10 Fun Weekend Getaways for Couples in the US

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10 Fun Weekend Getaways for Couples in the US
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Fun Weekend Getaways for Couples in the US

When you are in a  relationship, there are so many things to do together. Want to have a date in majestic places? Want to explore the world? Why not start this weekend? You do not need to take an entire month. Just prepare yourself for a weekend and check out the list of weekend gateways for couples in the United States.

Here are the 10 best fun weekend gateways for couples in the US. With all these exciting places, you might not want to leave these places.

1. New York City

Source: Culture Trip

There is no doubt  New York is one of the most significant and most traveled places in the world. Each year millions of people go to experience all in this busiest city. Whatever might be your interests or whatever you want, you can find this city.

There are the world’s best restaurants, museums,  theater productions, and even plenty of waterparks to have fun. Visiting Empire state, Wax museum, or Statue of Liberty are just a few places. There are plenty of things that await you and your partner.

2. Lampe, Missouri

Source: Flickr

Even if you have a few days to spare, LAMPE MISSOURI is the must-visit place. You will have a fantastic time with your loved one. Blessed with the natural beauty, have your adventure in the 10,000-acre nonprofit wildlife preserve called Dog Wood Canyon Nature Park. You can rent bikes and explore on the 6.5 miles paves path past limestone’s bluffs and waterfalls.

Get to know the nature of this majestic place with the hike of three-mile of dirt trails through the spectacular fall foliage. After you are done with all the exploring, stay at the park’s Mills and Canyon Grill Restaurant for the bison burger and fantastic waterfall view.

3. Orlando, Florida

Source: Moving

Every corner of this town is filled with fun experiences.  From theatres to Disney’s studios, Florida is packed with magical adventures.  Enjoy the high note with a flying trapeze class at Orlando Circus School and have a gig on show at Sak Comedy Lab. The fun does not stop here, head to new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And don't miss out hop on the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster and after all the fun stuff visits Mrs. Potato Restaurant. If you are willing to spend extra for your weekend gateway, try Disney’s Art Animation Resort.

4. Tucson, Arizona

Source: Visit Tucson

Weekend gateway in Tucson, Arizona, will be a packed schedule. This place offers horseback riding, guided hikes, fishing on the riverside, and exploring some of the wild animals and species.

For parents, this can be a perfect romantic gateway. You can send kids to supervised children’s programs, where they will be too busy to miss you. While your kids are away, relax on-site spa.

When its dinnertime, be ready to taste the mouthwatering steak, cornbread, ribs at Cowboy Cookout with country music on the background. And do not forget to get your kids back from the program when you leave.

5. Columbus, Ohio 

Source: ABC News

This is the new happy place filled with shops and paradise for shopaholic couples. Columbus, Ohio, has the highest concentration of fashion designers in the US and Discount Fashion Warehouse, and the Short North Arts Districts is a trendy boutique hotspot.

Bring your girlfriend during Fashion Week Columbus and book tickets for the Finale Runway Show. If this is not enough or you visit Art Deco Style Hotel Leveque and enjoy the slumber party at the board game bar kingmakers.

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Source: Here Magizine

Let us take a minute, get out the US, and focus on the land of extreme relaxation Mexico. This might be the place for a couple to rediscover love with the mix of natural beauty and summer camp.

The lush Sunrise Springs Spa Resort will take you classic destinations-spa offering body treatments, organic meals, daily fitness classes, and many more. Even you do not know anything about archery, try your hand at the archery practice session.

And best of all, bring your girlfriend to get some cuddle from future service dogs at the resort’s puppy enrichment program. These puppies are looking love form humans.

7. Watkins Glen, New York 

Source:oh my veggis

When thinking of New York, images of hectic city life will flash, right in front of you. But Watkins Glen’s State Park will change the perspective of New York. There are lots of things to do for a couple.

There are multiple trails to hike, and the best of them is Main Gorge Trail, which has 19 waterfalls within two miles. With all the busy schedules for hiking, make your way to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail to taste 30 plus wineries.

For the romantic experience,  admire the water views or go out on the lake for a romantic sunset sail. To add some spice on your weekend, set a romantic dinner at Graft Wine and Cider Bar.

8. Indianapolis

Source: Booking

The arts and culture scene in Indianapolis will give you loads of reasons to come back. The Conrad Indiana Polis arts gallery is one of its kind and carries many histories on its back.

For art lovers, head to the Newfield’s museum to experience the expansive Asian art collection and admire the works of famous artists like Georgia 0’Keffe. If you are not art lovers, then hit upon Canal Walk, a three-mile waterfront promenade.

9. Sundance, Utah

Source: Worls Altas

Another perfect destination for couples, Sundance is all about relaxation and peace. Famous for Sundance Mountain Resort, it offers a free yoga class, three-mile Stewart, and many more.

On top of that, do not miss out on the majestic view of Stewart Falls to view picturesque meadow.  For a couple, the best-suited place is Couple’s massage at on-site Foundry Grill. To spend more time together, signup for silversmithing, printmaking, and pottery class.

10. Walt Disney World 

Source: Insider

This place is for everyone. Whether you are married or in relation, WALT Disney is a fabulous fall gateway. You can refresh your childhood memories with Mickey Mouse, Toy story characters, and even more.

While you are here, book a fun-filled package to Walt DISNEY World Resort. The trip includes airfare, a four-night stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, a trip to Parker Hopper Option, and many more.

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