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10 Places in the US Every American Should See
8 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Places in the US Every American Should See

We might have traveled some of the best places around the US. It turns out there are more out there and are must-visit places. There are plenty of places across the state of the US where you can feel relaxed and enjoy your trip.

The number of attractions in the US is so diverse that it is almost impossible to narrow down to it on a list. However, you have listed the top 10 must-see places in the US.

1. Grand Canyon 

Source: Viator

The trip to Grand Canyon can be a life-changing experience. There are so many things to do in this majestic place.  You can enjoy hiking down to its depths and rafting through the splendid Colorado River.

The most amusing facts are that the mighty Colorado River has been expanding the Grand Canyon for more than 6 million years. This gives plenty of reasons for tourists to travel to Grand Canyon.

Even further, for the best experience, check out the Grand Canyon Village to catch the great views of the Grand Canyon. On top of all, there are affordable hotels near Grand Canyon with great services.

2. Maui, Hawaii

Source: Azamara

Most of the places in Hawaii are well known for its beautiful beaches, but Maui is one in millions. Over the years, Maui has been voted as the ‘Best Island’ by readers of Conde Nast Traveler.

This title perfectly suits Mau as pristine beaches, lush green valleys, stellar resorts, quaint villages, and iconic landscapes give you the experience you never had. On addition, every Beach of Maui Island is unique, ranging from palm-lined avenues to black sand beaches.

If these are not enough, top-notch water spots will grab your attention. Hikers can also enjoy their trip around this area with isolated trails through bamboo forests and volcanic mountains. 

3. Yellow Stone National Park 

Source: National Geographic

Established back in 1872, Yellow Stone National Park is the oldest National Park in the world. It has been tourists' attraction for more than about five generations. Spread over an area of more than 2.2 million, Yellow Stone National Park offers you the unbeatable natural beauty, stretches of wilderness, and lofty peaks.

Some of the locations in Yellow Stone National Park are surreal as the formations of lakes, stones, and peaky mountains are out of this planet. Overall, you can enjoy your trip to Yellow National Park.

4. Las Vegas 

Source: Visit The USA

Las Vegas needs no introduction. If you are making a do list, for Las Vegas, you might never finish it. Trip to Las Vegas will be full of unforgettable moments.

This world’s entertainment is well known for its restaurants, bustling casinos, 5-star hotel, and stellar boutiques. How can we forget the spectacular life of Las Vegas? When the sun goes down, Las Vegas becomes even more exciting.

Enjoy the tall scrappers with lightings all around you, street performances, zip lines, and even more. One place to never miss out during the visit to Las Vegas is its trip to Sin City. The one who visits Sin City will be overwhelmed with its lust.

5. Mississippi

Source: US News and World Report

How can we forget about the trip of Mississippi when we are talking about the US trip. Mississippi is another perfect destination for those who are looking for a family trip. Apart from its natural beauty and habitat, Mississippi is popular for the birthplace of Mardi Gras, jazz and voodoo dolls.  

Although a hurricane destroyed all these, a walkthrough to their ruminants is still amazing. Some of the house built in Mississippi are still built before the Civil War in Nacheze through which the Delta  Queen goes. 

6. Alaska 

Source: Royal Caribbean

Alaska is best known for it's isolated vast and frozen places. Once you got here, fly around the glaciers and forests by helicopter or plane to view the true beauty of Alaska.

There is the largest fleet of private aircraft through North America, where you can book helicopter tours. In April, the middle part of Alaska remains frozen, and ice comes down the banks and gives a perfect opportunity to water suit or boat around the lakes of Alaska.

While you are a tour on a boat, you might lucky and get a glimpse of bald eagles and bears trying to catch fish. For adventurous travelers, Alaska offers ski and snowboard from some of the risky mountain peaks.

Despite being one of the coldest places in the USA, there are plenty of foods to enjoy, like salmon and other fishery items.  When night overtakes daylight, northern lights will make your jaw drop the moment you laid your eyes on it. 

7. New York

Source: Agoda

Although being one of the hectic places in the USA, New York has a lot to offers to its tourists.  It is one of the exciting cities in America, which pulls the brightest from all the corners of the globe.

The skyscrapers of Wall Street, neon lights of Times Square, colorful ethnic claves, New York never lets down its visitors when it comes to entertainment.  

If you want to discover the real spirit of New York City, explore the hip streets of Greenwich Village; try out one of the trendiest bars, restaurants, walkthrough the ethnic enclaves of Little Italy or Chinatown

8. Niagara Falls

Source: Must Do Canada

Who doesn’t want to visit Niagara Falls? Known as the Thundering Waters or Onguiaahra, Niagara Falls has been labeled as the most liked destination over the decades.  

There is no doubt; Niagara will wow you with its breathtaking immensity of surging water. The perfect gateway does not exist unless it’s Niagara Falls.

Enjoy the trip to spectacular Niagara Falls, explore in a cable car over the whirlpool over or and take a helicopter ride over the roaring waters to witness the surreal views. Want more of this extraordinary fall. The Goat Island near Niagara Falls offers breathtaking views of two falls, Horseshoe Falls and Niagara Falls. 

9. Boston 

Source:  Boston University

The Boston city sights show nearly four centuries. While you are here, start your tour on the Freedom Trail and explore Paul Revere House and Boston Common.

On further, you can discover Beantown’s artsy side at the Museum of Fine arts, where fashion meets arts. For a baseball fan, catch games at Fenway Park, home to Red Sox. Boston might be the cheapest place to visit, where most of the place won’t cost a penny.

10. Thor’s Well 

Source: Live Science

Thor’s Well is a hole carved out of the basalt shoreline in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.  Situated near Spouting Horn, Thor’s Well is hazardous places to visit.

The only safest time to visit Thor’s well is when low tide is surfing. You want to grab your cameras and take the dramatic look of the water coming in and out — that’ why many of the tourists visit Thor’s well during the high tide. But, be careful and do not get too close, as most of the incidents happen around by sneaker waves surprising visitors.

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