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10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Indonesia
10 March, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Indonesia

Everybody knows Indonesia is home to pristine beaches and picturesque mountains, but this archipelago is not about these only. Whether you are looking just to chill out on the beach, go wild with the party, or relax in a tranquil environment, Indonesia has it all. Indonesia houses some of the most stunning waterfalls in the world that offer not only otherworldly experience but also mindblowing vistas that rejuvenate your soul. Indonesia’s waterfalls are such a beauty that any nature enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with it.

Below is the list of some of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can see in Indonesia, where you can simply unwind between nature.

  1. Gitgit Waterfall

Source: Lolapan Travels

Gitgit Waterfall, the most legendary waterfall in Bali, is one of the most popular and gorgeous waterfalls that cascades down from a height of 35meters. It is a stunning fall, bounded by verdant green forests. Situated amidst Bedugul and Singaraja, you can reach this fall with a short hike. If you are traveling to Lovina Beach, don’t forget to stop here, it can be the best you will ever see. The fall drops down to a small pool guarded by a shine. You can even swim in this refreshing pond and spend some time chilling. Here, you will also find some cafes and shops selling souvenirs at the entrance of the waterfall where you can grab a quick bite.

  1. Sekumpul Waterfall

Source: The World Travel Guy

Sekumpu Waterfall, a mesmeric sight to witness, will stay in the heart of every nature lover. Sekumpul, one of the best waterfalls in Bali, contains six to seven slender cascades, dropping down from about 80meters height. You have to take a moderately challenging trek through verdant bamboo woods to reach this waterfall. You will also get stunning views of seven cascades from the peak, and adventure lovers can enjoy the hike crossing small streams and trekking down. The waterfall also has a stunning pool where you can dip for a refreshing swim.

  1. Air Terjun Moramo, Sulawesi

Source: Twitter

Another outstanding fall worth mentioning is the Moramo waterfall, which originated from the Tambolosu Mountains located in Kawasan Suaka Alam Tanjung Peropa Sulawesi Tenggara. The waterfall is about sixty kilometers away from the city of Kendari. This gorgeous waterfall offers unique views of the water plunging over large granite rocks that range from half to three meters high. Moramo also contains a terrace form with seven large and sixty smaller steps that create dense ponds. From the area, you can get a gorgeous panoramic view of superb verdant forests, butterflies, and chirping birds. You may even get to see some endangered species of Sulawesi, including the black monkey and dwarf buffalo.

  1. Aling Aling Waterfall

Source: Trip Advisor

For adventure buff, Aling Aling waterfall will be the best one you will ever visit in Indonesia. The refreshing plunge pool, natural waterslide, lush green surrounding, and shower that falls like spray makes the entire valley looks gorgeous and scenic. This is the best place in Indonesia to spend some stimulating time with family.

  1. Banyumala Waterfall

Source: Something of Freedom

For those seeking to escape from the touristy crowd of Bali, visit the Banyumala waterfall, where you will get to experience tranquil surroundings and enjoy time relaxing and rejuvenating. The waterfall lies in the middle of the opulent valleys of the Wanagiri village in Buleleng, so you need to trek a lot to reach this natural wonder. Also renowned as Air Terjun Tirta Kuning or Yellow Waterfalls, this waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Indonesia.

  1. Nungnung Waterfall

Source: Wanderers & Warriors​

Nungnung waterfall is another gorgeous one that lies in southern Bali. This stunning waterfall lies about 45km away from Denpasar. You will be traveling through scenic rice fields, plantations, and small streams to reach a more beautiful fall. Nungnung waterfall is at an elevation of 900m above sea level and offers mesmerizing experience with its magical site and continual thunder. To reach the gorge at the bottom of the fall, you will have to climb down 500steps. This spectacular waterfall is popular among both tourists and locals.

  1. Air Terjun Benang Kelambu, NTB

Source: Wordpress

Located at the base of Mt. Rinjani in the Aik Berik Village, north of Central Lombok, the Benang Kelambu Waterfall flows between woods and out from a hill, making very thin streams of soft, pristine water. The name “benang kelambu” comes from its water that flows softly and quietly that portrays benang kelambu or ‘mosquito net’ like features. Here are two groups of waterfalls, each with a height of approximately forty meters. The first fall’s water plunges down to the lower levels where resides rock formations and structures. There is a belief among Balinese that this waterfall is a fountain of youth, and those who bathe in this water will never age.

  1. Blahmantung Waterfalls

Source: Bali Travel Hub

Blahmantung Waterfalls, also renowned as Pupuan waterfall, is another best waterfall you can visit in Indonesia. The water plunges from an elevation of a hundred meters. This strikingly outstanding waterfall is a group of three falls. The first two cascades are close to each other, situated near a shrine. The third one is a bit far and secluded in the middle of a forest overlooking an irrigation dam. However, all three of these waterfalls are mind-blowingly splendid and offer a tranquil break from the hustle and chaos of cities.

  1. Tegenungan Waterfall

Source:Ubud VW Tour

Situated between Ubud and Denpasar, Tegenungan Waterfall is truly a Balinese paradise that any nature enthusiasts will fall in love with. You can access the waterfall with a scenic trek through a dense forest. The area has lots of shacks and shops dotted around, so if you want to grab a bite or relax a bit before trekking, you can choose among one of these. No matter which way you choose to reach Tegenungan, you will have a great scenic ride through small villages and rice terraces.

  1. Air Terjun Dua Warna, Sibolangit, Sumatera Utara

Source: Trip Advisor

Dua Warna, also known as “The Waterfall of Two Colours,” lies in the village of During Sirigun, North Sumatra, at an elevation of 1270 meters above sea level. The name of this waterfall comes from the two gradients of color produced by phosphorus and Sulphur levels in the water that provides two different shades of gray-white and light blue. You can swim in this water and camp here, but you cannot drink this water. Visitors can reach the waterfall with a 2-3hours hike, which can be a bit challenging; however, it is totally safe and certainly worth the effort.


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