10 Strangest Places on Earth

10 Strangest Places on Earth
19 December, 2019 0 Comments

"10 Strangest Places on Earth

There are Some very mysterious places on earth which haven't been discovered by humans. There are some mesmerizing sites, and some still question mark to mankind.

Here, we are counting our picks of 10 places from Lost worlds that float in the sky to abandoned places frozen in time. Here are 10 of the strangest places on earth.

1. Mount Roraima

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This Giant Plateau sores up in the sky and is mostly surrounded by a sea of clouds. It has it's own very unusual and hard to believe ecosystem with many tall waterfalls and highly specialized plant and animal species such as pitcher plants and the Roraima bush toad. Located on the border of Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, 75 % of the mountain is in Venezuelan territory.

Also called "the floating island, to cliffs rise about 400 meters into this sky. Made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his 1912 novel, The Lost World, he writes that a group of explorers find dinosaurs and other extinct creatures are still alive on this mountain.  Some people believe that's always a possibility. Many say that Mount Roraima inspired the hallelujah mountains of Pandora in the movie Avatar as well.

2. Pripyat, Ukraine

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After the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, thousands of people were evacuated and rescued from the neighboring city of Pripyat. IN 30 years, most of the town is still there, standing still and frozen in time and left of decay.

The city/town had over 15 schools, a large hospital, pools, amusement parks, gyms, apartment buildings, everything a growing community needs, and everyone was evacuated just in 3 hours.

Also known as a ghost city, Pripyat looks similar like it did in 1986, and the clock is all frozen at 11:55- the time the electricity went out. Now over 10,000 tourists are attracted and visit the power plant and Pripyat every year.

The government has set an exclusion zone, a restricted space with a 19-mile radius that surrounds the blast area. No one can touch any of the items or sit down on anything in this area, and everyone is check for radioactive particles before they leave. 

3. McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

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The dry valley has deficient humidity levels, and the mountains around the valley prevent any ice from going down around it from glaciers. There is loose gravel covering the bottom of the valleys but no ice or snow. It is one of the extreme deserts in the world, with its only lake being saline lakes.

No lyrics living organism and bacteria have been found in the permafrost here. Researchers have claimed that it is as close to Mars as we can get. However, recently, water samples of blood falls have revealed, metabolism processes never before witnessed, and some bacteria have also been discovered.

It is believed that cold, dense air is pulled downhill by the force of gravity. The wind here is so strong; it can reach speeds of up to 200 mph.

4. Abandoned Military Hospital, Germany

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Beelitz-Heilstatten is a district in  Beelitz, Germany, that is made famous by a hospital complex that contains all 60 buildings. At first, the complex was built to treat tuberculosis and then became a sanitorium. But that at the beginning of the first war, it was a military Hospital. While some of the buildings have been restored, where most are left in worse condition and pretty spooky.

In 1916, even Hitler had his treatments here as he recovered from an injury in World War 1. Most of the areas are now shut down today, but the neurological rehab center and an area researching Parkinson's disease remains in operation. For those working there, rumor has it, and it is haunted. As the hospital survived so many years of turmoil, the place has seen many shady practices and events.

5. Travertine Pools of Pamukkale, Turkey

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Pamukkale means castle of pieces of cotton in Turkish, which makes sense once you see the pools in this place. They are made up of hot springs in travertines, which are left off of carbonate minerals by the flowing water.

When one considers the hills from the other end of the valley, you will see the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, built for the people to enjoy the health benefits of the hot water.

For more than 2000 years, people have been attracted to the springs. Deep in the earth, the water gets by volcanic lava. It dissolves pure white calcium and then spills out of the surface of the planet where is Seeps down the hillside.

As the calcium cools, it creates these formation making the hillside look kind of like a castle. Of course, for a place like this being unnoticed for an extended period, there must be a legend to go along.

No one was willing to marry this Turkish girl because everyone thought she was ugly, so she tried committing suicide by throwing herself off the travertine. However, she survived the fall and instantly transformed into a beautiful lady, and of course, caught the attention of a lord. So now everyone thinks that it is excellent for your health and makes you more attractive.

6. Richat Structure, Sahara

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The Richat Structure, also termed as the eye of the Sahara, is a mysterious round formation found in the Sahara near Mauritania. It appears to be some sci-fi experiment, but it is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical dome that is 25 miles wide area. This erosion in the layers is said to have formed high-relief circular slopes, giving it an image line of an eye from space.

Firstly, scientists thought it was created by asteroid impact structure due to its shape. However, the erosion theory is now the likely answer. Even now, they're still testing and studying the strange formation, and many people still have a lot of questions about it.

7. Shicheng, China 

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Shicheng City, or China's Atlantis, also known as a lion city or the city of lions, is an underwater city in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This city is strange for basically two reasons. One, it was forgotten and lost for thousands of years, and the other it has survived remarkably well underwater.

At a point of time, it was a puzzle of white temples, large buildings, and beautiful structural sculptures. But in 1959, the government of china built a new hydroelectric power station, and they flooded the ancient city. Now it is under the human-made lake divers can only visit it. The government forgot about the city and the fact that they covered it up. 

8. Fly Geyser, USA

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Termed as one of the most beautiful geysers (made accidentally ) in the world, Fly Geyser can be found in Washoe County, Nevada. Talking about the dimensions, It is just 5 feet high by 12 ft wide.

Though it lacks naturality but rather the result of a test site after a geothermal Power Company drilled into the Rock. No one knows what happened next or what went wrong to create this unique formation, but it was likely one of two reasons. The well was not capped correctly, or it was less unplugged. Soon after, mineral started rising and accumulating, creating the travertine mound. 

9. The Maunsell Sea Forts, United Kingdom

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From afar, these look like the kind of like oil rigs or something, but they are just old sea forts, which are known as the Maunsell Forts. These were built during World War 2 to help defend the United Kingdom.

Each fort has built-in firearms and was initially being used by both Army and Navy personnel rarely. Today they are nearly entirely abandoned and left to decompose to the point of no return. No one knows why they weren't taken down, demolished or repurposed is unknown.

10. Darvaza Gas Crater (Door to Hell), Turkmenistan

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Officially known as the Darvaza Gas Crater,  the "door" is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan. When seen up close, which you never really want to be, you will see fire, boiling mud, and orange flames in the hole.

The crater itself is over 200 ft wide and over 60 ft deep. It was first to identify by Russian engineers in 1971. That's when drilling began, and a natural gas pocket was discovered.  

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