10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

10 Best Places to Visit in Spain
6 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

If you are planning to have a trip to Spain, there are so many top places to visit. From Barcelona to the chilling places like Valencia, you will have lots of options to choose from. Spain is an addictive destination with wild festivals, exciting histories, and unrivaled landscapes.

Whether it is a beach holiday or a gateway, there are always lots of things to see and do in Spain. Here are our top 10 best places to visit in Spain if you are planning a tour, vacation, honeymoon, or looking for some fun travel destinations in Spain.

1. Barcelona 

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A trip to Spain will be incomplete without Barcelona. Filled with adventures and fun, Spain seems to attract all types of adventure. From colorful Park Guell to the beachside nightclubs, you will love every corner of Barcelona.

The center of attraction is its Las Ramblas,  a series of alleys and narrow streets full of night clubs, vibrant markets, and fine restaurants. But, the most visit place is its tour of Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces.

The tour will take you to the sites like Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, and La Sagrada Familia. You should also check out the eclectic shopping and the region's exquisite wine and food.

2. Madrid

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Madrid is similar to other international metropolises.  Being the capital city and Spain’s largest city, Madrid is a center for international business. So you can expect to find anything here.

One of the biggest cities in Europe has its hustle and bustle, but it does not stop its visitors to experience the best of Spain. Head to the Prado Museum, a place with works of famous artists including Goya and Velazquez.

The Palacio Real (Real Palace) is the must-visit place.  And do not forget to leave plenty of room for your luggage when you visit the El Rastro flea market, offering your hours of shopping. When you are tired of exploring the surrounding, enjoy Madrid’s cuisine.

3. Seville

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The flamenco dancer, the thrilling experience of a bullfighting matador, and the laid back indulgence of an afternoon siesta will give you every reason to love Seville.

There is a mix of culture, so during your visit to Seville, you will experience the marked of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian influences in churches, minarets, and former ghettos. You should miss out on its famous Catedral and soaring La Giralda.

A stroll along the Guadalquivir River offers a breathtaking view, or a walk through the streets of Barrio Santa Cruz gives you a chance to taste the local favor of boutique shops, outdoor plazas, and tapas bar. If you have spare time, uncover the royal story of the Real Alcazar palace or get lost in the gardens of Parque Maria Luisa.

4. Valencia

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Make a worthy side trip to popular Valencia. Located in the old Turia River Bed Gardens offers you the sparkling beaches and shimmering golden sand.

Those who think, the coastal city lacks the charm of beaches, head to Valencia. Visitors will surely enjoy their days strolling, lots of gardens. La Albufera National Park is a great place for hikers. Art aficionados can visit the City of Arts and Science.

5. Costa Brava

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Stretching from Port Bu to the Blanes, Costa Brava is a stunning coastline with lots of things to do and see. It has been a popular destination for decades, but there is still more to discover once you step out of the crowds.

The best way to explore Costa Brava is by boat. While sailing on the boat, you will find lush vegetation, rocky coves, hidden bays, soaring cliffs, and sandy beaches.

The visit to Cadaques, quaint Begur and Port Lligat, a place where Salvador Dalu and his wife Gala worked. Dali Theater Museum and Paublo’s castle is a treat to eyes. If you are a history aficionado, visit Ampurias, one of Spain's well preserved Archaeological sites.

6. Almeria 

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 Tourists do not want to miss the visit to Spain’s top attraction, Almeria. Film buffs will love a trip to Almeria were the best movies like Cleopatra, Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly was filmed.

Other features of this place include the route to the Tabernas Desert and Sierra Alhamilla Mountains, where you can still see some of the pop-western towns and set that was built for filming purposes. But this place is turned into a themed called Parque Oasys in the present days.

7. Camino De Santiago de Compostela 

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The capital of Galicia, Camino De Santiago de Compostela, is a route to some of the beautiful places on the earth. The 500-mile journey through northern Spain is popular among cyclists, walkers, and hikers. But its true gem is its Santiago de Compostela, a top Spanish festival that takes place on 25th July.

The most spectacular experience lies between the Spanish Coastline and the mountain- a route used to avoid Muslim invaders in the middle Ages. Once you keep on falling the route, you will witness some awe-inspiring landscapes and historic cities.

8. San Fermin 

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In northern Spain, lies the capital of the Navarre Region, San Fermin. San Fermin is an ancient city filled with histories, neo-classical buildings, gothic, medieval walls, and baroque.

The visit on a weeklong Fiesta De San Fermin attracts people all over the world. The brass bands, fireworks, running bulls through the town’s cobbled streets,  alfresco dancing under the string of fairy lights are the fascinating of this festival.

Although it seems dangerous running in front of a herd of bulls, we cannot deny it is a thrilling act. If you are a light-hearted, enjoy a classic meal of lamb cooked with wine in nearby restaurants. This festival kicks on 6 July at midnight with the firing of pyrotechnic Chupinazo.

9. Alhambra 

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There is no doubt Alhambra is one of the top cities when it comes to tourist attraction. It is mostly known for its astonishing and unique Moorish architecture.

The real gem of Alhambra is its elegant and beautiful gardens of Alhambra. It is so lovely; people described it as ‘a pearl set in emeralds.’ On top of that, the surrounding colors of the building and woodland bring charm on this garden.

Other features of Alhambra include the winding streets of Albaicin, a UNESCO World Heritage. When you get here, you will be astonished by the magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Alhambra.

10. The Sierra Nevada

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Head to the east of Granada, to discover the Sierra Nevada, National Park.  You will find the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula. Not only that, it is home to unique and extinct flora and fauna.

Due to its unique natural habitats, It is declared as a UNESCO Biosphere reserve in 1986. Apart from this, The Sierra Nevada has a unique landscape, facing the Mediterranean, making a perfect place for thermal spa and springs.

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