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10 Best Places to Visit in Portugal
5 January, 2020 0 Comments

"10 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is amongst a few countries in the world, which has blended itself with the ancient tradition to the present one. Anyone who visits Portugal will fall in love with beautiful countryside, medieval castles, vibrant cities, and golden beaches.

If you are planning to have a honeymoon with your partner, a trip with friends or vacation with family to Portugal, you might have to look up the fascinating places of Portugal. To help you here are our 10 places to visit in Portugal.

1. Lisbon 

Source: Business Insider

Starting your trip of Portugal from Lisbon is a convenient way to get going. With great insight, lovely people and a charismatic atmosphere make your visit to Lisbon more charismatic. Lisbon is a beautiful city to experience on foot, when it comes to its old town, Alfama. The most explore places are its Chiado, Baixa, Belem, difficult, and its charming streets.

If you want to have a viewpoint of this lovely city, head to Miradouro Das Portal Do Sol, Miradouro Da Grace, and do not forget the FOUR Seasons Ritz Lisbon.

2. Sintra

Source: The Crazy Tourist

After a short drive from Portugal’s capital, you will find a beautiful town, Sintra. When you get away from the cities of Portugal, visit the mountainous Sintra Portugal. The location of Sintra is unrivaled. The green mountains, magnificent places. It was a first center of European Romantic architecture. You will instantly fall in love with the cultural blend of Sintra.

You can witness the impression of Gothic Egyptian, Moorish, and Renaissance elements when visiting the historic sites like Palacio da Pena, Moorish Castle, National Palace, and Quinta Da Regaleira.

3. Algarve

Source.. Britannica

Nothing gets more exciting than enjoying your holidays on the sunny beaches of Algarve. Crystal clear water, sun, and sand make this place an ideal place for a visit. Faro is an ancient city that remains well preserved till date. This 18th century, the city is intact with charming neighborhoods.

Sagres and Lagos in the east end bring backs the taste of Roman times. The visit to Fortaleza, the site of Prince Henry’s “School of Navigation” and beautiful city Cape of Sao Vincente, offers you lots of memorable memories to craft.

4. Porto and Its Wine 

Source: Gray Line Tour

Porto is known for its both astonishing city and tasty wines. Situated at the mouth of the Duro River, Porto is the second’s largest city in Portugal. For more of Porto, head to Cais Da Riberia riverfront. It is a perfect blend of ancient narrow streets and alleyways accompanied by ancient buildings and architecture.  The old homemade of granite and tile loom over the waterfront somehow takes you back to the 18th century.

If you want a bit of fun, visit the riverfront area in the evening. There are bars, cafes, restaurants that offer you the finest dish Porto has to offer. Do not forget to have a taste of wine with grilled fish.

5. Coimbra

Source: FlixBus

Once a capital of Portugal, Coimbra is mostly famous for the University of Coimbra. You might be wondering what is so special about this university. Coimbra’s Portugal’s university was initially founded in 1290 and is listed in one of the oldest universities in Europe. In more addition, there are lots of things to see around, the medieval churches and its streets are one of them. Undoubtedly, Coimbra snatches the crown of the must-visit places in Portugal.  The treasure trove of historical sites, exquisite sites and gardens, and Fado music are centered in this very place.

The best thing to do in cities of Coimbra is to get lost in the streets and discover historic attractions just by yourself. You can take a guide as well. For a bit fun, visit during the Queima Das Fitas in early May. You will enjoy the weeklong live music every night. If you overlook the city, the university is built around a central courtyard.  While through the entrance of this gate, you can witness Mannerist Work from 1634.

6. Funchal, Madeira

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Madeira is something unique, and most visited place in Portugal. It is a group of four Portuguese islands and is perpetually sunny. Its capital Funchal is 500 years old with a nice harbor.

You can relax on the beaches or enjoy the beach bar on day. When night kicks off, enjoy the casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants. You can still see the wicker “toboggan rides” that was a fast means of transportation to central Funchal. In the present, toboggans continue to attract tourists. 

7. Evora

Source: The Crazy Tourist

A historic city Evora is 2,000 years old, and its charms still attract thousands of tourists each year. The labyrinth of streets, city squares, Moorish courtyards, Gathic Doorways, and Romans elegant temple, battlements are some of the historical sites to observe.

Apart from its historic sites, there is a beautiful mountain range. The mountain ranges of Evora is so distinct and unique that, UNESCO separated a special category that of “Cultural Landscape.”  You can expect to witness richness in the mountains when you visit this city.

8. Azores

Source: Lonely Planet

If you are fond of geographical landscapes of Portugal, head to the Azores, an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands. It is popular for its unique set of regions and cultural traits. One of the important religious events is of the “Holy Spirit” held from May to September.

Another popular destination includes Lagoa da Sete Cidades, a blue body of water, and a breathtaking view of hourglass green. Apart from this, Lagoa do Fogo is a great tourist destination, famous for its white sand beach and dramatic views.

9. Aveiro 

Source: Get Your Guide

Aveiro is a hidden gem of Portugal. It will never disappoint its tourists when it comes to the unique marine environment. Right after your visit, you will notice painted boats floating around the canals. But the real fun lies on the sandy beaches, Costa Nova or Soa Jacinto Barra. These beaches are so clean and beautiful that they are called the Silver Coast.

10. Aljezur and the Costa Vicentina


Who does not want to get in the lust of nature?  Aljezur and the Costa Vicentina boasts breathtaking cliffs, golden beaches, sandy islands, and ornamented bays. Situated in the border region between Alentejo and the Algarve, Aljezur and the Costa Vicentina promises you a natural flavor of it. Head to the west coast for a perfect gateway.

Despite being the emerging developed part of Portugal, it has a diverse area and a peaceful atmosphere. Some of the adventures include hiking, visiting historic villages, and exploring the wildlife.

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