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10 Best Romantic Getaways in Michigan, USA
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Romantic Getaways in Michigan, USA

If you are planning to take a break and spend some romantic time with your loved ones to do something special, then to most of the people, Michigan doesn’t come to mind. Pictures of abandoned houses and country farm might come to thought. However, this state can offer much more than your expectations.

Beautiful beaches, Historic towns, Chilling winters, amazing places, and couple-friendly hotels make Michigan home to several romantic Getaways, which are perfect for love birds.  If you are trying to find some romantic getaways in Michigan, then here is the list of top 10 romantic getaways in Michigan, USA.

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Sleeping Bear Dunes is an ideal place for a weekend getaway for loved ones to get some alone and the most exceptional time in each other’s arm in front of the blue water in Michigan.

It has National Lakeshore Park engulfing 35 miles of pristine coastline, which has a fantastic view and will be a superb romantic moment. Moreover, the sleeping bear was selected as the “Most beautiful place in America” by ABCs good morning America.

Sleeping Bear provides a great time and experience both during summer and winter. Activities like canoeing and Dune climb hiking can be done with a partner. The time spent in Sleeping Bear will make every second count.

2. Grand Haven

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Grand Haven is also an iconic romantic getaway for couples to spend quality time together and make it unique with an intriguing view of Michigan Lake from Grand Haven State Park.

The town is like a paradise, including a few pubic beaches, lighthouses, boardwalk, and golf. Some amazing couple’s things to do in the area are tasting local seafood, checking out local shops and renting a sail-boat to get to cruise.

You can also rent a kayak or bike to travel, or with some fee, you can also take an aerial tour of the town from the airport. This town also has parks where you can get to spend some quality time with your partner.

3. Transverse City

Source: Ironman 

Transverse City is a suitable destination during summer for couples who enjoy great restaurants, festivals, and shopping. This Michigan town is widely known for its cherry production, also known as “Cherry Capital of the World.”

Festivals like the National Cherry Festival and Transverse City Film Festival are celebrated every summer and each June, respectively. The transverse city is also known for producing wine.

Most of the restaurant in this place has wine. So, tasting local wine with your loved one can also be a great time. Moreover, this place is lined up with unique shops. So, you can also shop all you want.

4. Frankfort

Source: Nations Online project

Frankfort is a quaint town that lies along the Michigan Lake and is perfect for arranging a romantic getaway in Michigan. It provides a gorgeous view of the sunset, White dunes, and crystal clear water that encloses historic Victorian homes and cute coffee shops and stores, which couldn’t get any better for couples to enjoy it together.

Some people find Betsie Point Lighthouse a very romantic location, as well. Additional things to enjoy the beautiful city of Frankfort as a couple are to check out the crystal lake, Betsie Valley Trail, Southern entrance of Manitou Passage, and Ellie Harold Art Studio and Gallery. Frankfort is quite a romantic place.

5. Mackinac island

Source: Travel Leisure

Mackinac Island is America’s one of the best visitors attracting site and is another perfect romantic getaway with scenery, history, and fun for couples. The area gives Victorian vibe cause of old fashioned shops and cobblestone streets.

Most of the vehicles are banned, as Mackinac Island State Park engulfs a lot of land. There are various activities to keep couples entertained, like kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding. Beautiful places like Arch Rock, Museum, and "The Haunted Theatre" are also very suitable for a couple to see together. This place is crowded most of the time except late April to early May and mid-September to late-October.

6. Petoskey

Source: Jaime Says

Petoskey is also an excellent location for romantic getaways. It is situated on Little Transverse Bay, in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. The street of Petoskey is filled with shopping stores, yacht-filled harbors, excellent cuisine, along with breathtaking views, which will be perfect for couples.

Couples can rent bikes and hiking in the Petoskey State Park or find themselves golfing on a beautiful golf course, which is a few meters from Bay Harbor along the water. For both fishing and romantic experience in Michigan, check out Petoskey’s Bear River home to salmon, trout, and steelhead. Odawa casino is also in Petoskey.

7. Ludington

Source: Jaime Says

Another great romantic getaway in Michigan is Ludington, which has something to offer the whole year either in summer or in winter. There are beautiful hiking trails in Ludington State Park to go skiing on a romantic winter with your partner.

Furthermore, there are dunes for climbing during summer at Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Forest. Similar to others, Ludington also has some impressive beaches along Lake Michigan, along with lighthouses.

This place also has some antique shops downtown where you can travel with your partner. Another main thing that makes this place perfect is festivals that they host from Ludington Freedom Festival to Winterfest, which makes it ideal for partners to enjoy together. It’s hard ever to get bored in this place.

8. Holland

Source: Holland

During springtime, the best romantic getaway in Michigan is Holland, located in the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. Offering exceptional Dutch Culture and Heritage along with flawless beaches, the time here with your partner is priceless.

Your wonderful time in Holland doesn’t stop there; it gets more splendid when 6 million tulips bloom during the annual Tulip Time Festival along with music, parades, and dances.

This city also has shopping, local brew, and unusual places. For shopping walk towards 8th street; for refreshing local brew stop by New Holland Brewing Company. Top things to do in Holland include visiting Mount Pisgah, the Holland Farmers Market, Windmill Island Gardens, Holland State Park Beach, and Blueberries Farm Market.


Source: Britannica

Detroit is one of the best romantic getaway and a city that surely will be appreciated after finding out about the variety of activities that can be done. Firstly, this place offers numerous top-notch restaurants to dine with your loved ones, associated with Whitney, Roast, and Iridescence.

All these places provide delicious cuisines, mesmerizing city views, and theaters for post-dinner. Some other activities like fowling at fowling warehouse and ice skating are also available.

It also must feel amazing to visit Anna Scripts Whitcomb Conservatory. This is also the place that will never disappoint you or your partner in any way.

10. Saugatuck

Source: Agoda

From outdoor activities in autumn to a romantic getaway in winter, the small town of Saugatuck’s holiday parades and its fantastic scenery is sure to melt anyone’s heart. This place also features galleries around town along with Lake Michigan Shoreline. Dunes, town, and the waterways are awaiting you for your adventure that won’t get boring from sunrise to sunset. 

Fall activities include galleries, apple picking, Beverage tour, hiking, etc. whereas winter activities include Christmas market, green sales, an annual tree-lighting ceremony, skiing, and snowshoeing. Both autumn and winter activities are exceptional.

This town also has local wine, craft beer, and restaurants, which serves Michigan’s best for guests. Sidewalk shops offer featured art, branded or Michigan- made goods, and more. All these have made Holland popular among all the people.

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