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10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is a land of beauty. The breathtaking landscapes, lots of adventures, beautiful nature and its histories make Scotland one of the best places to visit. Although the landscape of Scotland is harsh,  it is worth your visit.

If you want a handy-dandy guide for picking a spot in Scotland that fits your vibe and vacay schedule, we have it all and more. Here is our list of the top 10 best places to visit in Scotland if you are planning a tour, vacation, honeymoon, or looking for some fun travel destinations in Scotland.

1. Edinburgh

Source: The Planet

The capital city of  Scotland, Edinburgh, is home to well-preserved architecture. Wherever you will go, you will find different periods of history like medieval history, Edinburgh Castle, and the shop-lined Royal Mile. Edinburgh boasts numerous popular events and festivals.

Not to forget, the largest arts festivals in the world, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Each year, a huge amount of tourists gather around in Edinburgh to attend, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Edinburgh International Book Festival, and more. Other features include the trip to ROYAL Yacht Britannia. This fascinating museum allows its visitors to have a tour of the State Apartments and Royal Bedrooms.

2. Glasgow


Glasgow has itself emerged into a European Cultural center with its excellent museums, art galleries ad festivals. Located on the River Clyde on Scotland’s, Glasgow is a great city to explore on foot. While exploring the streets of Glasgow, you will stumble yourself into lovely parks, cathedral, and the famous Glasgow School of Art. Art lovers will love this city.

There are lots of cultural activities to do. Some of the highlights include a chance to take part in the King’s Theatre, partake in little Opera, or a classical concert at the Royal Scottish Orchestra at the central hall.

3. Scottish Highlands

Source: Nomadasurus

If you want a bit of fun in nature, head to the Scottish Highlands.  Stretched from rugged coast to John O’Groats in the north, this natural beauty promises you an astonishing sight. Loch Ness is famous for its monster ruins of Urquhart Castle, which is quite interesting to explore and a major tourist attraction for so many years.

Other places to visit include,  quaint coastal town of Dornoch, a place where old castle ruins and cathedral rests, and Aviemore, a great place to enjoy ski destinations, especially in the winter season. When it comes to summer, this place is packed with hikers and bikers for adventure sports in Cairngorms National Park.

4. St. Andrews

Source: Britannica

St. Andrews is well known for its top golf destination Golfers from around the globe. If you are interested in golf, do not worry, there are lots of things to do and see. St. Andrews offers you spectacular scenery of the rugged coastline and the Old Clubhouse of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

Although you might not be interested in this clubhouse, it is a must-visit place as the world’s oldest gold club lies in this very place. And check out some of the beautiful buildings at St. Andrews University. After all, the exploration of clubhouse and university head to site attraction such as natural history and art galleries.

5. Loch Ness

Source: time

Filled with legends and myths, Loch Ness is one of the beautiful places to visit in the earth. Despite the sighting of the sea monster seems unrealistic, the excitement of people does not stop from scanning this place. If you do not find any monsters, then places like Urquhart Castle will make your journey worth it. Built back in the 1100s, the remains of the castle are still well preserved.

For a little bit of fun, explore the marine life of Loch Ness on a boat cruise. Art lovers will love to join the Exhibition in the village of Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness Center.

6. Stirling

Source: ALP Aboard

Words cannot describe the beauty of Stirling. With lots of history and natural attractions, it is must visit the place. It is said, that the wolf is an honored animal is Sterling. Back in the old days, wolves howled whenever Viking used to invade the villages of Stirling, so villagers could save their homes. Anyone can enjoy the medieval Scottish town, 12th-century castle, and church where James VI was crowned in 1557.

Once you are done with the exploring of historical places, head to hiking. The greenery and forest of Stirling provide an ideal place for hiking and biking.

7. Glencoe

Source: Lonely Planet

The real gem of Scotland is located 26Km south of Fort Willaim. Resting between mountains and hills, you will find a beautiful valley Glencoe. As you travel through the U-shaped valley, you will witness the pyramid-like Buachaille Etive Mor,  the monument commemorating the 1692 Massacre, and more. If you are in seek of peaceful vacation or tip, nothing-top Glencoe.

The valley is still untouched and least populated in Scotland. Once you get here, gear up for hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and lots of other adventures.

8. Hebrides

Source: Lonely Planet

A  Scottish Gaelic Literature and music lovers will instantly fall in love with Hebrides Island. This place is mostly famous for its unique culture and landscape. On the other end, the windswept islands bring charm to Hebrides Island. There are many options to choose from. You can visit one of the islands from 50, including the Isle of Skye.

When you feel tired of exploring the beauty of the island, relax on the sunny beach. The crystal clear water, sandy beaches, and natural habitats of Herbides give you the great experiences of Scotland.

9. Orkney 

Source:Visit  Scotland

n archipelago of the north coast of Scotland, Orkney includes seventy islands.  It was part of  Norway and once residents of Romans for a thousand years. History lovers will love this place for so many reasons.
There are some of the best-preserved and oldest Neolithic sites in Europe.

Not only that, Ring of Brodgar, a circle of stone formations used in rituals are most visit place. If you visit this site, capture pictures of the scenery, see seals and puffins craft memories back home.

10. Inverness

Source: Trip101

Situated at the northern end of Loch Ness, Inverness is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. The Caledonian Canal, a walk along the River Ness, visit the churches along the river, old town, and Victorian market are places to visit.

This place is mostly famous for Inverness Castle, a 19th century Castle. Tourists can roam around this place, but do not expect to get inside.

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