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10 Romantic Getaways in Indonesia
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Romantic Getaways in Indonesia

Indonesia has lots of majestic places and lots of things, which makes it the number one destination for honeymooners. Indonesia stands out as a romantic gateway with idyllic exotic beaches, historical attractions, natural vegetation, and more. 

To craft the memorable moments with your loved one, Indonesia gives you the experience of an unforgettable and dreamy honeymoon. Here are the 10 romantic getaways in Indonesia listed to flourish love between you and your partner.

1. Bali 

Source: Agoda

For a memorable and romantic honeymoon, nothing tops tropical island Bali. With the breathtaking views of the forest, wildlife, fascinating culture, and luxurious hotel, this place promises mesmerizing moments during your stay.

If you are willing to have an adventure or a trip to Bali, then there are lots of things to do.  Explore the exotic species in the forest of Bali, which is quite surprising for nature lovers. For more actions, head to Ubud for the romantic gateway on hills and mountains.

Couples will love the fantastic ocean-atmosphere in Uluwatu. After you are done with the exploration, rejuvenate yourself with the relaxing couple massage, romantic dinners, yoga retreat, and more. Nevertheless, Bali guarantees a perfect balance of romantic alone time and exciting adventure time.

2. Belitung

Source: Cruisemapper

Belitung is one of its kind and a real gem to the tourism of Indonesia. Belitung has been quickly one of the country’s popular destinations. The exotic nature and romantic vibes prove it’s the perfect place of newlyweds.

While you are planning to visit this dreamy location, check out the island off the coast of Sumatra, which is home to private resorts that come with great honeymoon packages. When sun tries to hide, be at Tanjun Pendam Beach for the sighting of the glorious sunset while you set a romantic candlelight nearby resorts.

3. Komodo

Source: Skift

Komodo Island is an island of exotic charm and natural beauty. Couples who are seeking a romantic getaway and get lost in lush nature will definitely love komodo. The months of March and June or September will be the best season to get a honeymoon trip on this island.

There are lots of adventures in Komodo. Dive into the blue water of Pink Beach or explore marine life, including species and amazing corals.

Merah Beach, Batu Beach, and Tatawa Beach are nearby, which is best for exploring. Besides, do not forget to visit the Komodo National Park and feed komodo dragons up close in their habitat.

4. Ora Beach 

Source: I Like Local Blog

Yet another but exotic beach, Ora is a romantic destination and popular amongst the newlyweds. Ora Beach is perfect for a romantic walk with crystal water of Sawai Bay, white sand, and a fantastic view of islands.

Unlike other beaches, there are few resorts here but gives the feels pure luxuriousness with a budgeted cost. While you are this beautiful beach, do not forget to rent a private boat to explore the island.

After that, dive in the sea or snorkeling on the beach for relaxation. The main attraction is its forest island of Seram, where you can trek and explore the wild birds.

5. Banyuwangi 

Source: Wikimapia

The jewel in the crown of island Banyuwamgi is its unrivaled views of mountains and hills. Banyuwangi gives you the vibes of peace and freedom to you and your partner.

Most of the honeymooner has the attractions on Ijen Volcano, which throws the blue flames that spring out among the yellow sulfurous rocks. Another main attraction of this island is its Sukamdae beach.

If you get lucky, you can see baby turtles take first steps to the wild adventure of the ocean. If you find a free schedule after all this, then visit Baluran National Park or go snorkeling in Bame Beach.

6. Banda Island

Source: The Jakarta Post

Banda Island is another island with crystal clear waters and filled with exotic marine life. The highlights of this place include sailing, diving, and numbers of suites and resorts. The resorts in Banda luxurious and gives you a feeling of comfort and best services.

The most of the resorts on this island are of romantic themed and add flavors of the lovely environment with facilities like massages and private candlelit dinner. Apart from this visit, the Batu Kapal, Hatta Reef, and Nusa Laut for sailing, diving, or exploring the island.

7. Seram Island 

Source: Trover

Despite being relatively in a remote location, it happens to be the perfect honeymoon gateway for you and your spouse. Located in Maluku, Seram Island is worth your money and time. The main attraction of this island is its private and exotic beach Ora Beach and is famous among the honeymooners.

Your stay will be companied with comfortable luxury resorts and breathtaking views of beaches and lush, pristine jungle. Seram Island is also a heaven for couples who like to explore wildlife and hike.

8. Yogyakarta 

Source: We Are Travel Girls

Yogyakarta is the beating heart of Javanese Culture, and honeymooners can pick from an array of cultural events, including puppets shows, art exhibitions, rock concerts, and many more.

For a unique honeymoon trip, look beyond the idyllic beach paradise and exotic natural habitats, and you will find hidden gems in the beautiful city Yogyakarta. Situated on the island of Java, Yogyakarta is described as the cultural heart of Indonesia.

Couples who are in seek for cultural exchange will immediately fall in love with this place because of its traditional landmarks such as temples, numerous mountains, and waterfalls. Your honeymoon has to include its stunning temple and ruins, which reflects the sense of mystery and grandeur.

Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Ratu Boko temple is a stunning sight to behold. Apart from this hike on Mount Merapi, Kalibiru National Park, try sandboard on Gumuk Pasir, visit Goa Pindul, and Jomblang cave for the beautiful experience.

9. Lombok 

Source: Don't Forget to Move

Lombok is the perfect choice for couples who fancy tranquil along time the entire honeymoon. Located on an island east of Bali, Lombok is the magnet for tourists, and still, many places of this island are untouched. For the love birds,  Lombok offers almost endless possibilities.

The stay in Senggigi and Qunci villas will give the experience of luxuriousness.  The paradise islands Gilli Trawangan, Gilli Meno, and Gili Air, has lots of adventures waiting for you. Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and partying on these beaches are highlights of this place.  Overall, you can have an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature’s charm in each other arms.

10. Togean Island

Source: anianywhere

Togean Island is the tropical honeymoon hotspot and has one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Mentioning the romantic honeymoon, Togean delivers all the spices for your trip. Hop from one forested golden beach island to the next, where hammocks are plentiful.

Couples can enjoy the popular Kadidiri guesthouse with beach scene with night-time bonfires and cold beers to chill. The beaches are the most attractive place and have white sand, and you can try some watersports for fun.

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