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10 Most Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations
19 December, 2019 0 Comments

"10 Most Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations

You can have an adventure by merely traveling to a location off-the-beaten-path. How many of your colleagues celebrated their post-nuptial happiness from a Berber village close Marrakech, or Paracas, Peru, by sliding down face-first dunes? Why not head west to Broome, Australia, flying across horizontal waterfalls, and swimming with whale sharks are just a few ways to spend your ultimate holiday.

Sleep in Turkey's cave or paraglide over Medellin, Colombia, once one of the world's most hazardous towns and now a lovely rising city with year-round spring temperatures and green-coated hills as far as the eye can see. So for you to decide, we have brought to 10 best picks of adventurous destinations to visit for your honeymoon.

1. Marrakech, Morocco


Source: Great Places to Visit

Daring couples may find the Northwest African town for a display of attractions, sounds, and flavors at the foothills of the spectacular Atlas Mountains.

A weekend at the opulent new Mandarin Oriental Marrakech will offer you the chance to walk or drive a mule in one of the largest Berber villages or cross the semi-lunar terrain of the Agafay Desert on a camel, in addition to extremely addictive food and lovely picture options. Maybe the most distinctive experience is mastering the old falconry art, but it certainly makes for a delightful tale.

2. Hayman Island, Australia

Source: Great Places to Visit

Landlubbers do not always apply at Hayman Island, some of the Whitsundays in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, after an azure-toned honeymoon. Besides, one should-take helicopter trip on the way to One&Only Hayman Island to see the Heart Reef, all of it is at sea level.

Either you are underwater (snorkeling, diving, driving in the Seabob underwater) or on the ground (stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, sea kayaking), you will never tire of the most transparent water you can imagine. The pool of the resort is even the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Book a session on a bed floating the Coral Sea when you're worn out of the interaction.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Source: Great Places to Visit

For thinking that Tuscany is nothing but lovely landscapes, wine, and mouthwatering food, you're excused. There's a lot more to it. Like riding a Red Passion Ferrari on an intense racetrack, the Castello di Casole five-star boutique hotel offers an experience.

Also possible: bicycle tours, horseback riding, and truffle foraging in the excellent trail scheme of the property, vineyards, and olive groves, accompanied, of course, by a truffle cooking class with wine.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey 

Source: Great Places to Visit

What could be more adventurous and magical than spending the night in a cave? Of course, in Cappadocia, Turkey, the caves at Yunak Evleri are incredibly plush, and your safety is not compromised in any manner (no hibernating bears here!).

It's where you want to see the strange ritual of hot-air ballooning at sunrise and engage in it. Other excursions include hiking or cycling through vineyards and valleys, exploring the desert of the old national park, packed with fairy chimneys and natural rock formations.

5. Punta Mita, Mexico

Source: Great Places to Visit

Those with secret fishing fantasies can indulge them at the paradisiacal Four Seasons Punta Mita, where fish spearing is on the table.  Yes, literally on the table, as afterward, you will have a cooking class to prepare it, like deep-sea fishing for mahi-mahi, sea urchin, and yellow fine.

Another highlight is a journey to the secret Playa del Amor (beach of love) of the Marietas Islands. The Island is the consequence of broken volcanic rock and can only be reached through an underwater tunnel. Golf lovers also have golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, while surfing is up to advanced skills for anyone with a beginner.

6. Ridgedale, Missouri

Source: Great Places to Travel

Lovers of the wilderness can have the ultimate all-American honeymoon stay in the Ozark Mountains, where your post-wedding glow surpasses the beauty of your surroundings. Book the Big Cedar Lodge Civil War Cabin — you'll understand when the genuine Civil War pistol is fired off the sun's environment.

In the neighboring Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, practice your Katniss abilities with a little bow fishing or archery. Moreover, before indulging in a sunset cruise, fill your days with hiking, cycling, and water skiing.

7. Inle Lake, Myanmar

Source: Great Places to Travel

Explore a fresh part of the globe with a trip to Myanmar (also known as Burma), where it's intriguing to experience the way local people live. Inle Lake is renowned for its floating stilt-perched gardens and houses.

A boat tour is the best way to see them, along with the fishermen who guide and paddle their wooden canoes with one foot. A more powerful way to see the landscape around Aureum Resort is by mountain bike, which you can ride to hot springs as well. Watch the sunset with some local wine after a several-day walk, horseback ride, or canoodle with elephants in a neighboring camp.

8. Mauritius

Source: Great Places to Travel

Mark Twain once wrote that heaven must have been copied after Mauritius. Indeed, the St. Regis Mauritius Resort, located on a UNESCO World Heritage site with an ultra-turquoise lagoon, is more beautiful than you might think.

Kite surfing is one of the most significant drawings; you'll get a video of the action once you've ripped it up. Exceptional diving through extensive coral reefs and Technicolor fish in abundance is also an alternative. Or flex the muscles in a large one while fishing deep-sea.

9. Paracas, Peru

Source: Great Places to Travel

Stray from the beaten track in the nation best known to Paracas for Machu Picchu, like the Hamptons of Peru. Three hours north of Lima, on the Pacific Coast, Hotel Paracas offers five-star service, fantastic accommodation, lovely swimming pools, and mouthwatering (and pisco sours!) meals.

But it's also the jump-off point for a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands to spot penguins and sea lions, a picturesque and possibly stomach-flying, flight over the mysterious geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines, and a rollercoaster-like drive over giant dunes, followed by shockingly steep slopes sandboarding. It's also a famous place for kitesurfing. It's also a popular kitesurfing spot.

10. Selfoss, Iceland

Source: Great Places to Travel

Where else in the globe apart from Iceland can you dive between two tectonic plates at the fault line? Nowhere. Far from being the only compelling reason to visit the Nordic fire and ice country, this distinctive activity is exceptionally adventurous.

The former comes through secret hot springs (discovered while walking Reykjadalur Valley) and trekking through lava fields, pipes, caves, and a black ash desert. The latter is encountered via snowmobile or river jet, glacier hiking, or ice cave exploration. There are other endless possibilities at Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, especially the wintertime grand finale: the Northern Lights spectacle.

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