10 Recommended Treks in Nepal During Monsoon

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10 Recommended Treks in Nepal During Monsoon
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Recommended Treks in Nepal During Monsoon

Although the peak season to trek in Nepal is from September to November/December, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to do besides these months. The monsoon in Nepal starts from about Mid-June and ends on Early-September.

And, this might a suitable time to trek in Nepal as the numbers of crowds are lower and prices are affordable. But, of course, the trails are slippery due to rain. So, you need to find the best trekking destination where you will be safe, and you can also have fun.

Finding trekking is a nuisance for you. So, we have listed down the recommended treks in Nepal during monsoon.

1. Upper Mustang Trek

Source: Mount Mania

The high elevation and unique landscape of Mustang lie on the northern side of Annapurna massif and south to the rain shadow where there is less rain and makes it an ideal destination for a monsoon trek. The trail starts from Kali Gandaki gorge and ends in the 400m mountain passes.

Along the way, you will pass through stunning Buddhist villages, hidden caves, and ancient monasteries. Besides that, you can also enjoy the majestic view of 8000m snow-capped peaks. Likewise, the forbidden kingdom of Lo Manthang that offers you a glimpse of Tibetan culture is one of the main highlights of the trek.

2. Dolpa Circuit Trek

Source: Panorama Trek

If you want to enjoy the very best scenery of nature and also experience some local culture in your trek, Dolpa Circuit Trek is for you. With its isolated and shrouded land structure, both its nature and culture are untouched, which makes it a suitable option for trekking in Nepal.

One your way to the destination, you will have the opportunity of visiting brilliant villages along with the views of brown rolling hills and lots of yaks. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the marvelous beauty sparkling snow at the Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Likewise, the deepest lake of Nepal, Phoksundo Lake, set at high altitude is the highlight of the trip where you can spend some time exploring the surrounding areas.

3. Rara Lake Trek

Source: Global Adventure trek

For the past few years, Rara has become more famous than ever, and a lot of tourists are seen here. And it not for nothing! Home to the smallest yet incredibly beautiful National Park and the biggest lake in the world, Rara Lake Trek provides you with both scenery and adventure.

Even though the path to reach Rara Lake is a difficult path, the feeling when you get to the top will be inexpressible. The crystal clear water surrounded by Himalayan flora and alpine meadows is sure to melt your heart.

Besides that, if you are a bird lover you will have something extra at the lake as the number of birds is more than annual trekkers in the lake.

4. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Source: Advance Adventures Nepal

If you are looking for a trekking destination in Nepal, you might have heard about Annapurna a lot of times. And, that’s all for a good reason. Annapurna Circuit is not only best at peak time, but it also provides fantastic adventure in monsoon as well. The trails can be a little slippery, but the trek is worth the effort.

Along the way, you will have the opportunity of tasting delicious apple pie and a breathtaking view of the Annapurna Range. Once you get to the top, you will be welcomed by the locals in their tea house, where you can experience their local culture and taste local food.

5. Humla’s Limi Valley trek

Source: Magical Nepal

Looking for a trekking destination where you can experience panoramic views of the mountains but with fewer crowds? Himula’s Limi Valley Trek is the best option for you. Besides the views, this unspoiled place offers you the best local cultural experience as it is the most remote district in Nepal.

To reach your destination, you will follow the trails through the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage. Once you visit Limi Valley, you will feel like you are back in time because of its ancient houses, which haven’t been touched by modernization.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy the view of red rockscape and snow-capped mountains. 

6. Nar Phu Valley

Source: The Great Adventure Trek

Set on the north of Annapurna, Nar Phu Valley is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal for monsoon with its unique landscapes and wild trek. Besides these, the number of visitors in Nar Phu Valley is extremely low, so the odds are that you can have the entire trail to yourself.

But you need to have at least two trekkers to get permission to trek to the valley. Along the way, you can also experience alpine scenery and medieval Tibetan culture and ancient Buddhist monasteries.

Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the high plateaus and unparalleled beauty of the snow-capped Annapurna Range. 

7. Tilicho Lake Trek

Source: Awesome Nepal

Trekking is always marvelous along the way if it combines with extraordinary views, but what if the destination is even more glorious? To find that, trek to the Tilicho Lake. It is one of the most wonderful achievements for trekkers, as the lake is at the highest altitude in the world. You will have a sense of proud moment when you get to the lake.

Even though the trails of the trek are a little dangerous and slippery, the trek is worth the effort. With gorgeous flora and fauna along with the magnificent views of the Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Himchuli, and Nilgiri, you will fall for the beauty of this place.

8. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Source: Himalaya Adventure Sports

Located in the famous Annapurna Region, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is best not only at peak months but also suitable during monsoon. Not only is it suitable, but despite some slippery path, the trekking trail is easy that can be climbed by the people of any trekking experience and age group.  

As for the route, the path starts from Pokhara; you will pass through Ulleri to reach Ghorepani and climb to the top of Poon Hill at 3210 m. Once you reach the top of the hill, you can enjoy the marvelous view of the Himalayas, including Annapurna, Machhapuchhre,  Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri.

Besides trekking options, you can also get a glimpse of Gurung, Thakali, and Magar’s local culture and which makes it one of the best destinations for travelers who are interested in culture.

9. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Source: Nepal Hiking team

If you want to experience the perfect blend of lush greenery, unique local culture, and majestic mountain views, Manaslu Circuit Trek might be the best option for you. As for your trekking route, the trails start from Soti Khola, and the final destination is Larkya La Pass at the elevation of 5160m.

Along the path of your trek, you will witness several stunning villages with rich local culture and heritage and mesmerizing beauty of the biological diversity of this region. Furthermore, once you get to the top, you can enjoy the up-close view of the majestic Manaslu mountain.

10. Helambu Trek

Source: NEST Adventure

Helambu Trek is the shortest and probably easiest trek that is suitable for almost any season. If you are in a tight schedule, but you still don’t want to miss what monsoon trek in Nepal feels like, this trek is the best choice for you. 

Likewise, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the marvelous natural beauty and unique landscapes as you travel along the path. Besides these, the upper part of Helambu offers Gosaikunda lake, which is also one of the best destinations.

Furthermore, if you are a bird lover, you will have extra fun with the sound of birds singing. Finally, after you reach the destination, you will be blessed with the beauty of the Himalayas, including the Langtang range.

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