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10 Indonesian Temples You Must Visit
8 March, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Indonesian Temples You Must Visit

In the heat of the largest archipelago, Indonesia hides some of the most magnificent ancient structures in the world. magnificently crafted with stone, the temples of this nation were built to make them last for eternity, now they wait for you to visit. here is the list of some most impressive temples in Indonesia.

1.    Borobudur

In central Java lies the largest Buddhist temple in the world whose name is Borobudur. This structure has survived for centuries; it has survived terrorist bombings, volcanic eruptions of Gunung Merapi, and even the 2006’s earthquake. Set high above enchanting green rice fields and nearby kampung, or rice villages, this impressive monument makes other Indonesian temples look ordinary. The shape of the structure looks like a richly carved pyramid, bounded by fortified walls that surrounds the bottom and five stories worth of statues rising to the peak. Imposing seventy-two Buddhist statues crowns the central dome. The most impressive part about this temple was that the structure was built by hand in the 9th century.

2.    Prambanan

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Prambanan sits in the center of the present Muslim island of Java and is the largest Hindu temple of Indonesia. This temple is one of the Hindu masterpieces and is still in the process of reconstruction. Right after entering the temple, the first thing you will notice is its ongoing reconstruction as there are stone ruins of 224outer temples scattered all over. As you climb up to the middle of the temple area, you will see eight major and eight minor temples. These elaborately carved spires praise Trimurti, or the famous Hindu expression of God as Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer.

3.    Tanah Lot

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Tanah Lot, the temple carved into a rock formation extending out from the sea charms thousands of visitors yearly. This structure is also the west point of Bali’s four main directional temples. Actually, on a clear day, you can see the south’s Pra Luhur Uluwatu high on its cliff. Set on its own island, the temple is only accessible during low tide, and you can only walk to the temple. The current temple is not the original rock formation as it crumbled; however, the Balinese rebuilt the small island due to its popularity.

4.    Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

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This temple lies in the impressive Lake Bratan nestled among the peaks. This region is cooler than the surrounding areas. The magnificent temple set in the gorgeous Lake Bratan is the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, serving as a temple of Dewi Danu for the Hindu residents of the area since 1633. This temple dedicated to Dewi Danu is built to praise and give offerings to this goddess of lakes, water, and rivers. The goddess and the lake are what flourishes the crops on this island through a series of irrigation canals. Climb down the mountain on the canal, and you will see many smaller temples, all devoted to the Dewi Danu.

5.    Pura Luhur Uluwatu

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Puru Lujur Uluwatu is a temple dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa for his manifestation as Rudra. The temple sits high above the sea on the side of a cliff and is one of the flourishing areas for tourism that attracts young travelers with its gorgeous beaches and Cliffside nightlife. Pura Luhur Uluwatu can offer a break for those seeking an escape. It is also one of the four major directional temples of Bali and Balinese belie that the temple protects the island from evil. The temple itself is small, but its height of over seventy meters above the surf of the southern seas makes it the must-see sight. If you visit the temple at sunset, you will get to see a sunset as you have never seen. There are two vantage points in the temple; north and south of the temple from where you can see the sun go down into the horizon.

6.    Sewu Temple

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In the main temple of Mahadeva at Sewu temple, you will see the Buddhist universe manifest itself. Out of the central temples, you will see four rings that contain 250 smaller temples, each dedicated to different gods. Sewu temple is only about a mile far from the Hindu Prambanan Temple and is the second-largest Buddhist temple on Java. The proximity of these temples shows the harmony of the life of ancient Hindus and Buddhists. The main temple’s grand entrance faces east and contains an inscription that dates back to 792AD.

7.    Ratu Boko Temple

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The relics of Ratu Boko Temple sits high on a plateau on the southern side of Central Java. To reach the relics, you have to walk lots of stairs, so be prepared to be sweaty. The remains of the structure represent the site to formerly being a fortified castle or mansion for the royals of either the Sailendra or Mataram Kingdoms. There is a dry moat, a ruined outer wall, and a lookout pavilion at the highest point of the area. If you reach the pavilion, you will get to see a 360degree view of the nearby Prambanan temple with Mount Merapi.

8.    Candi Plaosan

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Despite the Hindu-Buddhist devotion of Candi Plaosan, the Muslim locals take great pride in this magnificent temple. You will enter this enormous collection of temples through the dwarapalas, the temple guardians that wields a club,  snake, or sword to fend off evildoers. There are 248 prewar temples among which the main attraction is the win viharas or main shrine buildings. These two multi-story temple structures are one of the most magnificent temple structures in Java. 

9.    Goa Gajah

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Goa Gaja lies just south of Ubud on the Bali island. here, you will get to see beautiful cave carvings. To enter the sacred area, you need to walk past throngs of merchants selling a required ceremonial sarong. You can buy a local’s garment, or you can also choose to borrow one at the temple’s gate as part of the entry fee. The main attraction of the temple is a cave with intimidating characters carved into its face. Inside, you will see sexual carvings like the phallic and yoni symbols of Shiva.

10. Pura Besakih

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Even though the majority of Indonesia is Muslim, Bali is still a Hindu island. Pura Besakih temples are the largest, most significant, and most sacred Hindu Temple of this island. set a thousand meters up on slopes of huge Mt. Agung in the eastern part of the island, it is a must-visit site even if it is just for views of verdant, rolling countryside and the soaring volcano above.

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