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10 Most Beautiful Towns in the US
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Most Beautiful Towns in the US

It is tough to tell which destination is most beautiful in America. There are hundreds of amazing places, and each one has its uniqueness. Some places are famous for their nature and others for their historical value. But we cannot deny the fact that each visit gives you memorable moments.

Upon searching for beautiful towns in America, you might tumble upon various web pages. Do you want to make your gateway or vacation to be relatively calm with a private atmosphere? If you are in search of a perfect destination, you came to the right place. Here are the ten most beautiful towns in the US.

1. Florence, Oregon 

Source: Wikipedia

Everyone is in love with Oregon’s lush, green forests, but there is something about the state’s rugged coastline that takes its beauty to the next level. At the mouth of the Siuslaw River lies an attractive waterfront with dunes and rolling waves.

The aura of the surrounding is mesmerizing with a peaceful and relaxing environment. This place is a paradise for nature lovers. Furthermore, you can hike around the woody forest to explore more of Florence. While you get lost in the beauty of Florence, do not miss out on the scenic vistas, the largest sea cave, packed with sea lions.

2. Holland, Michigan 

Source: Inc. com

Famous for its magnificent tulips field, Holland is one of its kind in America. Every spring season, around 4.5 million tulips flourish around the city in celebration of the annual Tulip Time Festival. We cannot deny the fact that these tulips certainly helped this city seal the favorite place among travelers.

Not only the tulips, but hundreds and thousands of flowers are also decorated in traditional Dutch architecture in this Michigan City. On top of that, visitors are welcomes to the eastern shore of Lake Michigan for the paranoiac view of beaches and lakefront sunsets.

3. Beaufort, South Carolina 

Source: Eat Sleep Play Beautfort

Enjoy the trot under the moss-covered live oak trees or antebellum mansion on the seat of a horse-drawn, in beautiful city Beaufort. For the history lovers, this city is elegant and features remnants from colonial times, and for the reminders, this city is the state’s second-oldest city.

As for natural beauty, Beaufort is unrivaled.  Situated among the Sea Islands, Beaufort is surrounded by marshland, heaven for fishing carters, and sunset kayak tours.

4. Yountville, California 


Image of sand and sea flashed right in front of you when you think about California. Infact, you will be surprised to know, California is the land of vineyards. Vineyards of Yountville looks more like French countryside than the quintessential Cali seascape. Moreover, once you set an eye on a wine country in Napa Valley, you will beg to take a ride on a bicycle and get lost in these beautiful yards.

Its jewel on the crown is its Yountville Mounts, with the rugged landscape, creating the best experience for divine Cabernet Sauvignon.

5. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 

Source: Pinterest

Harpers Fery location is unrivaled where West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland meet and where the Potomac Rivers and Shenandoah combines. The junction is accompanied by the leafy Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, which has been called the most painted town in America.

The history of this town also draws the interest of people as it was not only the site of John Brown’s raid but also stonewall Jackson trained his famous brigade.

6. Port Townsend Washington

Source: Atlas Obscura

Washington does not seem like to be a city where you can enjoy gateway or vacation with all crowded places around. However, Port Townsend might change your mood. Port Townsend is a place where woodlands meet saltwater in the seaside getaway, which is one of the three Victorian seaports in the nation.

Despite being, modernize the city, Port Townsend has old-fashioned buildings and mansions, which is quite fascinating. And you will get mistaken waterfront for a charming New England Village. 

7. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Source: Arkansas.com

Eureka Springs has earned itself a nickname of “The Little Switzerland of America” because of its unrivaled beauty.  The northwestern Arkansas city with Victorian Flair is a valley in the Ozarks with windy streets that has natural curvature of the rugged landscape. For the small town, visitors will be amazed to accompany with manors, cottages surrounded by the beautiful views of lakes and rivers.

8. Portland Maine 

Source: Wikipedia

The scenery of Portland is unparalleled, whether it is streets filled with Victorian-era homes or rocky coastlines. Not only the roads, but you can also enjoy the marvelous view of the best oceans around. Portland Head offers you a breathtaking view of the sea. For the best experience, visit Portland Head during the Sunset. We will recommend bringing your loved one.

This town is so fascinating; you will extend your vacation with the perfect accommodation like the Portland Press Herald Building and Press Hotel. And don’t forget about the culinary highlights of this town. There are plenty of restaurants offering the finest dishes Portland can offer. Eventide Oyster, Honey Paw, Central Provisions, and Portland Lobster Company are the eateries option for travelers.

9. Ashville, North Carolina 

Source: Travel Awaits

Well-known for food-destination, Rhubarb, Curate, and Night bell is the food heaven for food lovers. However, there are more restaurants and bars. You can enjoy the rest of your day exploring the North Carolina Arboretum. Apart from North Carolina Arboretum, visit Biltmore Estate, grand dame Omni Grove Park Inn.

After exploring most of the places in this town, try to travel to Ashville neighbor Blue Ridge Mountain. The view from here is impressive, and Blue Ridge Mountain has a leg up on most other places in the country.

10. Lake Placid, New York 

Source: Trip101

Thanks to its combination of rolling mountains and spring-fed 2173 acre lake, Lake Placid,  is packed with stunning destination and beauty. Popular among the hikers, fishermen, and skiers, you can enjoy the rustic gateway in Lake Placid with lots of adventures. Nevertheless, the experience is just one option, and luxurious hotels give you another reason to visit this small village.

There is three Lake Placid’s hotel that previously made a cover on Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards list of the top resorts in the region: Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, Lake Placid Lodge and Whiteface Lodge.

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