader's Digest

Lombok contains many beautiful beaches in and around, many of them are white, while some of them are even Pink Beach. You can go to Mawan Beach near Kuta, which is a great place to grab a cool drink and enjoy beach life. There are also other choices like the Kuta beach, which is the main beach in Kuta and is perfect for families. Some other beautiful beaches around Lombok are Tanjung Aan Beach, Lancing Beach, Semeti Beach, etc.

9. Enjoy lunch at Ashtari Café

Source: Asia Travel Gate

Asthari Coffee House is famous for the view of Kuta Bay and attracts lots of people. Perched at the top of a hill, this gorgeous coffee shop and yoga shala is a charming place to enjoy delicious food with a spectacular view. The café also offers cooking classes between 10 am-12 pm and 1-3 pm, and you can also join yoga classes that run all day from 6:30 am to 5:15 pm. You can enjoy the view of the sunset while sipping on a cocktail.

10. Try various local foods

Source: TripAdvisor

Lombok offers some of the most delicious Indonesian food in the country. Here, you will encounter many Warungs (small family restaurants) that offer lots of authentic Indonesian food. Lombok is quite famous for its spiciness as the name of the island itself means ‘chili.’ If you want your food to be spicy, just ask them, and you will enjoy the spicy hot Indonesian dish.

11. Explore the countryside 

Source: TripAdvisor

The countryside around Lombok is beautiful. You can hire a scooter and drive around the countryside while soaking all its beauty. As you pass through scenic rice paddy fields, you will meet many locals waving with a smile. Most of the roads around here are in great condition.

12. Visit Sasak Village

Source: Indonesia Holiday

Lombok has an abundance of Sasak culture and traditions; Sasak is the natives of this island. At Sasak Village, you can see thatch and bamboo homes and rice barns are known as a Lumbung. If you want to experience authentic Sasak Village, visit Dusun Sade or Dusun Rambitan.

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