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10 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok, Thailand
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok, Thailand

There is no doubt Bangkok is one of the popular destinations in the world. The wild night, beautiful beaches, natural habitat, and culture of Bangkok never disappoint visitors. Besides all, Bangkok is also well known for its plenty of shopping malls.

Shopping Malls in Bangkok suits all kinds of lifestyles and budgets. Here is our list of the top 10 best shopping malls, offering you unforgettable shopping experiences in Bangkok.

1. Siam Paragon 

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One of the most popular shopping malls in Bangkok, Siam Paragon, hosts an international high-end fashion brand, 16 screen Cineplex, a section of world-class cuisine and Southeast Asia’s Largest Aquarium. Situated in front of Siam BTS Skytrain station, it is the most visited mall in Bangkok. Siam Paragon contains 250 shops, and all these shops display luxury items from clothes to electronics.

While you explore, this mall you will tumble yourself in fashion stores of designer brands such as Loius Vuitton, Prada, and Hermes, each trying to grab your attention.  There are five levels in Siam Paragon, and each level has its uniqueness and own atmosphere.

2. Central World Bangkok 

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Central World Bangkok is one of the most exciting shopping malls in Thai capital. It is a mega-shopping complex and has lots to offers for its visitors. Whatever you need, Central World Bangkok has it. From brand name clothing boutiques, fashion, high tech gadgets to designer furniture, all is in this shopping mall. On the other end, it is one of the largest malls in Thailand, with an area of 550,000 square meters.  

You will quickly notice, Central World is inspired by the shopping street concept, allowing shoppers to glance of several storefronts. At different levels, you will discover unique items. The Zen World at 13 floors a fitness center spa, beauty care yoga, and as well as tourism promotion center. Whereas at level 1, you will find big brands like Massimo, Marks and Spencer, Fred Perry, and Calvin Klein. At level 6, you will find restaurants and franchises like Cold stone, KFC, and Yoshinoya.

3. MBK center

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MBK is the traditional shopping mall with both local and tourist busy with shoppers. There are around 2,000 shops on eight floors of the MBK center. And each of the shops will sell everything you need. Clothing, fashion accessories, leather products, handbags, furniture, electronic applications are just minor items here. The fascinating thing about MBK center is its offer mindblowing range of sound at less price. 

On the ground level, you will find lines of stalls selling fashion, handbags, shoes and fast food outlets, and more. For computer geeks, the 3rd and 4th floors sell new gadgets and souvenirs on the 5th and 6th. The top-level is full of fun and hosts a multi-screen cinema, karaoke, computer games, and many other options for eateries.

4. EmQuartier


Source: Trover

EmQuartier another mall with lots of local and international stores to shop from. Located in Phrom Phong, his luxury shopping mall is one of the biggest retail hubs in the city. Despite being opposite to popular shopping malls like Sukhumvit Road and Emporium Shopping mall, EmQuartier has not lost its popularity among its visitors. This shopping mall shows you the luxury side of Bangkok’s mall with designers and branded items like Gabbana Dior, Dolce, Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton and Fendi located on the 2nd floor.

While you head up to the higher levels, expect to get more scheduled with affordable high streets brands like H&M, Zara, and Super Dry. You can also explore other sides of this mall into 3 zones, ‘The Glass Quartier,’ ‘The Helix Quartier,’ and ‘The Waterfall Quartier.’

5. Central Embassy Shopping Mall

Source: ArchDaily

Central Embassy Shopping Mall is a luxury lifestyle mall with a massive collection of fine-dining restaurants, swanky cinema screens, and designer stores. Do not forget the extravagant Park Hyatt Bangkok Hotel, which is known for its luxurious stay. Central Embassy Shopping Mall has plenty of highlights. On each level, you can find attractive, designer stores like Versace, Gucci, Prada, Versace Chanel, and Givenchy.

Along with Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors, lies an impressive Westwood store. Each of the six shopping floors has its uniqueness in a relaxing environment.

6. Siam Discovery

Source: Cococnuts

Siam Discovery is a 7-story mall with a superb collection of essential items. Likewise, other malls in Bangkok, Siam Discovery’s every floor follow a specific theme like digital appliances, women’s fashion. Homeware, and more. However, there are not many popular brands displayed in-store, but this mall offers a bespoke item from companies all over the world. Tsumori Chisato and Miharayasuhiro brand are the most popular and sold band for women’s wear.

You can also see European and American brands, including Boss Orange, Calvin Klein, and Paul smith. While you are here, head up to the highest floor for a stylish food hall with multinational outlets.

7. Siam Center 

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Siam Center is one of Bangkok’s trendiest fashion malls with dozens of renowned brands and Thai Designers. Visitors can find an international brand like Adidas, Steve Madden, Victoria’s Secret, Bear, Lush, and Pull. If you are interested in Thai designs, head to the 3rd floor for amazing Thai designs at Greyhound Original, Kloset, and Fly Now II.

Overall, Siam Center is quite fun to explore and gives the feeling of both traditional Thai and Western design while shopping.

8. Terminal 21

Source: 10 Best

Terminal 21 brings the world to downtown Bangkok, with its innovative concept. You will keep on stumbling on world-famous cities under one roof. On top of that, get the experience of shopping Tokyo City, Carnaby Street, bagging a bargain in an Istanbul or sauntering down London’s Carnaby Street. On the 9th floor, you will feel the excitement of Cineplex, Gourmet Market, food court, and 600 shops. On the basement level, you can find surrounded by Caribbean theme where you can discover Gourmet Market, market-style food vendors, bookstores, and book outlets.

The 3rd floor with the Istanbul theme is for fashion accessories, jeweler, and gifts. The jewel in the crown is its San Francisco theme, 50 restaurants on the 4th and 5th floors, where you will serve with the best dishes Bangkok has to offer.

9. Platinum Fashion Mall

Source: YouTube

Want to have an experience of street shopping in a mallYou are welcomed in Platinum Fashion Mall. Platinum Fashion is the indoor version of the Chatuchak Weekend Mall. Packed with 1300 shops, this mall host four floors of shopping space with a collection of fashion clothing and accessories.

There is not much fancy concept in the Platinum Fashion Mall. But you can find a shopping mall with small outlets, selling mostly women’s accessories and fashion.

10. Pantip Plaza

Source: YouTube

Pantip Plaza is heaven for gadgets lovers. Once you visit this mall, you will find why Pantip Plaza is often considered as the mother of all IT shops in Thailand. There is everything you need in this shop. From the latest technology to used computers, all things can be found under one roof.  However, beware of good, bad, and ugly practices of this infamous Bangkok electronic shopping mall.

You will find some OF the scammers here trying to sell you cheap and low-quality gadgets. We recommend you to do proper research before entering this mall.

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